Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kilo Ali - "Freak You LIke You Want To"

I've been looking for this song for awhile now.  It's played every time I attend a southern soul cabaret in west central Alabama and it really gets everyone up on the floor.  I finally found it and didn't realize the artist is a rap singer but that's cool, I'm posting it anyway!  It's a great dance song with a really good party beat.
Freak you like you want it, just like you like it!
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, March 26, 2012

T.O.V. - Haters Gone Hate

What do you get when you mix T.K. Soul, Omar Cunningham, and Vick Allen?  A beautiful blend of voices resulting in a great song. 
They're gonna hate on you; they're gonna hate on me.
I love these three men!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Karen Wolfe - "Stuttering"

Karen Wolfe is one of the newer southern soul artists and has remarkable talent.  She has a fresh new sound and her songs are so down to earth; you can definitely relate to them.  If you're man enough to leave, I'll be woman enough to let you go has been an anthem for so many women (see my 7/9/2011 post on "Man Enough") and my number one favorite line dance song is her "Southern Soul Party Mood" (8/27/2011).  "Stuttering" is another song with a message.  It's the story of the husband who has an outside child - in addition to the ones he has at home - but he has never told his wife.  She finds out by accident and wonders when was he going to tell her.  She knew something was wrong when he started stuttering.  Girl, my heart goes out to you.

This video starts with an interview with Karen and the actual music starts one minute into the video.  I believe that is Omar Cunningham's voice we hear during on this song (he wrote and produced "Stuttering").  The music on this song is incredible and I love the background singing.

Oh the mailman just came through
Brought a letter addressed to you
It was forwarded from your old address
I was nosy so I opened it
It says I hope that you are doing fine
The baby asks about you all the time
He said he miss you and I miss you, too
My mama said this boy looks just like you
Oh I had a feeling, I had my doubt
Some money missing out the bank account
Oh it hurt to think, you and another girl
And then you brought a child into this world
I was a fool, I trusted you
And now my heart feels like it’s broke in two
I saw the signs but was too blind to see
But you done had a baby on me

Is this is your baby
Don’t stand there and lie to me
Cause I can always tell when you’re telling a lie
Cause you start stuttering (you’re lying, you’re lying)
When were you going to tell me
And tell me how long have you known
Were you gonna wait until he started walking
Or when he got grown – you’re lying

Does she know about me, probably not
Or the other two kids that you already got
What about our future, you messed up the plan
Cause you couldn’t keep it inside your pants
Did you even check the DNA
Or are you just going by what she says
Or I hope you realize what you’ve done
You got me looking like the foolish one
Do you think I’ll leave, turn and walk away
Or do you think I’m stupid, I know you’re sorry
My mama told me to leave you alone
But I defended you, I see I was wrong
So tell me now, if you cannot lie
I’m over here can’t you look me in the eye
You got one more time, to tell me something
Is she lying, were you with her
Is this yours, oh is this your baby


I LOVE this song!  Enjoy!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sir Charles Jones/Tyrone Davis - "Do You Feel It"

"Do You Feel It" is featured on Sir Charles Jones' "A Tribute to the Legends" CD and he has done a remarkable job on this song; Tyrone Davis would be proud.  I'm not usually into remixes and almost always love the original version of any record, but this song has converted me.  Sir Charles has taken this awesome Tyrone Davis song and even though it's a lot like the original version, he has put his mark on it.  This is a song about thinking you've lost that special someone and then realizing how happy you are because that person is still there.  Here are both Sir Charles Jones' and Tyrone Davis' versions of "Do You Feel It."

Do you feel it like I feel it, do you
Do you feel it like I feel it honey, do you

I thought I had lost you forever
Thought I would never see you again, ever
Thought that loving smile of yours was forever gone from me
And that laughing look in your eyes I thought I’d never see
Never see you again, thought you were gone
Gone from my up out of my life, was I forever wrong

Strong vibrations, sweet sweet sensations
Another gold location in my heart


Memories of how it used to be move me
And that loneliness I feel inside proves me
To have it wrong beyond a doubt
And your sweet love my honey I just can’t live without
Can’t live without you, my lady
You’re the apple of my eye, my lady
Memories of how we used to be, move me
And that loving look in your eyes proves me
Strong vibrations, sweet sweet sensations
Another gold location in my heart


I feel it baby do you feel it, do you
Do you feel it, like I feel it, honey, do you
Strong vibrations, sweet sweet sensations
Another gold location in my heart


Tell me what you think of both songs!
Southern Soul Paradise

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mel Waiters - "Two Step"

Talking about someone suave and debonair!  Mel Waiters is one of the coolest artists around and I love to see him perform.  "Two Step" makes you want to do a two step or, as DC natives do, hand dance.  It has a great beat and an old school feel to it.  He reminds us how romantic this dancing is when a couple is swinging around the room.  Mel Waiters sings southern soul that can be enjoyed by everyone - he is awesome.

Two step it’s a way
Like back in the day
Take me back, let’s go back
Like back in the day

There’s a dance that’s been around for some time
Your mom and dad did it, so did mine
This dance is sexy when it’s shared by two
Holding each other close while you’re swinging around the room


Bump and grind, that’s for the young folks today
But two stepping has a more romantic taste
But all the women from 24 or to 92
Would rather swing with a stranger than stand close to him and screw
I’ve learned so much from my past
But I really want to do my mom and dad’s favorite dance


One of my favorite performers!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Betty Wright - "Tonight Is The Night"

"Tonight Is The Night" is the classic of all classics; it is sheer perfection!!!  It was a phenomenal cross over song - southern soul to r&B - and is still played on the radio today.  It was so popular that a group even sampled it a few years ago without her permission.  Congratulations to her for winning that lawsuit.  This song is so powerful that it's hard for me to describe.  I'm not even going to post the words because you all know them already.  Betty is still doing great things.  She recently joined forces with The Roots and released an album called "Betty Wright:  The Movie."  Go on with your bad self!!

Southern Soul Paradise

David Brinston - "Two-Way Love Affair"

I want to see David Brinston in concert one of these days because I just love this man's voice.  I fell in love with him with "You're So Freak" (I was kind of addicted to this song for awhile - see my post dated 3/6/11), always liked "Party Till The Lights Go Out" (see the 9/18/2011 post), but I even more so adore "Straighten Up and Fly Right" (7/29/2011).  The meaning behind "Two-Way Love Affair" is kind of sad, but the music is so good.  I believe that fidelity exists but a lot of couples, unfortunately, probably find that they live their lives like this - staying in a marriage just for the kids, finding happiness with someone else, but staying together anyway.  And the saddest thing is that they don't even care anymore.  David's just telling it like it is.

We kiss each other off with a smile
When we both know we’re living a lie
Our hearts are in different places
But neither one of wants to face it
So we go on living and pretending
But the real love, we’re not giving
We got too much, too much to lose
And that’s the thing that makes us the fool

It’s a two-way love affair
Ya’ll understand what I’m trying to tell you
Neither one of us, neither one of us
We don’t even care, we don’t even care

For so long we’ve been together
And we’ve seen all kind of weather
But the road of life went wrong
‘Cause when I touch you baby the love is gone
It wasn’t your fault and it wasn’t mine
It was just something that happened in time
But ooh girl, don’t say a word
‘Cause some things, it’s better not to be heard


Now I know what ya’ll saying
David Brinston should break it up and leave it alone
But you see ya’ll don’t know
What’s going on inside my home
You see we got some kids
And they need their mommy and daddy
You see we’re loyal to our family
We’re going to do just about anything it takes
To keep the kids happy but you see
When the night time comes, when the night time comes baby
I find myself, I find myself girl, in another woman’s arms
Girl you know you’re doing the same thing
I've got my woman and you've got your man
It’s a two way love affair and one thing about it baby
We’ll be here, we’ll stay right here
We kiss each other oh with a smile
Knowing we’re both just living a lie
You go your way and I’ll go mine
But one thing about it baby
We’ll be on time, we’ll be right on time
It’s a two-way, it’s a two-way love affair
We ain’t going nowhere baby, we’ll stay right here

Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, March 4, 2012

T.K. Soul - "One Woman Man"

I'm a TK Soul fan, plain and simple.  In "One Woman Man," he tells a story about a man who really wants one woman but he's looking for that girl who is just right for him.  He has one girl who may not be really nice looking but she's good to him.  The problem is that she's just too immature.  The other girl is pretty but she only wants to make love some of the time.  What's a guy to do?  So, TK is still searching for the one.  I'd love to tell him - as in the words of Grace Jones - I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect for you!  (smile)  Enjoy this song!

You know sometimes you get caught up in society’s rules
And it makes it so hard on your choice in life
You see, a one woman man I want to be
I just can’t seem to find that one woman I need

I got a woman down with me
She’s not all that to look at but she’s crazy about me
Buys pretty nice things, she tries to please her man
But her childish ways ya’ll I just can’t stand
That one that I need, I wish it was her
But she’s not the one, no, that I’m looking for

One woman man, I want to be
But I can’t find one woman to satisfy me
One woman man, I long to be
But I can’t find that one woman that I need

Now this other woman, fine as can be
She’s a sexy young lady, so beautiful you see
Makes love to me sometimes, every now and then
But I need plenty lovin’, I’m a high nature man
That one that I need, girl I wish it was you
Guess I have to keep on searching, that’s all I can do


Maybe I should just give up and settle down
Maybe what I’m out there looking for just can’t be found
I’m getting older, getting set in my ways
And I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my days
That one that I need, girl you just might be
If you think that you are
Holler at me


I’ve been looking in Alabama
I’ve been looking in Louisiana
I’ve been looking in Mississippi
I’ve been looking out in Texas
I’ve been looking down in Georgia
I’ve been looking down in Florida

TK Soul!
Southern Soul Paradise

Napoleon Demps (ft. Bigg Robb) - "Booty Whipped"

You need that booty whipped.  Hmm, here is another song where you have to look past the lyrics.  I've been bopping and dancing to this song for awhile now and love the beat and music.  It's a good Saturday night party song and will get people on the dance floor.  And then, one day I listened to the words and I was reminded why it's hard for me to sell others on the greatness of southern soul.  The music is great but the lyrics certainly make it hard for some southern soul to be played on mainstream radio.  I'm just saying...

In spite of what I've said, I like the song.
Sorry, I had added the remix with Bigg Robb but it has been removed from youtube.  I'll replace it as soon as I can.

Let me know what you think!
Southern Soul Paradise