Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spice Internet Radio - Top 10 March 31, 2013

Here is Spice Internet Radio's list of top 10 songs for March 31, 2013:

  1.   Ricky White - Shake
  2.   Ms. Jody – Still Strokin’
  3.   Katrenia – That Thang
  4.   TPB – Lifestyles of the Rich & Unknown
  5.   Floyd Taylor – What About My Love
  6.   Mel Waiters – Who Got The Whiskey
  7.   Charles Wilson – This Bed Ain’t Big Enough
  8.   Pat Cooley – Bring It Baby
  9.   Avail Hollywood – Country Road
10.   Shirley Jones – Ready To Go

Ricky White is still holding the number 1 spot!

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Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tucka - "Work It Out"

This is a talented, young brother - the King of Swing!  It is so nice to see young people like Tucka keeping our southern soul music alive. This is a pretty, laid back kind of song....reminds me of summertime for some reason.
You'll like this.
Southern Soul Paradise

Bobby Warren - "I Slipped Up"

I slipped up and made a fool of myself; I can't blame nobody else. Well, at least he admits it.  This is traditional, infidelity type of music. Oh, but I like it!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Spice Internet Radio - Top 10 - March 24, 2013

Thanks to Spice Internet Radio for giving us, each Sunday, a countdown of the top 25 southern soul songs.  Here are the top 10.

  1.  Ricky White - Shake
  2.  Ms. Jody – Still Strokin’
  3.  Floyd Taylor – What About My Love
  4.  TPB - Lifestyles of the Rich and Unknown
  5.  Vick Allen – Soul Music
  6.  Katrenia – That Thang
  7.  Theodis Ealey – Theodis What’s Up
  8.  Certified Slim - Move Sumthin'
  9.  Avail Hollywood – Country Road
10.  Mel Waiters – Who Got The Whiskey

My all-time favorite is Still Strokin' by Ms. Jody!  Southern soul is here to stay!!

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Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mel Waiters - "Everything Going Up"

If you want to hear a good southern soul song, listen to this soulful Mel Waiters' song.  He says everything's going up but this money of his.  I know that's right!
Southern Soul Paradise

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mel Waiters - "Friday Night Fish Fry"

Mel Waiters is one of my favorite live performers.  Friday Night Fish Fry is a great dance song!  Mel says that if you’re tired and stressed from working all week long, he knows this place where you can really unwind and you don't even have to spend a fortune to have a real good time.  Enjoy!!
If you love to party, stop on by!
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, March 18, 2013

Billy Soul Bonds ' "Scat Cat, Here Kitty Kitty"

The way you treat me is a shame and a pity.  When you say scat cat, another man says here kitty kitty.  I know that's right!!  If your man doesn't want you, you can best believe that there's someone out there who does.  This is one of Billy Soul Bond's most notable hits - it's a classic!
Southern Soul Paradise

Ms. Jody - "Still Strokin'"

I love, love, love Ms. Jody.  She's great in concert and her records are fabulous.  Ok, with that being said, this is an awesome song and it represents the come back that southern soul is making.  She starts out by telling a friend that she must have been on the moon because our music is still here.  Ms. Jody, you are so right!  Southern soul is going strong and, as she says, we're still strokin'!  We're still there and the new music is better than ever. More and more people are listening to it and the internet definitely increases that number.  This blog is even being read by interested soul southern fans from all over the world!  Still Strokin' is a great song from Ms. Jody's latest CD - I think this album is one of her best.

Boy, you must have been on the moon somewhere
Cause our kind of music is still here
And it ain’t going nowhere
You say you heard it’s not around
But you can find it in the cities and even in the small towns
You can’t believe what some folks say
It’s still here, it ain’t going away
You know I wouldn’t tell you nothing wrong
Good soul music it sho ain’t gone

Cause Clarence Carter's still stroking
And Bobby Rush is still wearing it out
Theodis Ealey is still standing up in it
And Ms. Jody is still in the house
And Mel Waiters still got his whiskey
And Bobby Womack, still looking for a love
And Denise says that she’s still trapped ya’ll
And Sheba just keeps on backing it up

You say you heard that it’s all over now
But even after all these years
We ain’t stroked out
What we started just can’t be stopped
The music keeps on going
And we're gonna bop till we drop
I told my friend to give it a try
Now she won’t stop till the day she dies
It’s more fun than you’ll ever get
We’ve been doing it for years and we ain’t through yet


Still strokin'
We’re still strokin'
We're still strokin'
We're still strokin'

If you can still make it do what it do
If you’re missing out you can’t blame nobody but you
It ain’t no excuse for sitting home alone
When you could still be out there getting it on


Southern soul is still strokin'!!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Carl Sims - "Six Pack of Common Sense"

Don't need no whiskey, don't need no wine, don't need that other stuff to cloud my mind. Cause I hurt my woman, she's so good to me, so bring me a six pack of common sense.  Sounds like he's learned from his mistakes.  Carl Sims is begging in this song; he's trying to get his woman back.

My favorite line is "I'm sitting here with me, myself, and I." It is so nice to hear something new from Carl - he's a great artist.
This single was just released about two months ago - enjoy!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Floyd Taylor/Johnnie Taylor - "What About My Love"

Floyd Taylor did an excellent job on the remake of his dad's song, What About My Love.  You can definitely tell that Floyd's his son and it's amazing how alike they sound. There's something about Johnnie Taylor, though.  He was, in my opinion, one of the best southern soul artists of all time and he made some incredible music.  Here are both versions of this song.  Let me know what you think.

Both are great!
Southern Soul Paradise

David Brinston - "After Party"

David Brinston has such a unique voice!  I love this man.  Looks like he and his wife had a house party and he's still in a party mood after after everyone's gone!  Well alright now!!

The party is over, the guests are gone
Now it’s just you and me baby
We’re out here at home alone
There’s still a lot of party food
Champagne and wine
And you are so sexy girl
Ooh baby you so fine

I’m so glad everybody had a real good time
Now I want to keep the party going
With this sweet little woman of mine

Let’s have an after party
Me and you
Even though the guests are gone
I’m still in a party mood
We’re having an after party
You and me
We’ll make a little dance floor
Somewhere between the sheets

You are so fine with that red dress on
All the fellas wanted to dance with you girl
All night long
But they knew that you belonged to me
And they respected that
But they still had a real good time
Ooh girl, I’m glad of that


I’m so glad everybody had a real good time
Now I want to keep the party going
With this sweet little woman of mine


Southern Soul Paradise

Andrew Booker - "Ooo Wee"

Ooh wee, she whupped that thang on me!

Southern Soul Paradise