Saturday, May 22, 2010


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Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Day

May Days were a huge thing when I was young. My sisters and I would look forward to going to Anniemanie and participate in the biggest social event of the spring. We walked around so we could be seen and so we could also see everyone. We spent the afternoon watching the baseball games and had so much fun. Life was good. Music was a big part of my life then just as it is now. I have a new list of songs for May and, as usual, it's hard to limit myself to ten songs. But, here are my picks for the month - I love each and everyone one of these songs:

1. Unconditionally - Willie Clayton
2. Swing Out Song - Mel Waiters
3. Slow and Easy - Lynne White
4. Whenever You Come Around - Little Milton
5. Keep Your Head to the Sky - Earth, Wind, & Fire (not exactly blues but a classic)
6. Gettin' What I Want - Peggy Scott Adams
7. Show Me What You Got - Marvin Sease
8. Ice Chest - Mel Waiters
9. I'll Drink Your Bathwater - Ollie Nightingale
10. Smaller the Club - Mel Waiters

Thanks to Val and Tom, this month's bonus song is Wilson Meadows' It Is What It Is. This is a fabulous song that makes you want to dance!!!

Hope you're able to join a May Day somewhere - have fun!