Wednesday, September 6, 2017

J-Wonn - "2 Ways"

You only got two ways to do it - either you leave him or I'm gonna put you out!  Poor J-Wonn.  In "2 Ways," he tells us a sad story about infidelity.  He said that he came home early from work one day and found his woman in their bedroom with another man!  I think he knew something was up but he didn't want to listen to his mama when she saw the girl in the casino, or his grandma who saw her in the bingo hall, or his cousins who saw her at the stoplight.  What really made him snap was when he caught her in their bedroom. (I guess that would do it!) You know he's hurt because he really loves this girl.  So, either she has to leave her sidepiece or get put out. What would you do?

J-Wonn is an awesome young southern soul singing brother! "2 Ways" is taken from his "The Legacy Begins" CD.

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