Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mel Waiters - "The Smaller The Club"

Have you ever seen Mel Waiters live?  The man can put on a show!!  I've seen him several times and he is a dynamic performer with a whole lot of energy - he can move!  All of his music is wonderful but this song holds a special place in my heart - it always puts me on the dance floor!

Johnny Taylor is still the favorite
And Bobby Bland is still the blues
Five dollars you’ve got to pay
Just a juke box and no dee jay

The smaller the club the bigger the party
Something about this room
The smaller the club the better the party
The dance floor where you can barely move

Waitress please clean my table
Beer cans everywhere
Music’s loud and everybody dancing
There’s a hell of a party up in here

You’ve got to stand in line to get a drink
You’ve got to wait outside just to get a peep
Everyone loves a smaller club
You might meet someone there and fall in love

A house party jam!
Southern Soul Paradise

Friday, July 29, 2011

David Brinston - "Straighten Up and Fly Right"

David Brinston combines his sexy, kind of smoky voice with a strong, funky, southern soul beat and this song is awesome, simply awesome.  In fact, this entire album is great.  It contains songs such as "You're So Freak, Girl," "Party Till The Lights Go Out," "I Caught Ya," and others. The words to "Straighten Up" are simple but this is such an amazing song.  He knows he has a good woman and he's willing to do what it takes to keep her.  My favorite line is "the finest thing I ever had!"

Every time I see you
I get so emotional girl
It’s just the things you do
When I’m loving you
Girl I like being with you
There’s no other woman I like
Since I have met you girl
You know you walk right
You talk right
The things you do for me

I need to straighten up and fly right
Keep you in my life
I need to straighten up and act right
To keep you in my life

Go David Brinston!
Southern Soul Paradise

Ms. Pat Cooley - "Older Woman, Looking For A Younger Man"

What older woman doesn't want a mature, younger man, even for a little while?  Ms. Pat Cooley says what's in the hearts and minds of so many of us.  Denise LaSalle does a great version of this but I really like Ms. Pat's song.  Ms. Pat lets you know that just because we may have a few years on us, everything is working and we are better than we were 20 years ago. I love the line - just like a washing machine, we have different speeds.  Woohooo!  She says that when you're over 40, you can turn the whole place out!  That's what I'm talking about!!  Check out these words:

These young girls are whispering
In the grocery store
They say Ms. Pat ain’t got it no more
But they just don’t know I’m in the prime of my life
I’m so glad that I’m nobody’s wife!

I’m an older woman
I’m looking for a younger man
Don’t think I can’t work it
Cause I still can

I’m over 40
Still sexy as hell
Everything I’ve got
It’s still working real well
As a matter of fact if you really want to know
I can pop, lock it, and drop it
Better than 20 years ago

Cause I know just how to please a man
That’s something you young girls may not understand
I know how to give him everything he needs
Just like a washing machine
I got different speeds

The older woman's anthem!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, July 17, 2011

McKinley Mitchell - "The End of the Rainbow"

This is one of the most beautiful but depressing songs I've ever heard.  This man went through some things!  He went running to the end of the rainbow in search of a treasure but found nothing but heartaches and trouble and now he's about to lose his mind!  And then it gets worse because his friends evidently left him hanging.  His heart was in so much pain that he was blind and couldn't even remember his own name.  That is messed up!   He decides to give it all up and go back home and start all over again.  McKinley sings this song with so much passion and you can hear the pain in his voice.  Awesome.  My heart goes out to this man and I just love, love this song. 
I went running to the end of a rainbow
Looking for a treasure they said I would find
I found nothing but heartaches and trouble
And now I’m about to lose my mind
On the way, the load got heavy
And the burdens got hard to bear
None of my friends were there to help me
Left me standing in the middle of nowhere

With a heart full of pain I was lost
So blind, I couldn’t see a thing
I couldn’t even remember my name
They talked loud and clear
Every word my ears could here
And my heart was heavy, I couldn’t even move
I just stood there like a silly fool

I believe I’ll go back home
And start all over again
I left my rainbow behind me
Right where I, I began
Going, going, going, going home
I’m going home till the end of the rainbow
I’m going home
Going, going, going, going home
Lord, I’m going home, I think I’m gonna go back home
This is a classic!
Southern Soul Paradise

Johnnie Taylor/T.K. Soul - "Try Me Tonight"/"Try Me"

Johnnie Taylor's "Try Me Tonight" and T.K. Soul's "Try Me" are wonderful songs.  You can tell that T.K. Soul was definitely inspired by JT's music.  If you listen to the words, they're similar but the songs are very different - take a look at the words and listen below.  My favorite line in Johnnie Taylor's song is when he tells the girl to try him tonight because he's out of sight!   He was so cool!
Here are some of JT's words:
I can feel it, it’s the real thing, baby
I can feel it, it’s not just a one night stand
Why don’t you let yourself go girl
So the lovin’ you can flow girl
You say that it’s against your morals
You think you’d end up in sorrow
We’ve known each other for such a short time
But you’re afraid to trust me
So you have to draw the line
Why don’t you try me tonight girl
I swear I’m out of sight, girl
It’s alright, so let me love you tonight

Here are some of T.K. Soul's words:
I can feel it’s the real thing, yes, it is
I can feel girl this ain’t no one night stand
Why don’t you let yourself go
Go on and get with T.K. Soul
You say that you’ve got your morals
When it’s all over you don’t want to end up in sorrow
Girl, I’ve waited such a long, long time
You’re afraid to trust me,
Gotta make up your mind
You ought to try me, tonight
I’ll be a gentleman baby yeah
If you want me to just hold you tight
Try me tonight, it’s alright
Youtube has removed Johnnie Taylor's version, I'll replace
it as soon as I can.
Two great but different songs - enjoy!
Southern Soul Paradise

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Johnnie Taylor - "Just Because"

You ever hear a song that is so beautiful that it makes you want to cry?  Johnnie Taylor sings such an amazing love song with "Just Because" and his voice and the lyrics touch your heart.  This is truly a perfect song.  Johnnie says "I'm begging you, please, please stay."  Oh man.  And my heart melts when he says over and over - I love you, I love you, I love only you.  What else can he do or say?  Johnnie's just trying to tell his woman that they may go through some things but it's all going to be ok and that he loves her, through it all.  What would it take to make her want to stay?  Amazing!  Simply amazing.

Just because I raise a little sand
I might be tired lately, try to understand
That doesn’t mean that you’ve done something wrong
And just because when we have a little fight
And I walk out the door and stay gone all night
It doesn’t mean that I won’t be coming home.
I love you, I love you, what else can I do or say?
Honey, I love, I love you, oh I love you,
What would it take to make you want to stay?

Just because when sometimes you want to make love
Girl, I tell you not tonight, try to understand
I work hard all day, darling doing the best that I can
But if you want to go, it’s up to you
But I can tell you right now, my whole world is going to be misty blue
I’m begging you please, please, please, please stay.
Honey don’t you hear me
I love you, oh, I love you
What else can I do or say?
I love you, oh I love you I love you I love only you
What would it take to make you want to stay?
Oh I love you, I love you.

Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Karen Wolfe - "Man Enough"

If you're man enough to leave, then I'll be woman enough to let you go!  Woo hoo, sounds like the words of a woman who has had enough!  Karen Wolfe sings this women's anthem like she means it.  She says that she's never been the type of woman to hold a man where he doesn't want to be.  My favorite line is "...if you leave, then I ain't gonna die."  LOL "I deserve better!!"   She said, you can go if you want to, I'm not gonna try to stop you!  This is a nice, easy to sing along kind of song - I like it!!

You must have woke up from the wrong side of the bed today
Because you’ve been talkin to me any ole kind of way.
All of a sudden my eggs ain’t scrambled right
And everything I say starts a fight
You keep threatening to go and I don’t know why
But if you leave, I ain’t gonna die
Cause any man can pay a power bill
So go on where you’re going if that’s the way you feel.

Now, I’ve been washing clothes and raising your kids
And up until now I’ve been satisfied with this
But you’ve been creepin’ late at night
And I know she can’t make that cornbread like you like it.

I’ve never been the type of woman
To hold a man where he don’t want to be
Now, she can’t be giving you more than what you get from me

If you’re man enough to leave
Then I’ll be woman enough to let you go
You just want to run around in these streets
But I deserve better
I deserve better!

Southern Soul Paradise 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Johnnie Taylor - "Running Out of Lies"

You know how hard it is to keep your stories, lines, and excuses straight.  After awhile, though, you start running out of lies.  Johnnie Taylor puts in words what a lot of people feel and go through.  He says that he's tired of lying, peeping and hiding in low class places.  He's tired of worrying whenever he comes home late with his girlfriend's lipstick traces.  It looks like stealing his girl's love is harder and harder and that the excuses he's been giving, just won't hold water.  He's running out of lies and it's getting hard to think of an alibi.  My favorite line is when he makes a deal with himself and says that if his conscience didn't bother him, he sure wouldn't bother his conscience.  I love it!

You know Johnnie Taylor is my number one artist and I love this song.  Check out some of the words:

I've got too many irons in the fire
I'm spreading myself a little too thin
Trying to do the job of too many men
You can rest assured my woman's no fool
She can tell just as good I’ve been loving you
Stealing your love is getting harder and harder
The excuse I've been giving it won't hold water
I'm running out of lies
Getting hard to think of an alibi
Running out of lies
Getting hard to think of an alibi...

I LOVE Johnnie Taylor!
Southern Soul Paradise