Thursday, September 18, 2014

Willie Clayton - "Girl I Want Your Body"

Hmmm, this sounds like it could be a Ronald Isley song...

A beautiful ballad though...
Southern Soul Paradise

Denise LaSalle - "Pay Before You Pump"

My time and my lovin sure ain't free!  You've got to give me something baby if you want to be with me.  Well guys, some women actually feel like that - just make sure you keep that in mind before you seek those thrills!

I don't care how fine you are but looks don't pay my bills.
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, September 15, 2014

WBFZ - Selma, Alabama

Listening online is the thing to do if you're not close to a radio station that plays southern soul. You've got to check out Dr. Feelgood on Selma's WBFZ 105.3.  He's on the air from 6 - 8 a.m. EST on Monday and Tuesday mornings.  Great music!!

Here's the link:

Southern Soul Paradise

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Southern Soul Blues Report

Have you seen the new southern soul website - Southern Soul Blues Report?? I'm excited about this up and coming site. They will be your bridge from the blues past to the present and I'm looking forward to all of the news and info that will be coming.  I'm happy to see they will resume Funky Larry Jones' countdown - awesome!! Check them out at:  They also stream 24/7 and here's the link:

There is nothing like being able to listen to southern soul and the blues all day every day!!!

Southern Soul Paradise

Ms. Jody & O.B Buchana - "One-Way Love"

You can't go wrong when you blend Ms. Jody and O.B.Buchana together!  "One-Way Love' is a story about a couple who stays together, no matter how much people talk about them.  They have a never-ending love for each other.  She said that his daddy gave her a nasty look and he said that even his mama told him that she didn’t know how to cook.  Yeah, your family can sometimes mess with you.

What they don’t understand is that when they’re through talking, 
we’ll still be holding hands!
Southern Soul Paradise

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

TK Soul - "She Told On Herself"

Born Terence Kimble in the southern town of Winnfield, Louisiana, TK Soul began his love for music and musical instruments at the early age of 7.  He is living proof that you are born with certain talents!

TK Soul overheard his wife talking on the phone to her girlfriend - she just kept on talking and told it all. He didn't want to believe she was lying and cheating but he heard it himself.  Alright ladies, remember this lesson!

She Told On Herself" is taken from TK Soul's "The Evolution of Soul CD."

Southern Soul Paradise

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vick Allen - "True To Me"

This is one of the latest releases from his "Soul Music" CD.  Vick grew up in Jackson, MS, and began singing and playing the piano when he was only five years old.  Here's a little known fact - he produced and recorded his first CD when he was only 15 years old!!!  What a man, what a man! Check out his website at

Southern Soul Paradise

September Concert Dates

Have you ever wanted to go to a southern soul show but just didn't know how to find one?  I love to go to concerts but have noticed that a lot of artists don't have websites and those who do, seldom keep them updated.

So, here's to you being informed and aware of some of the upcoming shows happening in September. This is a list of concert information that I've either heard on the radio or found on a few websites.  For additional concert dates and all kinds of blues info, see these two fabulous sites:  Daddy B. Nice's and The Big K9's

I'll add more events as I hear about them.

Friday, September 12
Mel Waiters
Highland Social Club
2929 S WW White Rd.
San Antonio, Texas

Chris Ivy
The Grown and Sexy Sports Bar
15394 Highway 49
Belzoni, MS

Saturday, September 13
Fall Blues Show
Jwonn, Karen Wolfe, T.K. Soul, Sir Charles Jones
Garrett Coliseum, tickets $20, vip seats available
1555 Federal Drive
Montgomery, Alabama

Omar Cunningham, Ms. Genii
The Meeting Place
1301 W. Erwin St.
Tyler, Texas

Friday, September 19 
Club G’s
Montgomery, Alabama

Vick Allen
O'Hara's Spot
Hazelhurst, MS

Theodis Ealey, Kenne’ Wayne
Jones Plaza
10860 FM 1960 Rd.
Houston, Texas

Ms. Jody, Avail Hollywood
2nd Annual Blues Fest
Hollywood Palace
319 S. Hwy #82
Greenville, MS

Vick Allen Birthday Celebration
O'Hara's Spot
242 Monticello St.
Hazelhurst, MS

Saturday, September 20
Tucka and Lady Di
Yellow Bluff Dragway
Yellow Bluff, Alabama

Vick Allen, Jeff Floyd, Avail Hollywood, Columbus Toy, Willie P., 
Nicky Parrish
The Southern Soul Showdown
Union County Fairgrounds
Eldorado, Arkansas

Sir Charles Jones
The Bryan Union Hall
400 Cow Palace Road
West Point, MS

Bobby Rush, Willie Clayton, Keke Wyatt,
Syleena Johnson, Sweet Angel, et al.
37th Annual Mississippi Delta
Blues and Heritage Festival
Washington County Convention Center Fairgrounds
1040 Raceray Road, Greenville, MS

Wednesday, September 24
Vick Allen
MAPC Presents Blues on the Beach
Biloxi, MS

Thursday, September 25
Vick Allen
The Ag Building
Jackson, MS

Sunday, September 28
Ms. Jody, L.J. Echols
Craftsman Club Park
South Norwell Road
Clinton, MS

Artists, please let me know about your shows and I'll be glad to post them.
Southern Soul Paradise

Friday, September 5, 2014

Ms. Jody - "He's My Candy Man"

Ms. Jody, one of my favorite performers!  She said that her man is her candy man and he's good to her; he's sweet, sweet, sweet!  He makes her feel great from her head to her feet!!!

BTW, I'm not sure why they used this picture for her album cover, but it doesn't do Ms. Jody justice - she looks fantastic in person!

I can't believe all this sugar belongs to me!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, September 1, 2014

Pokey - "My Sidepiece"

I left home to be with my sidepiece.  What??? The melody is great but come on now...

Southern Soul Paradise