Saturday, April 16, 2011

Maurice Wynn - What She Don't Know Won't Hurt Her

Maurice Wynn is one of those southern soul artists you've probably never heard of before.  This is the only record I know by him but it's a great one and yes, I love it.  Infidelity is the recurring theme in most southern soul songs and this record is no different.  In spite of it all, this is a very pretty, addictive song with a catchy melody.  I think the guy got messed up, though!!  See for more info about Maurice. 

Check out the words to this awesome song:

How can I explain you in my life?
To my children and mainly to my wife
This kind of thing was wrong from the start
But telling her will surely break her heart.

But I know she’ll ask what brought this all about
She’ll cry a little while and then she’ll throw me out!

What she don’t know won’t hurt her,
It won’t hurt her or hurt me.

When I first saw you baby, I saw you sitting there
Never thought that I would even care
But it was all over the second that we made love
But what on earth was I thinking of?

I love my children, my wife I adore,
I never had a woman quite like you before.
Southern Soul Paradise