Saturday, September 24, 2011

Southern Soul Paradise - 10,000 Hits

I’ve been listening to southern soul music a long time, way before it was even called southern soul. My father loved all kinds of music but his heart was with the blues and I grew up listening to Joe Simon, Denise LaSalle, and so many other blues artists that he played on our stereo. We were a military family and although we moved around a lot, my Dad’s heart was with the blues. We settled in my parent’s home of Alabama after he retired and I later moved “up north” after college. On my trips home, I would make cassette tapes of the blues that I heard on the radio, I eventually graduated to CDs, and now, in this internet age, a whole new world has opened up for me. I can now listen online all of the time to local south-central Alabama radio stations like WKXN (I love Lewis Dee) and WBFZ. I also love, WDLT in Mobile, Spice Internet Radio, WMPR, and a lot of the southern soul sites that stream on the world wide web.  There are also great sites that offer so much information that we were never able to get before - places like Soul Blues Report, Daddy B. Nice's Southern Soul RnB, and a whole lot of others.

I started this blog because I love southern soul. It began with me writing mainly for myself and with the hope that there were others who love the music as much as I do. Tons of people migrate from Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia to the north and we just don’t have the luxury of turning on the radio and hearing southern soul. I wanted this blog to be a vehicle to keep people like me informed.

A huge thank you to everyone who clicks on Southern Soul Paradise! I can’t believe that there have been more than 10,000 hits and I can only hope you enjoy reading my entries as much as I love writing them.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Southern Soul Paradise

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

O. B. Buchana - "I Can't Choose"

O. B. has the age-old problem - he loves both his woman and his wife and he just can't choose between them.  He says he's hooked and dingling on the line.  He even asks his mother for advice and she tells him to follow his heart (moms always know what to say).  The problem is that he only has one heart and his woman and wife are tearing it apart.  Oh O.B., O.B., in spite of your dilemma, this is a beautiful song and if this isn't southern soul, I don't know what is!!  I can play this song over and over and over.

I'm just wondering, how did O.B. go from "I Can't Choose" to "I Want Both of You?"

I’ve been thinking constantly
About a situation that's worrying me
I’ve got a woman I truly love
I got a wife at home and she’s my world
I know one day I’m gonna have to choose
But I’m lost in love and I’m so confused
I’ve been wondering what to do
Said I’ve got two women that keep me so confused
Ya’ll please help me, help me understand
All I got to say is
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t choose between the two
I can’t choose (make up my mind) between the two
I’m hooked and I’m dingling on the line

I called my mother to get some advice
She said son, follow your heart and you’ll do what’s right
But here’s the problem I only have one heart
And between the two they’re tearing it apart
See it feels so good when I’m with my wife
And when I’m with my woman I’m in paradise
Ya’ll I’ve been wondering what to do
See I’ve got two women that keep me so confused
Ya’ll please help me, tell me what should I do
I got one thing to tell you
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t choose between the two
I can’t choose between the two (make up my mind)
I’m hooked and I’m dingling on the line

I got two children in my life
One by my woman and the other one by my wife
24-7 I rip and run
One sees me leave and the other one sees me coming
I know it’s wrong, there’s no excuse
I want to stop ya’ll but I just can’t choose
I don’t know what’s going on
Said I’ve got two women that keep me so confused
Ya’ll please help me, tell O.B. what to do
All I can say is I can’t, I can’t, I can't choose between the two
I can’t make up my mind because I’m hooked ya'll
And I’m dingling on the line
I can’t, I can’t decide, I can’t, I’m about to lose my mind

So I called Willie Clayton and here’s what he said
The three people O.B. they’re still sleeping in my bed
They can’t help with it, not a little,
Even Marvin Sease, says he’s still stuck in the middle
I’m going crazy, oh I’m about to snap
When I call Carl Sims, he said O.B. I'm still trapped
O. B., O.B., what are you doing to me?
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, September 19, 2011

Spice Internet Radio

I always enjoy discovering new sites that stream southern soul music.   While checking out the Soul Blues Report (, I looked under their Soul Blues Links and clicked on the Soul and Blues Report (  There is a lot of good stuff there and I went through some of their Radio Reports which show what many southern soul stations are playing around the country.  On this link, I found a new southern soul internet site that sounds pretty good.  It's called Spice Internet Radio and they're based out of Philadelphia. 

Listen to, the best in oldies and southern soul - you'll enjoy it.

Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Donnie Ray - "Let's Go Dancing"

This Donnie Ray song came out around 2000 and it's on my classics list.  I LOVE this song.  Yes, I love a lot of songs but 11 years later and this song is as great now as it was then.  Donnie Ray's talking to his girl and says that it's been so long since they've been out on the town and he wants to go out and have a good time.  He wants to go dancing, just the two of them.  (How can you resist a guy telling you that???)  And all through the song, he keeps saying that all he wants to do is dance with you.  Oh man, I'm in love! (smile) You're going to enjoy this song.  Donnie Ray's voice is absolutely beautiful and the music is amazing!  Sounds like he has a dynamite horn section!!!

Now slide on your shoes
And that pretty red dress, too
You see I want to dance the night away with you
Now hurry baby, now we can’t be late
I got to get there darling, I can’t wait

Let’s go dancing, all night long
Just me and you
Let’s go dancing, all night long
That’s all that I want to do girl, is dance with you
Let’s go dancing, all night long
That’s all I want to do girl is dance with you

Don’t you worry baby our friends will be there
If we miss a step honey, they won’t even care
Don’t you be afraid to let your hair down
I like the way you move your body
Woo, girl you’re getting down
Girl the way you move gets me so excited
Trying to deal with emotions
Girl, I just can’t fight it, come on!

That’s all I want to do, girl, is dance with you
Put on your dancing shoes, come on girl
Don’t you worry baby our friends will be there
If we miss a step honey, they won’t even care
That’s all I want to do girl, is dance with you

Said I like the way you do your thang, girl
Now put on your dancing shoes
Come out on the floor
I want to see you move your body
Do it some more
Come on, please let me have this last dance
Please Mr. Dee Jay, play that song for me
So me and my baby, so me and my baby can
Do like we used to do….

Awesome song! This man can sing!
Southern Soul Paradise

David Brinston - "Party Till The Lights Go Out"

"Party Till The Lights Go Out" is that song that's perfect for a house party and a night at the club!  I adore David Brinston and have been in love with him since "You're So Freak, Girl" (see my blog from March 6, 2011).  "Party Till The Lights Go Out" has a nice easy beat, clean and simple lyrics, and David Brinston's smoky sounding voice which gives this song that extra kick.  David says that having a party is a great way to relax and wrap up a tough week.  Everyone's getting their groove on!  His chorus says that we're gonna party till the lights go out because it's nothing but a party.  That's what I'm talking about!

It’s a party tonight
Everybody’s in the mood
People are everywhere
Drinking that gin and juice
And all the ladies looking good, yeah
With their new dresses on
Everybody dancing, oh yeah
They don’t want to go home

We're gonna party till the lights go out
Nothing but a party
We're gonna party till the lights go out
Nothing but a party

The clock is ticking (tick tock)
Baby its ticking fast
We’re having a good time, oh yeah
Tonight we’re gonna make it last
Get your groove on, baby, yeah
Like you never did before
But you can’t party sitting down, oh no
Gotta get down on the floor

It’s been a long week
It’s time to have some fun
Forget about your troubles
Let the party begun
You might be with someone’s woman
Or somebody’s man
We ain’t here to knock it
We just want to dance

Repeat chorus

We party so hard, yeah
All the smoke is in the air
And all the honeys looking good, oh yeah
And they are everywhere
You’ve got to get it while the getting is good, yeah
Because baby I’m gonna get mine
After a good party, party,
You feel better every time

Love you David!
Southern Soul Paradise

Friday, September 16, 2011

Soul Blues Report

The Soul Blues Report publishes unique, up-to-date news about plenty of things happening in our southern soul world that you can’t find anywhere else.  Check out  The site spotlights different artists and provides information about shows, events, and so much more.  I’m sending out a very special thank you to Soul Blues Report for recognizing Southern Soul Paradise and regularly adding my posts to the site.  Your kindness is so much appreciated!!!

Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Carl Sims - "I'm Trapped"

I could listen to Carl Sims all day.  "I'm Trapped" is another man-wife-girlfriend song but I love it.  This man doesn't know what to do because he loves his wife and his outside woman; he knows it's not right and he feels trapped.  Carl says that jumping in and out of beds is messing with his head.  He doesn't know what to do....well, I could probably tell him what he should do.  (smile)  When you get a chance, go back and listen to Carl Sims' "I Like This Place" from my May 28 blog and the super awesome "Seventeen Days of Loving" from the November 19, 2010 post.  You'll enjoy both of them.

I’ve got a problem
I’ve got a problem
I’ve got a wife and I’ve got a woman, too
And I don’t know what to do
I’ve been wondering what to do
I’ve got two women that keep me so confused
One brings me up and the other one lays me down
I need the two of them to keep my feet on solid ground
I’m sleeping in two beds
I’ve got to make it good to keep one step ahead

I’m trapped, I’m caught up
In the middle of a two-way love affair
I’m trapped, I’m caught up
In the middle of a two-way love affair

Now my wife is the first woman I ever kissed
The first woman I ever made love to
Whenever I need her, she’s right there by my side
And most of all, she’s been my guide
But late at night, when she gets in that bed
She turns her back and she covers her head
That outside woman, she spreads her arms
And opens her charms
She said don’t stop until you get enough
If you hold on tight and you can have all this good stuff

I’m trapped, I’m caught up
In the middle of a two-way love affair
I’m trapped, I’m caught up
In the middle of a two-way love affair...

Southern Soul Paradise

J. Blackfoot - "Taxi"

This is a fantastic classic!  "Taxi" came out in the early '80s and this song is still as pretty now as it was then.  It's a lovely story about a man who is trying to get his girl back.  Touching words and a great voice to a beautiful song.  J. Blackfoot is a dynamic singer and sounds as good live as he does on his records.  Back in the day, he sang with the Barkays for awhile and was the lead singer with the Soul Children (and they had amazing hits).  He's still doing well all these years later.  (Check out "Mr. Bus Driver" on my September 15 post and "Just One Lifetime" on the August 14 one.)  "Taxi" will take you back and bring good memories to mind.  Always loved this song!!

Taxi, take me to the other side of town
Just as fast as you can
Taxi, before my lady puts me down
Please won’t you hurry
Can’t you see she's got me worried
I don’t want to lose her love
I don’t want to lose her
The cross town is too slow
Hitchhiking is a no no
She’s all I’m thinking of, all I’m thinking of
Taxi, I’ve got some patching up to do
Yes I have now
Taxi, like a fool I broke her heart in two
Sho’ didn’t mean to do it now
So start your meter running
And get your engine humming
I just want to see her
Just want to see her
Put the pedal to the medal
There’s this matter I’ve got to settle
I’ve deceived her and oh I know it grieves her

Taxi, take me to my baby’s place
Just as fast as you can
Taxi, don’t get me there too late
Sho’ don’t want to lose her
The freeway will be quicker
Her new love is coming to get her
I’m going out of mind
Going out of my mind
She’s my reason for living
And this is why I’m willing
To run red lights, stop signs
Just as long as I get there on time

Taxi, take me to the other side of town
Just as fast as you can
Taxi, before my lady puts me down
I don’t want to lose her love                                                             
Southern Soul Paradise

O. B. Buchana - "I Want Both of You"

I really love O.B. Buchana and enjoy listening to his music but "I Want Both of You" always gets to me.  It's one of those songs where I love the melody but I'm just not too crazy about the words.   I think it takes a lot of nerve for a man to tell his woman and his wife that he wants both of them.  I still say ladies, if you're in this situation, tell your man to make a decision; if it's not you, walk away and find someone who deserves you.  Here are some of the words:

Me and my woman was getting it on one night
When my wife came up and touched me
She had me dead to the right
I was so ashamed I could have fell through the floor
When I looked up and saw my wife standing in the door
I tried to come up with something to say
But seems like the words just wouldn’t come my way
All of a sudden I jumped up in the bed
And these are the words that came to my head

I want both of you
Yes I do
I want my wife and my woman too
I want both of you
Yes I do
I want to have my cake and eat it too

I know some of you’re saying that that can’t be real
But I got to express myself to let them know how I really feel
It would have sounded better to say something else
But all I would have been doing is just fooling myself
My wife looked at me like I was a fool
And the look my woman gave me, ya’ll it wasn’t so cool
But I told the both of them, you might as well get along
Cause I’m not gonna leave my woman
And I’m sure not gonna leave home
Sorry O.B., but ladies, walk away!
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, September 5, 2011

J. Blackfoot - "Mr. Bus Driver"

I saw J. Blackfoot perform live about two years ago - he sounds just like his records and puts on a fantastic show.  Remember when he was with the Soul Children?  "Mr. Bus Driver" reminds me a lot of his classic, back-in-the-day song, "Taxi."  I think he has such a sexy voice and this is just a really great song.  You can tell that this man is so tired of living the way he's been living and he's taken about all he can take.  It's not a good thing to get that tired.  No matter how much you love someone, you can't make that person love you.

Left the key on the table for the last time tonight
Left the car parked in the drive
Left a note on the mirror saying girl, I’m gone for good
Cause I’m tired of living this life
See I don‘t know where I’m headed
But I got to get the hell up out of here
I know time after time I said it
But this time let me make it perfectly clear
I ain’t taking nothing with me
Not even those memories
Let the past, be the past
There ain’t nothing left here for me

Mr. Bus Driver, just let me ride to the end of the line
You see, I still love her, but I ain’t going back this time

No more lying next to you, feeling all alone
Knowing what we should be doing
You already did before you got home
I’m tired of telling my friends
Everything at home is alright
And I’m tired of drinking myself to sleep
Night after night

But this time I don’t need no transfer
I don’t care where you’re going
Just a one-way ticket to anywhere
Will you please save a seat for me
My poor heart is tired of breaking
But this time I’ve got to go
So keep going straight ahead
Cause I ain’t coming back no more

Oh no, don’t stop here, I need to go further
This is the same spot I saw you with another
I don’t care where you take me
Just as long as you take me straight out of town
Just keep going straight ahead because I won’t be turning around
Southern Soul Paradise

O.B. Buchana - "Just Because He's Good To You"

There's a deep message in this O.B. Buchana song.  He's saying that love is so much deeper than material things.  Just because someone buys you pretty things, don't get it twisted with what love really is.  Don't make the mistake of throwing everything away for those tangible things.  Just because he's good to you doesn't mean he's good for you.  Amen brother.

You say you’re leaving
Because you found true love
And he’s coming in an hour, baby
To pick you up
You said I can never be yours
Because of the way he makes you feel
He buys you expensive jewelry and things
But that’s not real
I know you’re a woman
A woman with needs
But there’s more to love, baby
Than fancy clothes and things
Someone who looks good
May not be all they appear to be
But oh baby, I can’t believe
You’re gonna walk out on me
Just because he’s good to you
Doesn’t mean he’s good for you....
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tyrone Davis - "Carried Away"

Imagine a house party, blue lights in the basement, the pace slowing down a little bit, and Tyrone coming through the speakers with "Carried Away."  Oh yes!!!  This is another one of those songs that I played for hours when I was traveling up and down the road.  Twelve years later and my kids, who were young and trapped within the confines of the car, can still sing this song as well as I can! "Carried Away" is probably my most favorite Tyrone Davis song.  Now, I've got a lot of favorites of his, but this is awfully close to the top.  I LOVE this song and can still, easily, play it about ten times straight.  All Tyrone was trying to do was get home to his wife but he got distracted when their song came on the air.  Must have been some mighty good thoughts!!  Oh I just, baby, got carried away!!

Hey girl, now I know you’ve been waiting for me much too long
But I got caught up in traffic, one turn I made was wrong
You see the deejay on the radio was playing our song
And I was reminiscing of the day that past and gone
Oh I just, baby, I got carried away

And before I knew it
I was ten miles out of the way
My mind was filled with thoughts
Sweet thoughts of yesterday
Of the time when you took my hand
And made me feel just like a man
Of a time when you took a hold
And thrilled my very soul
Oh I just, baby, I got carried away

To 94, said the highway sign
I should be home by now
Home just in time
To lay her down to sleep
And pray the lord her soul to keep
Love oh love oh love

By the time I got started
In the right direction
The deejay on the radio
Was playing another selection
But our song was still on my mind
Memories lingered on, of how you have been so kind
Oh I just, baby, I got carried away

Thinking about the times when you were so good to me
Oh I just, baby, I got carried away, sweet baby
And before I knew it, I was ten miles out of the way
And I was wondering, would you believe me when I say
Oh I just...

What an awesome love song!
Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - "A Real Mother For You"

I heard this song during All Blues Saturday on WDLT in Mobile, Alabama (check them out at - they have an awesome show).  And while I never would have placed this as southern soul, it is one of my all-time favorites from the late '70s.  I adored this entire album by the late, great Johnny "Guitar" Watson.  Love is a real mother for you, makes you wanna run for cover!  What a legendary record!!!
My goodness, too cold!  Cold blooded, cold blooded, I'm telling you the truth!  Now let me stop here at this gas station, give me three gallons of low lead, can't afford nothing else. Better stop and get me two hot dogs and a strawberry soda!

Southern Soul Paradise

Friday, September 2, 2011

Shirley Brown - "I Don't Wanna Leave"

I’m a Curtis Mayfield fan and I love “I Don’t Wanna Leave” which was made to the music of his song, "So In Love" (listen to it if you can, it is a beautiful record).  In this song, Shirley tells a story about her love for her man. They’ve been together for five years but they've had problems for the last two.  She can’t take it anymore and has come to the realization that she’s got to be real with herself. It’s great advice and although it might be hard, you have to do what you know is best for you. Like she says, she doesn’t want to leave, but she just can’t stay. Towards the end, however, you hear her trying to hold on as long as she can and tells him, with tears in her eyes, that he better show her love before it’s too late. You know we always try to keep hope alive.

I don’t wanna leave
But I can’t stay
I just can’t be a fool no more

I don’t wanna go, but
It ain’t no other way
I just can’t do it

See I done put up with a lot of things
From you cheating with other women
To you mistreating me
And I just want to know
What was all of that for baby
But I came to a conclusion
And I’ve got to be real with myself
No, it ain’t my goal to hurt you, baby
But I done made up my mind

Now see that’s five years I’ve been with you
But the last two years we had problems
You think you can do what you want to do, baby
And I’m supposed to understand
See, now I’ve got some sense about me
Not a fool no more
So you can cook your own dinner, baby
And you can wash your own clothes

See I can walk away and be alright with this
Cause my lovin’ I know you’re gonna miss
You think she’s what you want, baby
But I’m just what you need
So if you think I’m gonna be crying
I’m tired of your cheating and lying
What you give is what you get
You traded sugar for mess

Beautiful song, Shirley!
Southern Soul Paradise