Monday, November 28, 2011

Tazz Calhoun - "Stroke It Easy"

I love a good southern soul sounding song and this is it!  Stroke It Easy is one of those songs I don't play around my kids (yes, my grown kids) but I LOVE it.  It's a great dance song.  Here are the first few lines but you'll have to listen to the song to get the rest!

An arm around my shoulders
The other one around my waist
Keep it moving boy, grooving at a steady pace
Like the waves of the ocean you move from side to side
You’ve got the moves boy to keep me satisfied
So stroke it easy, I said easy
I like the way you do it boy when you stroke it easy

Take your time with it boy!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vick Allen - "If They Can Beat Me Rockin' (They Can Have My Chair)"

"If They Can Beat Me Rockin', They Can Have My Chair" sounds like one of those cryptic phrases your grandmother or your uncle said but you just didn't understand until you got older.  You know what I mean?  (smile)  Vick says that he's good at what he does and nobody can beat him.  There just aren't too many men that can do what he does.  Go on with your bad self!

Vick Allen has an unmistakable voice and I enjoy his music.  My all-time favorite though is "I'm Hooked" - she's got me hooked, like she done put a root on me! I love that song and I'll post it as soon as someone puts it on youtube.  In the meantime, listen to the words and the message of "If They Can Beat Me Rockin'!"

I heard about my lady, been sneakin around
I heard it in the barbershop and all over town
So I asked her, is it any truth to it
She said “If you didn’t catch me, then I didn’t do it”
I know you’re cheatin but they can’t do me like me
When it comes to making love I know how to please
You try to be a little player but I don’t care
Cause if they can beat me rockin, they can have my chair

If they can beat me rockin, they can have my chair
Say ain’t too many men that can do what I do out there
I like to take it slow, slow and easy
I’m good at what I do and nobody can beat me

Now he may be younger, I don’t doubt it
But the old man, girl I still got it
I can work it in the middle
Stroke it with a motion
I can bring that fire when I get the notion
So go on and do you, baby that’s fine
Cause when you leave there’s two more in line
I ain’t trying to brag, no, but I do what I do
I can do for someone else what I did for you

Now you may think you’re the slickest thing in town
But I done caught you messing around
I don’t want to hear nothing cause I heard it all before
Cause I been there, done that a long long time ago

I knew when you started because something about you changed
Started talking under your breath and stopped wearing your ring
But now you can go on because you and I are through
I know he can’t do the things I did for you

Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lacee - "I Ran A Good Man Away"

Like Tyrone Davis, we have all been in a situation where we have wished that we could turn back the hands of time!  I know I have! Lacee said she knows she made a mistake and ran a good man away.  Let me tell you that a good man is hard to find!  If you have one, treat him right and he'll be good to you.

I want to tell ya’ll how I ran a good man away
I meant this guy who showed me things, things I’ve never seen
The man was so good to me, he treated me just like a queen
This man was so good to me, kind as could be
He never said a mumbling word, just took in me and my family

I ran a good man away, I know I made a mistake.
I ran a good man away, he aint’coming home to stay

You see, I came with a lot of baggage from my past
I had been with a few other guys who mistreated me so bad
But there was one other guy, just stayed in my head
He really didn’t mean me no good, he was just good in bed
So here it was ladies, lying to my man at home
Going behind his back to be with the man that
I never did me wrong (not sure of this line)

One day he pulled up in his car, saw me with the other guy
He said he had followed me for quite some time
And he drove away with tears in his eyes

Check out Lacee's "Juicy Lips!"
Southern Soul Paradise

Latimore - "Around The World"

What a great black-lights-in-the-basement song!  I know you remember Latimore from "Let's Straighten It Out."  Have you ever heard him perform that live?  Wow, he is something else.  He doesn't mind letting you know that just because his hair is gray, he still has it - and he certainly does!  "My Give A Damn Gave Out" (see my post dated August 20, 2011) was a great comeback hit for him and "Around The World" is fantastic.  In the chorus, he said that she took him around the world without leaving the room!  Woohooo!

He starts the first verse by saying that he was respectful, she was so polite, and that making love to her wasn’t on his mind tonight.  Here's the second verse:
She massaged my shoulders and rubbed my back
She said here’s a little something to help you relax
She gave me a taste of that gin and juice
Then that woman turned me every way but loose

I have always loved Latimore.  You'll
enjoy this great slow dance song.
Southern Soul Paradise

Friday, November 18, 2011

Denise LaSalle - "Going Through Changes"

How can you deny that Denise LaSalle is the Queen of Soul when you listen to her music?  She is one of my favorite female southern soul singers.  She's been putting out great music for years and one of her songs that I wanted to post was "Home Wrecker" but I couldn't find it on youtube.  I did, however, find "Going Through Changes" which I love.  (I like her 'shoop.') Listen to the intro - it's definitely gospel and makes you feel as if you're in church!  In this story, her man is just so tired of being mistreated and putting up with all the mess he's been dealing with.  With tears in his eye, the last words he said before he walked out the door was that he's tired of going through changes with her.  He's tired of fussing and fighting and just can't take it anymore.  Ladies, listen to these words.  If you've got a good man like this one, treat him right.  Trust me, if you don't, someone else surely will.

I’m tired of going through changes with you
I’m tired of going through changes with you

Every time I take you out you embarrass me so
Accusing me of every woman I know
And when we get home baby I have to fight all night long
I don’t know when I’m doing right or when I’m doing wrong

Lately baby when I go out alone
I get so depressed now baby I don’t even want to come home
Your favorite greeting for me when I walk through the door
I know you’ve been out running around with your Ms. So and So

I heard you baby, let’s sit down and talk it out
Try to find out baby what our love is all about
But every time we talk we wind up in a shouting match
You jump in bed, you cover your head, and you turn your back

I tried to be a good man, give you most of my time
I gave you my money, took care of your kids
And they ain’t even mine
I really do love you baby, but I just can’t take no more
So before we destroy each other, I’d rather pack my bags and go

Don't throw a good man away!
Southern Soul Paradise

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lamorris Williams - "Impala"

“Impala” has taken the southern soul world by storm and it is still going strong. I fell in love with Larmorris William’s “Body Roll” about a year ago (I’m still waiting for it to be posted on youtube) and I‘ve heard a few other songs by him that I really like.  I like “Impala” but it is one of those songs that I wouldn’t want my kids to listen to or sing.  On the other hand, it's loved by people all over the country and I think that the melody and slow tempo are pretty addictive.

The song starts with Lamorris and one of his friends as they were riding back from a show. They decided to stop by a cafe, join the fun, and have a drink. They made their way to the bar and ordered two shots of Remy. Out of about 50 women there, he saw this one girl who was wearing a sexy red dress, dancing all by herself, and slow rolling to a song. I think it was love at first sight, or maybe lust, but the attraction was strong and this is what she says to him:

We can do it in your spot
Or we can do it in the parking lot
We can do it in the shower
Baby let’s go for hours
Said I’m feeling your style
Let’s slow grind for a little while
You can make me holler in the back of my impala

I won’t write all of the words but you can probably figure out the rest of the story. Check out the words and listen to this very popular song!

Check out and listen
to Body Roll - a fantastic party song!!!!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Soul Children - "I'll Be The Other Woman"

“I’ll Be The Other Woman” is a truly beautiful but sad song. The Soul Children were one of those southern soul groups that successfully crossed over into R&B. J. Blackfoot (Taxi and other songs) was the lead male singer and they had many hits such as Hearsay, The Sweeter He Is, I’ll Understand, Don’t Take My Kindness for Weakness, Love Makes It Right, and so much more. They were an awesome group and made beautiful music. “I’ll Be The Other Woman” is about the girl messing around with the married guy. She knows she’s not first in his life and doesn't seem to mind that he's married, as long as he doesn’t mess around with anyone else. Well, there’s a problem with that picture but I’ll save that for another day! I absolutely adore this song - here are ALL of the words.

I'll be the other woman
All your life
Just as long as I am the only one
Other than your wife
Your wife, how would she feel
If she caught us together
The same way I would feel
If I caught you with another

Home I know comes first
And second to that I'll be
When you're not there with her
I want you right here with me

I'll be the other woman
Just as long as I know
I'm the only other woman
You make love to

I'll be the other woman
But I've got to know
I'm the only other woman
You make love to

The neighbors are whispering
Saying you don't care
If you cheat on your wife for me
You'll cheat on me for someone else

I'll be your part-time love
But that's as far as I'll go
To be your part-time fool
Would be stooping a little too low

Loving a married man
This I really don't mind
But a married Casanova
Is a little out of my line


I'll open doors for you baby
Long as I know
I'm the only other woman
You make love to

I'll be your part-time love
I've got to know
I'm the only other woman
You make love to
I love The Soul Children - enjoy!
Southern Soul Paradise

Jesse Graham - "Mr. Mailman"

I turn the volume up every time I hear this song. I absolutely adore the intro music.  Poor Jesse, he's been working all day and gets the mail when he gets home.  After reading a letter from his girl, he tells the mailman that it's not his's a Dear John letter and can he please send it back.  I just think it's wrong to chicken out and send a man a Dear John letter telling him that you're sorry it ended this way.  Come on ladies, unless there's abuse involved, this ought to be a face-to-face discussion.  The mailman, all he can do is apologize and say Jesse, I'm sorry.  But this letter has your name on it and this is your address. 

I absolutely love the melody, lyrics, and everything about this song.  Here's the chorus:

Mr. Mailman, you brought the wrong mail
Mr. Mailman, now I know this can’t be my mail
Good music!
Southern Soul Paradise

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sir Charles Jones - "Friday"

There's something about hearing this song on a Friday - makes you want to go out and get your groove on!  Sir Charles Jones says this song is dedicated to all of us who work 9 to 5 - and you know how Friday feels!  You're going to like this easy going song by Sir Charles Jones.  It makes you feel good and also makes you want to get out and party.  His music is one of the reasons I love southern soul so much.  Note that he mentions doing the electric slide to Johnnie Taylor's "Slide On" and asks the dee jay to play "Motel Lover" by Marvin Sease.  Here are the first and last verses of this great song.

This one is dedicated for all the workers that work 9 to 5
Do you want to party
Hey, it’s Friday, let’s party tonight
It’s Friday, and I’m gonna party and get my groove on
It’s Friday, and I’m gonna party till the break of dawn

I did my work this week
And baby I just got paid
Wanna go buy me a fresh pair of gators
With some of this money that I made
Mel Waiters on the radio
Singing about the whiskey
I think I’ll go by the store
To get me a bottle so I can be ready
To get my groove on the dance floor

Mr. Dee Jay, can you play some Marvin Sease
Can you play “Motel Lover”
So I can ask this lady to please take me
I’ve been at work all week and I deserve
To come out and have a good time
I’ve been spending my money on everybody else
Tonight I’m gonna to spend every dime
Cause it’s Friday!
It's Friday and I'm gonna party and get my groove on!
Southern Soul Paradise

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Johnnie Taylor - "Last Two Dollars"

I can put on a Johnny Taylor CD, start listening to track 1, and let the entire CD play from beginning to end - and then repeat.  I haven't written about JT in awhile and I think I'm going through withdrawal!  "Last Two Dollars" was on his "Good Love" CD and every single song is great. In this song, Johnnie Taylor tells a story about a lady in the casino who wants to borrow two dollars.  Looks like she's lost just about everything and says that she's going to spend one of those dollars on bus fair (she's got to get home) and the other on the jukebox (gotta have her down home music - I can relate!).  Another awesome record by Johnnie Taylor!

A lady at the casino
She lost all her money
She said don’t feel sorry for me
Don’t feel sorry, honey
But if you want to do a lady a favor
Here’s what I want you to do
Just loan me two dollars
Until the next time I see you

But these last two dollars
I’m not gonna lose
These last two dollars
I’m not gonna lose
One’s going for my bus fair
The other one’s for the jukebox
To hear me some blues
I’ve got to hear me some blues

Said I wouldn’t be over here
If my man had been treating me right
I came here to try to catch him here
Cause he’s been sneakin around every night
But I caught up over here
Got caught up in this scene
And I put all of my money
In that doggone gambling machine

What an amazing man!
Miss you JT!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sir Charles Jones - "Just Like Fire"

Sir Charles Jones has an unmistakable, timeless, silky smooth sound.  His ballads are so pretty and his up tempo songs are really good.  He has quite a few popular songs out such as "Take Care of Momma,"  "It's Friday," "Just Can't Let Go," and so much more.  Did you know that J. Blackfoot (Taxi) is his uncle?  Talent definitely runs in the family.  "Just Like Fire," to me, is one of those cool/laid back songs where he tells his girl that he's hooked on her and she drives him crazy.  He can't explain and he can't maintain.  Sounds like the man's in love!

Just like fire burning in me girl
Just like fire
Just like fire burning in me girl
Just like fire

The way you whipped that thing girl
Drives me so crazy
The way you move it, ooh please don’t lose it
There can never be another, no no baby,
The way you love me sometimes girl I can’t explain
Cause I’m hooked on you my girl I can’t maintain


Sometimes I start to shaking
And I call out your name
I say baby, please take it easy
Cause you know how to please me
The way you love me girl sometimes I can’t explain
Cause I ‘m hooked on you sometimes I can’t maintain

Just like fire
Running over me
Just like fire
Baby, can’t you see what you do to me
Just like fire burning in me
Just like fire
Can’t explain it, can’t maintain it
Hooked on you, don't know what to do.
Just like fire!
Southern Soul Paradise

Friday, November 4, 2011

Peggy Scott Adams - "Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong"

Peggy Scott Adams tells a story like no one else!  We have a case where a woman calls Mr. Jody because she's lonely and needs some help.  Her old man isn't giving her what she needs and even though Jody has other women lined up, he'll be more than happy to help her.  If you listen to the words of the chorus, she hits the nail on the head - if her man doesn't want her, another man will.  I love Peggy Scott Adams and I love this song.  Check out the words and sing along with her!

When I’m in the mood, my old man is not
I toss and turn, yearn and burn
Can’t sleep when I’m hot
Every time I try to turn him on
He turns his back and says leave me alone

If Mr. Right won’t get it
I’ll betcha Mr. Wrong will be more than glad to hit it
If Mr. Right has no desire
I’m gonna let Mr. Wrong set this thing on fire

I want to be a do-right woman
But my patience is shonuff running out
You see, I’ve got a feeling that he’s out there getting
What he’s making me stay at home and doing without

Feels like my body is about to explode
I need relief from this mother lode, yes I do ya’ll
When a woman’s needs are being denied at home
She’s got to go somewhere else and try to get it on

Oh well, what is a girl to do
When she needs to be used and she’s being refused
Here’s what I’m telling you
A girlfriend of mine had to call on Jody
Cause her old man never wants to get it on
Guess what, she found out what she got from Jody
Was better than anything she ever got at home

Fellas, you're in trouble if your woman has to
go in search of Jody!  And when she finds out
that he's giving her more than what
she's getting at home, it just might be too late!
Southern Soul Paradise