Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marvin Sease - "Sit Down On It"

My son's girlfriend looked at me in disbelief as she listened to the words of this great Marvin Sease record that I was playing.  It probably didn't help that I had the volume turned up and was dancing along with the music!  I mean, this is grown folks music and it's good stuff!  I guess "sit down on it and ride it like a pony" isn't exactly what you expect anybody's parent to say.  (smile)  "Sit Down On It" is one of my favorite Marvin Sease songs - and I have many.  You have to look beyond the lyrics and listen to the music - it's good and will make you move!  Speaking of the lyrics, though, I'm not real sure about the third line of the chorus.  My sister and I have gone 'round and 'round about the words we think we hear and now I think the lyrics I've written for that line are wrong and she's right!  And if he's saying what we think he's saying - uh oh - I won't repeat it!!! (smile)  I'd love to hear your comments!!!

By the way, this song is in response to Theodis Ealey's "Stand Up In It" - see my post dated 2/19/2012.

Come on, come on
Every time I turn my radio on
I hear this cute little song just trotting along
Giving out instructions how lovers should get it on
Now I must admit, it’s a cute little song
But don’t let the instructions lead you wrong
They say you ought to stand up in it
But if you really want to know the best way to get it

Let her sit down on it
Ride it like a pony
Boy let up on it
Long as she wants it
Let her sit down on it
Ride it like a pony
Boy let up on it, long as she wants it

Now my baby likes a pony ride
So I let her ride until she’s satisfied
Stand up in it, might be cool
But you don’t want to run out of juice before she gets through
When she sits down on it
You just play it cool
Let her have her way till she gets through


My baby likes a pony ride
Hi ho Silver, baby ride, ride, ride
Let her sit down on it
Ride it like a pony
Boy let up on it
Long as she wants it

Chorus (repeat)
Marvin has an unmistakable voice
  and I love him.
Hi ho Silver, baby ride ride ride
Southern Soul Paradise

Johnnie Taylor - "What Good Is A Man"

Johnnie Taylor is one of the most amazing balladeers ever.  Yes, ever.  "What Good Is A Man" is beautiful love song that starts with him begging.  His girl has left him and although he's been calling and leaving messages, he hasn't heard from her.  Have you ever been in a situation in which you didn't miss what you had until it was gone?  Sometimes it takes losing someone you love to appreciate that person.

Your telephone‘s ringing
Ain’t nobody home
Baby I’m sorry for all I’ve done wrong
It took you leaving to open my eyes
I can’t live without you
And I realize

What good is a man if not for loving you
What good are these arms if not for holding you
In all this world, I know one thing is true
I can’t be a man if I can’t have you

I’m walking the floor
I can’t sleep at all
If you‘ve got my message then why don’t you call
Don’t tell me that it’s over
Don’t lose your desire
Whoa I’m nothing without you
Don’t put out our fire


Please listen to me
My meaning is clear
For me there is nothing if you can’t be here


In all this world, I know
one thing is true, I can't be
a man if I can't have you.
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Marvin Sease - "Too Good To Be With You"

Marvin said he had to sit his woman down and have a talk with her.  He tells her that he's made up his mind and leaving her because he's much too good to be with her.  In other words, she doesn't deserve him.  Well, well, well.  Girl, what did you do?

I gave you the best of my years
Stayed right there and shedded tears
Fussing at me, staying out all night long
When you know you did me wrong
Promises broken day and night
You wouldn’t do right to save your life
I can’t take no more, I've got to go
Don’t try to stop me
Cause it won’t work

I’m too good, too good to be with you
I think I’m too good, too damn good to be with you

Misery that’s all you gave
Headaches, nothing but pain
I really tried to stay with you
But you wouldn’t do nothing I asked you to
Playing games that’s all you do
You can talk the talk
But you can’t walk the walk
I’m leaving you, this time I’m gone
I think that I can make it on my own


Now, I’m not trying to cause problems in nobody’s home, no I’m not
And most of all, I’m not trying to break up nobody’s home
But I’ve got a question I want to ask everybody
Am I the only one feel like this?
If you feel the way I do, I want everybody to lift their voices
And sing with everybody else

Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, February 20, 2012

Stan Mosley - "Your Wife is My Woman"

Stan Mosley is caught in an interesting three-way dilemma here. The song starts with a guy dialing back to a phone that has called his house three times.  He's curious and wants to know who's been calling - wouldn't you want to know the same? A man answers the phone and when he asked him if he just called his house, this guy has the nerve to tell him that your wife is my woman; she sleeps with me and she sleeps with you. What??? Then he says, you're a good provider but I'm a good lover.  She needs us both, my brother, what are we gonna do?  What???  My brother!  Oh no!  And the kicker is the question, "what are we gonna do?"  I wanted him to say what do you mean, what are we gonna do?  I would love to have heard the answer to that!  I tell you, I don't quite understand it when the the other man or the other woman is willing to share with the husband or wife.  There's a problem with that picture.  But it makes a good song.  (smile)

I'm a huge Stan Mosley fan and I just love his voice.  I think you'll like this song.

Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Theodis Ealey - "Stand Up In It" and "I Wanna Be Your Friend"

This Mississippi native started playing guitar when he was only four years old!  Read more about his life on his website -

"Stand Up In It" has become a classic in the southern soul world but I tell you, it is most definitely adult music.  Theodis says that this song is for all you wanna be players, wanna be pimps, wanna be mack daddys, or whatever you call yourself.   He was talking to an old woman one day and she gave him the lowdown on life.  She goes on to say that men think they know what women want but the truth about the whole thing is they really don’t.  Well said!  She says that for all you wanna be lovers, there's something you need to know.  She said she had a man who thought he was the greatest lover, but when you add it all up he was only a five-minute brother!  Whew!  She said you haven't done a doggone thing until you stand up in it!! Classic!  The words are on the video - enjoy!

I was fortunate to be able to see Theodis Ealey live and he sounds just like his records.  I think this will always be his legacy song.

After “Stand Up In It” played, I just so happened to stumble across this song and was totally shocked – it is absolutely beautiful.  Please, please, please listen to this!   It shows that Theodis Ealey is a serious musician.  You can witness his guitar skills, his great voice, and really appreciate his music.  Let me be the one you call on when you need a friend!  Amazing!!  I haven't heard this on the radio but this is the song that needs to be heard! 

Theodis Ealey, tell your people to make sure
this beautiful song gets some airplay!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Jeff Floyd - "Lock My Door"

Have you ever been in a relationship that went so bad that your significant other got fed up and told you that it was time for you to pack your things and go?  This is what happened with Jeff Floyd.  He says that he wasn't perfect but he gave her good love and put a smile on her face.  He treated her like a lady and even though her girlfriends were trying to hit on him, he only wanted her.  This man did all he could for her but he got tired of the games and just couldn't do any more.  Jeff is so through that in the end he tells her to lock the door and put the key under the door mat, under the flower pot, or to just leave it with the next door neighbor.  Anything you have to do to turn in the keys.  Wow, that's pretty bad.  Ladies, it sound like she had a good thing, got caught up, and let this good man go - how could she?  I love Jeff Floyd - listen to his words....

You’ve been taking my love for granted
Girl I’m ‘bout to change my ways
I gave you everything you needed
Now you’re telling your friends you don’t want me
Ah, when you see me talking to another woman
You act just like you’re losing your mind
But they all know you don’t want me no more

So lock my door before you go, please turn in the keys before you go
Lock my door before you go, please turn in the keys before you go

Every time I see you
You’ve got your nose in the air
Maybe you’ve got another love
And he told you he’ll take care of you
Now if you don’t want me, let me go
I’ll be alright, this you know
Before you leave my house, please do me a favor


You don’t know what you do to me
You hurt me so bad, you hur me deep inside
Now if you don’t need me, let me go
Cause I’ll be alright, this you know
And before you leave my house
Please lock my door, lock my door

You see, you hurt me girl
When you told your friends you don’t want me no more
You lied on me, you cheated on me
And now you want to tell everybody “he ain’t no good”
But you see, let me take you back
When you came to me so many years ago
With your head hung down and your hands out
You said you’ve been hurt by love
You don’t want to be hurt no more

So I came from the heart and I told you I’d do the best I can
I ain’t perfect baby so I gave you all of me
I gave you good love, put a smile on your face
Treated you like a lady
And all of your girlfriends trying to get next to me
I turned my back, I wanted you all to myself
Didn’t want nobody else but you baby
But you wanted to act a fool, I don't understand
I'm giving up on you, I'm letting you go
I don’t need you no more
I’ve done all I can for you but it’s over
Now, if you don't want me
Let me go
I'll be alright, this you know!
Southern Soul Paradise

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Johnnie Taylor - "Walk Away With Me"

Instead of running back to him, walk away with me.  Isn't that such a cool line?   In "Walk Away With Me," Johnnie watches the love of his life - who is also a good friend - go through changes with her man.  He wonders how in the world can she trust the guy after the way he's treated her and Johnnie wants her to leave him so she can finally be free.  How can you not love a man who has your best interests at heart?  Johnnie Taylor is the master of southern soul and good music.  His music is timeless and if you're not sure, go back and listen to his songs from his early days all the way until he passed away.  Simply amazing.

Remember all the hurt and pain
And the many times that he said he was going to change
But every time you took him back girl
Not a word was true

But every time that he did you wrong
It was my shoulder that you cried on
If you only give him up girl
And tell him that you’re through

So instead of running back to him
You ought to walk away with me
Instead of running back to him
You ought to walk away with me

I know he claimed this time that he’s for real
He even shedded, yes, a few sorry tears
How can you trust him girl
After the many times he made you blue

When he sees you move with someone else
He gets so jealous , oh he can’t even help himself
Breaking us up girl that’s all he that he’ll do


Are you too blind to see
Oh he’s just jealous of you and me
Are you too blind to see baby
That this is your chance to finally be free


Instead of running back to him,
walk away with me!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Willie Clayton - "Stop Running From Love"

If you've ever been hurt by love, you'll relate to this song.  Willie Clayton is a master at singing ballads and this love song is absolutely beautiful.  Stop running from love and let yourself go!  Powerful!

You say what? You don’t want to try love again?
Well baby I know how you feel
You see I’ve been hurt by love before, too
Yeah but I didn’t give up on love
You see sometime you just meet the wrong person
But don’t stop, you got to keep on keeping on
And everything will be fine

I’ve been here waiting, anticipating
Just for you to come and talk to me
I know that we belong together
You see girl, you don’t have to look no further
I’m gonna give you a special kind of love
It’s yours sweet lady, you’re a special girl

Baby stop running from love, baby stop running from love
Stop your running baby and just let yourself go

I know you’ve been hurt, I can see hurt in your eyes
But I promise you lady I’m going to treat you right
Cherish you and love every day and all through the night
I’m gonna love you baby, I’m gonna make it right yeah
I’m your king sitting on the throne
You’ll be my queen, you can have everything I own


See I told you you’d be fine if you would just let yourself go
All men are not dogs, oh yeah you’ll find a good one
In every hundred thousand left there are some good men
Just like there are some good women left

I’m gonna give you a special kind of love because you lady
You’re my special kind of girl


Simply beautiful!
Southern Soul Paradise

T.K. Soul - "Cheating and Lying"

T.K. Soul is at the top of my favorites list.  I have his CDs on my iPod and when I travel, I just let them roll.  On this song, he says he knows when something's wrong and he knows when things are alright.  Isn't that true?  When you're in a relationship, you can tell if there's a shift in what's going on - you get this feeling.  What makes it so bad on this song is that he catches her with another man and she still looked him in the eye and told him she wasn't cheating.  Big time denial!  Men and women, please don't insult your partner's intelligence.  Be for real and respect him or her.

On this youtube post, the lyrics are on the video but here are a few words:

I asked my woman, one night in bed, are you cheating on me?
And this is what she said
I put it on my mama, I ain’t cheating on you
I put it on our children, I ain’t cheating on you
I swear to God, I ain’t cheating on you
Knowing all the time she was cheating and lying

Two last things:
1.  Don't swear to God.
2.  Don't swear a lie to God.
Southern Soul Paradise

Jeff Floyd - "Let's Get It On"

I’m going to make it right if it takes the rest of my life!  This is a smooth and classy song, just right for a party.  Jeff Floyd is a master at putting you in the groove and I love his music.  Take the time and listen to "Let's Get It On" and let me know what you think.

Let’s get it on, let’s make it right
We have to pull this thing off somehow tonight
I didn’t mean to hurt you, you know I love you
And I’m going to make it up to you the rest of my life

If you pick up any of his CDs, you'll
enjoy every song.
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sir Charles Jones - "Happy Anniversary"

Sir Charles was born in Akron, Ohio, but was raised in Birmingham, Alabama.  He is one of the younger faces on the "Southern Soul" scene but has already made a tremendous impact on the industry.  I've also read that he taught himself how to write, arrange, and produce his own music.  A very talented man!  "Happy Anniversary" is a nice ballad and I'm sure it is played a lot for wedding and other anniversaries.  These are the words of a man in love and thankful for what he has.  It is so beautiful hearing this from a man!

Seven long years I had the joy of being with you
So many good years we’ve been together, yeah
For a long time and today’s our anniversary baby
And I just want to say happy anniversary
For the many good years baby, happy anniversary
Oh I enjoyed it, happy anniversary
Happy anniversary baby
Happy anniversary

Seven long years we’ve been together
Through the storms and the rain, the joys and the pain
We’ve been together
And if I had to do it all again
I wouldn’t change one thing, baby
I’d live every day of my life with you

And I can’t see, no, living life without you
Don’t know where I would be if I had to live without you
And I pray every day and night on my knees
Lord thank you for the pretty little girl
And thank you for this day

Happy anniversary, oh Lord I do thank you
Happy anniversary
It’s me and you, you gave me my pretty little baby
Happy anniversary, happy anniversary
Happy anniversary

You see I remember the day we traded vows
I still see your father giving you away as we traded vows
And every day of my life’s been so wonderful
I don’t know what I’d do without you

And I know we’re gonna make it, make it baby
Cause I feel God has chosen us to make it baby
A life so sweet between you and me
Oh I just thank you baby for everything


Southern Soul Paradise

Lamorris Williams/Al Green - "You Make Me Happy"

Lamorris Williams is one of my favorite younger southern soul artists - see my posts dated 11/17/2011 and 1/2/2012.  Here's a 30-second clip of one of his new songs with Al Green called "You Make Me Happy."  I will warn you in advance, this 30 seconds is NOT enough!  I needed more and cannot wait until this is released.  Check this out:

I'm still waiting for someone to post Lamorris' "Body Roll" on youtube.......

Southern Soul Paradise

Southern Soul Radio - FLJ

If you want to hear southern soul 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, try  Mornings with Funky Larry Jones are my favorite!  Also go to for tons of info you just can't find anywhere else!

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