Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gentry-Jones featuring Mr. Sam (in the studio) - "Roll It Roll It"

I LOVE THIS, I LOVE THIS, I LOVE THIS! These guys make me want to dance.  Awesome guitar solo in the middle. They are having so much fun!!!

Now two step, turn, now two step, turn!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cathe's Countdown - WDLT 104.1 FM in Mobile February 28, 2015

I often listen to Mobile, Alabama's WDLT - 104.1FM - on Saturdays. They have an outstanding All Blues Saturday show and play great southern soul all day long - Nikki DeMarks is one of the best!
I was able to catch Cathe's Countdown today on WDLT.  This is Cathe B's list of top 10 southern soul songs for the week.  So, here they are...

  1.  Gentry-Jones featuring Mr. Sam - Roll It, Roll It
  2.  Ronny Bell - Cotton Candy
  3.  Urban Mystic - I Feel Good
  4.  Vick Allen - True To Me
  5.  O. B. Buchana - That's My Song
  6.  Tucka - What's Your Flavor
  7.  Mose Stoval - Dirty Lil Secret
  8.  Miss Lady Blues - Like You Used To
  9.  Columbus Toy - I'm Gone
10.  Vince Hutchinson - Partying With My Friends

Love that #1 song!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Tucka - "What's Your Flavor"

Tucka - oh my!!!

Southern Soul Paradise

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

T.K. Soul - "Meet Me At The Spot"

Oh yes T.K. Soul!! It's Friday night and everyone's meeting at the spot to party.  Got some money, got my honey, going out to party tonight!  Got some E&J, you bring the Hennessey, meet me at the spot tonight!

Picked up my clothes from the cleaners, gotta be looking tight!
Ran my car through the car wash, gotta be riding right!
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, February 23, 2015

Jwonn - "Sleep In It"

I want to sleep in so we can wake up and do it all over again.  This young guy has an old soul! Jwonn is a rising star - trust me!

Love this song
Southern Soul Paradise

Friday, February 20, 2015

Internet Radio

Hey, if you're looking for southern soul music, there are plenty of great online stations that allow you to listen for 24 hours a day and every day of the week.  Three of my favorite ones are:
1.  Southern Soul Blues Report (
2.  Spice Internet Radio (
3.  Southern Soul Radio (

All three of these are on tunein, a great app that I use just about every day.

Check them out!
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, February 16, 2015

Wilson Meadows - "I Wanna Get Witcha Baby"

I think this is good southern soul, house party music and it's taken from Wilson Meadow's 2008 "Transformation" CD.  I've been listening him since "Still My Love."

Southern Soul Paradise

Bobby "Blue" Bland - "This Time I'm Gone For Good"

Now this is what you call the blues.  Bobby just couldn't stay with his woman any longer but always kept going back to her.  You know how it is - you know that you need to leave but you end up staying with someone who just isn't good for you.  He's letting her to know that this time he's gone for good.

I should have stayed gone when I left before
Cause you do me wrong when we’re together
But I keep coming back oh Lord for more
And when I leave this time oh Lord
Make sure it’s understood that this time I’m gone for good

Many times I’ve left you
But I couldn’t stay away too long
Thank God for the strength that he gave to me
To leave home and still be strong
When I leave this time, oh Lord
Make sure it’s understood that this time I’m gone for good

It’s been warm outside but for me, but for me there’s been no sunshine
So hard for me to leave you but I finally made up my mind
But when I leave this time, oh Lord
Make sure it’s understood that this time I’m gone for good

This time baby, Lord
I’m not gonna let you worry me no more
And this time baby
Don’t even say nothing to me, woman

Oh Lord, bye bye baby…

Southern Soul Paradise

Johnnie Taylor - "Are You Lonesome"

Are you lonesome?  Do you want somebody to make love to you right? How about tonight?  Oh JT, JT!! You're the man of my dreams.

"Are You Lonesome" is taken from his 1991 album: "I Know It's Wrong, But I...Just Can't Do Right."

Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, February 9, 2015

Floyd Taylor - "I Miss My Daddy"

This is Floyd's sad and touching tribute to his father - makes you want to cry.  Who knew they'd be together in heaven so soon?

Southern Soul Paradise