Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chris Ivy - "Turn Road" and "Turn Road Part 2"

I like this southern soul slow song.  It had to grow on me but the melody is pretty.  I even like Turn Road Part Two more than the first one.  You'll have to let me know which one you like - both of them are good.

Southern Soul Paradise

Jeff Floyd - "I Got My Woman Upset"

Oh Jeff, I can't blame your woman for being mad at you - I would be, too!  Couldn't you have asked her what was going on before you started talking to your friends?  The girl had two jobs and now you're doing some serious apologizing.  You've got a lot of making up to do!!!  This is a great song with a nice, strong beat.  Jeff Floyd has a good voice and he makes awesome music.

I got my woman upset, I didn’t mean it
I got my woman upset, Lord knows I didn’t mean it

I went out of my relationship looking for answers
I thought my woman was cheating on me but she was only helping me
I asked my friends what did they think she was doing
And they didn’t want to talk about it
She had two jobs, didn’t tell me about it
And now I feel like a fool having doubt it
I said some things that I never should have said
She couldn’t believe what was coming from me
And now I’m telling her I’m so sorry


Now what she told me just what she was doing
I was so mad at myself
See she’s a real fine sexy lady
And I don’t blame men for looking
When she walks out the door I go crazy
Cause I don’t want to see her go
Now she’s all the woman I need and I’ll just die if I don’t see her no more
Somebody help me now
I was a fool to get mad at her
I should have known she was doing what’s right
And now today I’m so sorry baby


She’s so good to me, I was a fool ya’ll
And I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry
And I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to make you mad
But it’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be alright now
I’ll make it up to you
And I’m starting tonight
When you come home from work
I’m gonna have your bath water ready baby
When you’re all made up, you can put on your favorite dress
Cause we’re going out tonight
Cause I wanna be good to you, so good to you
We can go anywhere tonight you want to go
Your wish is my command
Giving you all I got tonight to make it up to you
Sweet thing
And I know you’re mad at me, but I’m so sorry baby
Wanna make it all up to you, wanna treat you like a lady should be treated
Two jobs, ya’ll don’t hear me, she had two jobs
And it’s hard to find a good woman to take care of a man like me
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, June 11, 2012

Jesse Graham - "I Lied"

I just like the sound of this song.  Jesse Graham is one of the reasons I love southern soul!!!
Southern Soul Paradise

The Soul Children - "What's Happening Baby"

Wasn't J. Blackfoot's voice amazing?  He's singing lead on this Soul Children song which is about a guy who knows something is terribly wrong and he just wants to know what's going on.  His girl's been out every night that week, wearing revealing dresses, and all of a sudden she now believes that she ought to let it all hang out.  She tries to blame it on him not paying attention to her.  They have major problems and he can't figure it out so he tries to have a talk with her and find out what's happening.

Tell me, tell me what’s happening baby
Tell me, tell me what’s happening baby

Every time he’ll call and blow
You almost kill yourself running to the door
Peeping and carrying on
Could it be you have been in an affair
What’s wrong with you, you just not acting like yourself


What’s happening, out there in the streets
That keeps you out all night away, away, away from me
Whatever it is that’s wrong
You’re just about to mess around and break up our happy home


Even the kids know something's wrong!
Southern Soul Paradise

Karen Wolfe - "You Ain't No Player"

The chorus says it all - you ain't no player, you're just a bill payer!!!  Karen Wolfe doesn't hold back and tells it like it is.  She's one of my favorite singers and she consistently puts out great music.  In this song, she just wants these guys who think they are players, those who have wives but give up their money and stuff to the other woman, realize that the girl is really just using them.  It happens all the time but it's the truth. 

Karen, girl, keep on doing what you're doing!!

Some of you fellas, you think you got it going on
Cause you got a woman in the streets and a woman at home
You always going around bragging to the boys
But all you really doing is talking a lot of noise
Now I hate to see you going around confused
But the truth of the matter is you’re just being used

You ain’t no player
You just a bill player
And that’s no doubt
You ain’t no lover
You just another like the others whose money ran out

She’ll stroke your ego saying you’re good in bed
And you believe everything the little girl said
She’s got your nose open so wide
You can pop a couple of 18 wheelers inside
Now if you think she’s so into you
Just fool around a miss a car note or two


Now you think you’re getting over on your woman at home
While you’re out there fooling around you think she’s home alone
You’re out there bragging that you got it like that
But you never know what’s going on behind your back
If you think you’re making it do what it do
You’ll be surprised to find out who’s fooling who


She’ll call you cassanova
But she’s just teasing
You think you’re slick, boy
But you can stand another greasing
You really think you’ve got it going on
But you don’t even know what’s going on in your home
You ain’t no player
You ain't no lover, you're just another like the others
whose money ran out!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rue Davis - "Honey Poo"

I had this song on a cassette tape back in the day and wore it out!  I loved this record.  You may not hear a lot about Rue Davis but he is one of those multi-talented artists.  Not only does he record and perform his own music, he has also written for tons of artists and also produces music, too.  Love to see versatile people!

I must be out of my mind
If I ever leave those pretty eyes
Cause I know I won’t find another one like her next time

It took pains to find her
I want to be always around her
There’s no one else that’s kinder
My honey poo (That’s what you are)
My honey poo (You’re my superstar)
My honey poo, my honey poo (That’s what you are)
My honey poo (You’re my superstar)

I’ll tell the world that I’m a lucky guy
She makes me proud to ever be alive


When we walk down the street people would ask me
Oh she has a lovely smile and you’ll hear me say she’s mine


Now listen, I know ya’ll saying Rue Davis, what is a honey poo?
Well a honey poo is your man or my woman
Now all y’all down in Jackson, Mississippi; Memphis
New Orleans, Greenville, Houston, LA
If you got a honey poo why don’t you raise your hand
Raise your hand
Cause I know I gotta honey poo

Cause when we make love, that honey tastes so sweet
When she gives her love, she gives it all to me
I want to always be around her!
Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Jous Band - "I'll Be Dog Gone"

I love this song and it's being played on almost all of the southern soul stations I listen to.  This is the first record I've heard from the Jous Band and I predict that they are going to be one of those groups you won't forget.  I love the fact that more and more southern soul groups are coming out because a whole lot of people are listening to the music.  I believe southern soul is going through a revival and it's just a matter of time before we hear our music on more and more stations.

If you get a chance, check out their website:  Looks like they're from Tuscaloosa, the home of my alma mater, Stillman College!!  According to their site:  Jous is one of the only true bands left in the industry today. Jous is a group of community friends and relatives who honed their raw musical craft in church, high school choirs, and high school bands. In 1985 on the University of Alabama campus Jous started under difficult times. This was because Soul bands were not popular in the era of disco and the rise of rap. They were on the endangered species list. However, Jous stayed afloat.

Check out this really good song - he says that he'll be doggone if he lets her good lovin slip away from him!  I know that's right!!!
Southern Soul Paradise