Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi, I just wanted to take a moment and wish all of you a very happy Valentine's Day!

I have a perfect southern soul song of the day for you. Have you heard "Carried Away" by Tyrone Davis??? Try to put your hands on it or ask your favorite dee jay to play it for you. Tyrone was so in love with this girl that as he was driving home, he got carried away and lost track of where he was. Is that love or what? He said, "...Thinking about the time you were so good to me...before I knew it, I was ten miles out of the 94, said the highway sign..." On one of my driving trips from Alabama to Maryland, I played this song from Montgomery to the other side of Atlanta. My sons were asleep - for awhile - and although they got tired of hearing it, they can sing it to this day!!!

Again, happy Valentine's Day. Stay tuned for my songs of the month - coming in a couple of weeks!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

February - Is the Winter Over Yet???

Hello My People,

It's February and the DMV (District, MD, and VA) has more than two feet of snow!! I am so thankful that God has allowed me to keep power - thank you!

I wanted to give you my top southern soul songs for the month. Now, this list was pretty hard to make, but here goes:

1. Rock Me - Stan Moslely I bought this CD for this song but I found out that the entire album is good. I love this song and, as my family knows, I can play this song over and over and over again.
2. I Like This Place - Carl Simms This is just a nice, sing-along kind of song.
3. Good Lovin' Will Make You Cry - Carl Marshall
4. Playing With It - OB Buchana
5. Never Coming Home - Betty Padgett I also love this song.

Bonus Songs: There's more than one this time.
A. If I Could Love You Forever - Roy C - This is a classic song that I know all of my sisters know.

B. Careless With Your Love - Johnnie Taylor - You already know I love JT.

C. Nine Pound Steel - Joe Simon - Daddy, I appreciate this song so much and finally know just how good it is - even though we used to hide this record! I think about you every time I hear it.

If you want to listen to some good southern soul, try WKXN The Big Station (in Montgomery) or For a list of music, try

If you get a chance, let me know the music happening where you are.

Take care.