Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Hello Everyone,

First, I have to apologize for neglecting the blog...procrastination gets me every time! It's Christmas Eve and I'm in sweet home Alabama with Ma - life is good. How are you guys doing? This year is just about over and, in spite of it all, it was a good year. Like one of my favorite dee jays says, it's better to be on top of the ground instead of the ground being on top of you.

For this Christmas, just about my entire family will be together on Saturday. The only ones missing are my oldest son, Dorian, and his family, and my oldest nephew, Jermaine, and his family. We'll be thinking about you guys and we miss you!!!

I'll keep this one short this time. I hope you and your families will have a blessed and beautiful Christmas. Say happy birthday and thank you to Jesus!