Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cathe's Countdown on WDLT March 28, 2015

Mobile's WDLT hosts a great All Blues Saturday each week from 8 a.m - 12 midnight, central time. I listened tonight at 7 p.m. as Cathe B counted down the top 10 southern soul hits for the week - here are the winners from her show!

  1.  Cotton Candy - Ronnie Bell
  2.  That's My Song - O. B. Buchana
  3.  Come On Rock Me - Willie Clayton
  4.  My Sidepiece - Louisiana Blues Brothers
  5.  What's Your Flavor - Tucka
  6.  Roll It Roll It by Gentry-Jones featuring Mr. Sam
  7.  Like You Used To - Miss Lady Blues
  8.  I'm Gone - Columbus Toy
  9.  My Sidepiece Reply - Raelle, Lacee, and Ms. Portia
10.  Move - D. Daunders (I may have missed #10)

Roll It Roll It is still my favorite!

Tune into WDLT at 104.1 FM or; you can also hear them on iHeart Radio!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

O.B. Buchana - "Bedroom Eyes"

Bedroom eyes, such a lovely smile, makes me want to stay awhile...

Southern Soul Paradise

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vick Allen - "My Baby's Phone"

A beautiful ballad. Vick was talking to his wife on the phone and she tells him that she's in a meeting and will call him back.  She thought she had hung up the phone but she didn't disconnect!!  He hears a conversation that breaks his heart; the things she says to this other man.  So sad.

Southern Soul Paradise

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bigg Robb - "Please Don't Judge Me"

For those who think southern soul is all about infidelity, here's a Bigg Robb song with a beautiful, heartfelt message.  He tells a couple of stories but there is one story about a woman who needed prayer and asked him for it.  He didn't hesitate, asked her what they needed to pray for, and took the time to pray for her.  (If you don't know, prayer is powerful!!!)  In his words to all of us, he doesn't want people to judge him because God isn't finished with him yet.  He may not be all that he wants to be but thanks to God he is better than what he used to be. He may not have it going on like this person or that person but he's learned to be thankful for what he has. That's a strong testament! Amen!

Southern Soul Paradise

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kenne' Wayne - "Love Is Still Good"

Love is still good when you're stealing it.  Hmmm...

I love Kenne' Wayne - he's been singing for awhile now and is still making great music. Sounds like southern soul.

Southen Soul Paradise

T J Hooker Taylor - "Just Because"

The legendary Johnnie Taylor had some kids who could sing!  His son, T. J.Hooker Taylor, did a beautiful remake of one of his dad's songs and it shows the deep love he had for his father.  This is a really good remake but I have to say that nothing compares to the original version by JT.

Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, March 16, 2015

Blues Spring Fling in Mobile

Oh how I wish I could be in Mobile on April 3 - 4 as they celebrate the Blues Spring Fling!!!  What a fabulous festival it will be!

What:    Blues Spring Fling
Where:  Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds
              1035 Cody Road North, Mobile, Alabama
When:    Friday and Saturday, April 3 & 4
Who:      Friday, April 3
               Steve Perry
               L. J. Echols
               Karen Wolfe
               Nathaniel Kimble

              Saturday, April 4
              T.K. Soul
              Stony Murphy
              O. B. Buchana
              Vick Allen
              Wendell B
              Ms. Jody
              J. Red

More artists will be added! See this website for artist bios and more info:

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Simone De - "Put A Hurting On Me"

Oh baby, you shonuff put a hurting on me, the way you work that body, baby, call emergency!!!  Oh yes, Simone De, oh yes!!

Love him!
Southern Soul Paradise

Nikki DeMarks and Frank Mendenhall

Nikki DeMarks and WDLT will celebrate the birthday of the late, great, Frank Mendenhall and have a musical tribute to him on March 14 on their "All Blues Saturday" show.  For those of you who don't know, Frank is a native of Possum Bend/Camden, Alabama!  If you're in the Mobile, Alabama, area, tune into 104.1 FM.  For everyone else, go to or listen via iHeart Radio.

Southern Soul Paradise

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mother's Day Festival

If you're in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, or all points south, check out the Mother's Day concert - it's a great lineup!

What:  Mother’s Day Festival
When:  Sunday, May 10
  Wendell B
  O. B. Buchana
  Terry Wright
  Jeff Floyd
  Carnes Park  (off Hwy 80 East)
  White Hall, Alabama
Tickets on sale now
Hosted by Ice Man Jerry Jackson and Darryl E
Brought to you by Budweiser, Killer Diller, and Darryl E

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