Saturday, October 29, 2011

Donnie Ray - "A Letter To My Baby"

This is easily an in-the-club or a house party song.  It is true southern soul with a beautiful melody and good lyrics.  Donnie Ray has an outstanding voice and this man can sing; I could listen to him all day long.  He starts this song by saying that he sat down and wrote a letter to his baby.  Now I don't know about you, but a man earns big points if he writes a letter to me!!!  Ladies, you know what I mean.  Anyway, this is a song about the letter he writes - I like when he says that as soon as he gets there, this is what he wants you to do, woman, take me in your arms and rock me baby.  Oh yes!

I wrote a letter to my sweet baby
And this is how, this is how it began
It says: I’m sorry baby, if I’ve done you wrong
And I’m sorry baby, if I had to leave you all alone
You see there comes a time in everyone’s life
When you’ve got to be strong and make a sacrifice
But you know I love you until the end of time
So I’m sitting right here with thoughts of you on my mind

So as soon as I get there honey, here is what I want you to do
Woman, take me in your arms and rock me baby
Woman, take me in your arms and rock me baby
That’s what I want you to do girl
Are we gonna make love like we never made love before
I’m gonna do all the things girl I’ve never done before
I’m gonna kiss you right here and there
And when the time comes, honey, I’m gonna kiss you everywhere
Oh let me kiss you right there
Please baby say I can, girl
Oh as soon as I get there honey, I’m gonna make love to you baby
Oh girl, that’s what I wanna do baby
Woman, take me in your arms and rock me baby

He said he's on his way home to me!
Good music!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Andre Lee - "One Night Stand"

She told me that I couldn't be her man and that all she was looking for was a one night stand.  Well....I guess sometimes that's all you want - forget a relationship and just take care of thangs.  I'm a romantic at heart and I'd rather go for at least friendship but I can't knock anyone who just wants to hit it and quit it.  I like Andre Lee's voice, it's smooth and sexy, the kind you'd like to hear in ballads.  Here are a few lines from "One Night Stand."

I met this girl the other night
She had a sexy body she sure was tight
She was the kind of girl that you’d like to get to know
So I asked that girl if she’d like to dance
And then she jumped right up, she took me by my hand
And we went out on the dance floor she shook that thing all along
I told that girl I’d like to take her home
And maybe later we can get it on
She told me that I couldn’t be her man
She said all she wanted to do tonight was to have a one night stand

All she wanted to do is have a one night stand
That girl said she didn’t need no man
Just a one night stand
That's all she wanted to do
She told me that I couldn’t be her man
She said all she’s looking for tonight is a one night stand

P.S. The song stops around 4:30 mark, the rest is empty space.
You will like "One Night Stand," it's a great house
party song - enjoy!
Southern Soul Paradise

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Klass Band Brotherhood - "Sugaa Shack"

This is one of the hottest songs in south/central Alabama!  It's about a guy who loses his girl and wants her back.  He's gotta go back to the sugar shack.  The artist on this song is the Klass Band Brotherhood and I love them!  I had never heard of them before this song but you should check out their website:  The group was formerly known as Le Klass but they changed their name because they wanted to remember all of the members they used to have and the brotherhood they shared in this journey of music.  I think that's awesome and I have a feeling we'll be hearing a whole lot more from them.  They have a unique sound and they represent southern soul well.

I wanna go back to the sugaa shack!
Southern Soul Paradise

Floyd Taylor - "I'm Bout It Bout It"

Floyd Taylor is a son of the legendary Johnnie Taylor and you can't ignore the fact that he sounds so much like his Dad.  "I'm Bout It Bout" It is from his "All Of Me" album and it has a catchy beat.  This song is being played heavily in the south and is well known by everyone.  That's because he's bout it bout it!!! The song below is a mix of the original and a remix by Simeo.  It's not my preferred version but I can't find the original - here are some of the words.

Girl if you love me, you’re safe from harm
Cause I’m bout it bout it
And when you’re ready for love
I’m always there, I’m willing and able
Name what you want me to do
Girl I discovered that you were rare
There’s no other like you
That’s why I put it down
So I can keep you around
Girl, let’s get this party started
You know what to do
I’ve been sippin on Bacardi making love to you

I’m bout it bout it
No doubt about it
I'm bout it bout it
Can I pop my collar now?
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quinn Golden - "Dance Party"

I love this song by the late, great Quinn Golden.  It's something you want to hear when you go to the club, go to a house party, or while you're sitting at home listening to good music.  He had a smooth voice and both the melody and lyrics are great.  The man wants to take his lady out for dancing and to have a good time - what more could you want?

The party’s started, the dance floor is packed
Everybody in the club ain’t holding nothing back
I want to dance with you with all those sexy moves, baby

Cause it’s a dance party, dance party tonight

The dee jay‘s playing our favorite song
I want to dance with you baby, all night long
We’ll have a drink or two
And cut loose on the dance floor tonight

Cause at the dance party, dance party tonight
Cause at the dance party, dance party tonight

Everybody’s here, feeling fine
Just like you and me, ain’t got a worry on their mind
Good good drinks and music
Got everybody in the place feeling alright

When the dee jay plays something soft and slow
That’s when I want to hold you close
You can let your hair down, get real loose
This is party time you do what you want to do

All week long, I’ve been waiting for this night with you
And I’m gonna do some steps, old and new
We’re just getting started, we’re going to keep on dancing till the morning light

I wanna hold you close and squeeze you tight and dance with you
I wanna hold you close and squeeze you tight and dance around with you
Southern Soul Paradise

Frank Lucas - "My Singing Ding-A-Ling"

Have you ever heard a song where you really like the melody but you just don't like the lyrics?  That's how I feel about My Singing Ding-A-Ling.  When you hear this by Frank Lucas, you'll love the music of Betty Wright's "Tonight Is The Night" and the song will actually grow on you; it has a catchy beat.  But when you take the time and actually listen to the lyrics, it's a different story.  I hear this song just about every weekend on one of the radio stations and it's one of those songs that I would really love if the words were different.  I dislike the lyrics so much that I'm not even going to repeat them - they're just a little too x-rated for me.  But I can't get this song out of my head. (smile)

Listen and let me know what you think.
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Johnnie Taylor Live - "I'm Changing"

Check out this live Johnnie Taylor video.  If you don't notice anything else, listen to his amazingly smooth voice.  It's one of the many reasons I love him!
I'm changing, rearranging my life!
Southern Soul Paradise

Glenn Jones - "Baby Come Home"

I am a sucker for any song where a man does some serious begging.  That's for real!  Glenn Jones said that he wants her back and he needs her back, so baby please come home!!  Glenn is a crossover R&B/southern soul artist and I first heard of him with his hits, "Here I Go Again" and "Show Me."  Mainstream radio didn't play "Baby Come Home" but the southern soul stations picked it up and I am so glad they did.  In this song, he lost his girl but he's trying like crazy to get her back.  Sit back and enjoy.

Guess she’s out of my life
But I can’t get her out of my mind
There’s no use in trying, just a waste of time
So that I go out in the streets
And to all of the strangers I meet
When they smile at me
I can’t help but think of how it used to be

But when the lights are down
And you‘re not around
I want you back, I need you back
So baby come home
Where your heart belongs to me
Home is where you know you have a family
So baby come home
Don’t waste no more precious time
One more night without you I might lose my mind

Can’t we both just sit down together, baby
And try to work things out
You know there’s no need for us to scream and shout
I’ll give you my shoulder to lay your head
I’ll even bring you breakfast in bed
Then will you forget the foolish things I said


There’s no use in crying because
That won’t bring your loving arms back to me again
Cause each day a part of me is dying
I want you back, I need you back
So baby come home
Where your heart belongs to me
Home is where you know you have a family
Will you come home
One more night without you I might lose my mind

One more night without you I might
lose my mind!!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Johnnie Taylor - "Sending You A Kiss"

I'm imagining that I'm on a trip or away from home (or even at work) and talking to my man on the phone.  He's telling me that he loves me and that he's sending me a kiss; I can put it where I want it. Oh man, oh man, oh man.  What a beautiful, makes-you-feel-good love song.  You know that I adore Johnnie Taylor and he is one of the greatest performers of all time.  Please take a few minutes to hear him sing this - it's worth listening to over and over again.

I know that it’s hard on you
Trying to face it all alone
Sometimes you feel you just can’t do it
But don’t let it get the best of you
I know that you’re strong
But just to help you get through it I’m…

I’m sending you a kiss
Put it where you want it baby
I hope it makes your day a little brighter
And your load a little bit lighter
I’m giving you this any time you need it baby
Because on me you can depend and you’ll always have a friend

Girl, sit down and let me rub your back baby
Ease the tension and the pressure building up inside of you
There won’t be no strings attached
Cause it gives me so much pleasure
Baby, trying to please you

Chorus (2x)
I know that it’s hard on you
But girl I understand what it is that you’re going through

Sending you a kiss, put it where you want it baby
Anywhere you want it, girl, I've got to say it one more time
I'm sending you a kiss, any time you need it baby
Put it where you want it baby
I want you to have it girl
Any time and any place, sending you a kiss
You can put it right here, put it where you want it sugar
Any time you need it baby, any time you need my love baby
Sending you a kiss, baby, put it where you want it sugar
Anytime you need it baby, any time you need my love, baby

Sending you a kiss so you'll have it any time you need it!  Awesome.
Southern Soul Paradise

Jeff Floyd - "You Had It All"

If you want to dance, this is it!  "You Had It All" is a great song with a story we can all relate to.  This guy was one of those good men who worked two jobs, gave his all, and did his woman right.  I'm sure she thought the grass was greener on the other side and left this wonderful man, only to find out things aren't always better over there.  She wanted him back and he said no way.  Can you blame him?  He had done everything and she threw it all away.  You know someone is always waiting for the girlfriend to mess up and I'll bet it didn't take long for him to find someone who appreciates him.  Not only does "You Had It All" have an awesome dance beat, but Jeff Floyd sings this song so well.  Listen to these words:

You had it all
But you didn’t want it
Somebody else got it
Now you want to tell your friends
You want it back

Now you’re down and brokenhearted
I bet you didn’t know it could hurt so bad
I gave my all and did you right
Then I found out you didn’t care at all
The reason why I sing this song
It makes me feel good
Just to say…

You had it all
But you didn’t want it
Somebody else got it
Now you want it back
You had it all
Now you done lost it
Somebody else got it
Now you want to tell your friends
You want it back

It feels so good
To do what I’m doing cause I had two jobs
To take care of you
But no more should I go through it
I found me a new love and she’s all about it
I’ve done my time and now it’s over
I wish you the best and nothing less

It’s over now!  No more, baby!
He said he's done his time and now it's over!
I love it!
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bigg Robb - "If I Get Drunk"

Bigg Robb sends a powerful message in this southern soul song. He tells the listeners not to drink and drive and if you see me drunk, be a friend and take my keys.  Those are wise words for everyone to follow and I love him for putting out a song with a great message, an awesome melody, and a make-you-want-to-move beat.  I first heard this song in a club and fell in love with it.  Everyone loves to go out and party but make sure you make arrangements ahead of time for a designated driver.  Then, party hard and have a great time!  Go'head Bigg Robb!!!  (You can put on a shirt, though.)

If I get drunk tonight
Somebody please, please, make sure I get home
If I get too tipsy
Somebody please, please, make sure I get home

Going down to the club
To have a real good time
And party all night long
Give me some juice ya’ll and some Tanqueray
And soon it will be on
The sound of music
Cause I wanna dance ya’ll
Get up do the electric slide
But if I start looking like I’m tore up, ya’ll
Somebody take my keys and please don’t let me drive

Now I need somebody to look out for me
Just like I would look out for you
Cause it ain’t no secret ya’ll
Of what I’m going to the club to do
And bartender, I’ll bet you’re ready
To serve it up all night long
And tell the dee jay
Put on Mel Waiters’ Got My Whiskey song
Cause I’ve come out to party and I’ve got my money
I’ve got my whiskey but if I get too tipsy
Somebody please, please, make sure I get home

Southern Soul Paradise

Lebrado - "Fire"

You know you’re behind the times and old school when your kids have to define words for you. Case in point – “twerk!” According to the Urban Dictionary, ” twerk” is to “work one’s body, as in dancing, especially the rear end.” There are also a few other definitions that aren’t as gentle. I had no idea. In spite of it all, I really like this Lebrado song which has been out for a few years now. It’s still pretty heavy in rotation on the southern soul stations. Lebrado is a very talented artist and I love his music. The man can sing.  On this version of "Fire," you can even hear his brother K-Ci  (of K-Ci and JoJo) singing.

On a different note, I have to tell you that I was disappointed when I ordered this CD from the website – I never received it. Even after sending several emails, I never got a response. After complaints and dispute, many thanks to paypal for reimbursing me!  I'll order it from somewhere else soon because his music is great.

Here is the beginning and first verse of “Fire.”

I want to dance with you, slow grind all night with you
You know I’ve been missing you

Sitting at home, thinking about you baby
The way you put it on me, it took me higher
The way you move that body, the way you work that thang
You know it ought to be a crying shame
You got my nose wide open
Thinking of you day and night
You’ve got that fire girl
Your fire burns so bright
She moves it to the left y'all and back to the right
And down the middle, she works it all night
She’s got that fire!

Twerk that twerk that thang!
Southern Soul Paradise