Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Roy C - "Rock Me All Night"

Ahh, this is an oldie but goodie!  I want you to rock me like my back ain't got no bone!  Roy C is still kicking it so go see him perform if you get a chance.
I want you to rock me all night long!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Peggy Scott Adams - "Cleaning House"

Peggy says that as fine as her man may be, it's not worth it for her to put up with his dirt.  Can you blame her?

I’m cleaning house, I’m throwing out this dirty man
Girls, I’m cleaning house, I’m throwing out this dirty man

A woman has got to be strong
When her man is weak
You throw away a queen he’s got at home
For some tramp in the streets
Phone numbers falling from his pockets
Lipstick's on his shirts
I’m drawing the line this time I’m gonna stop it
I’m taking no more dirt
I’m sweeping the floors and I’m keeping them spic and span
And what I can’t use I’m throwing in the garbage can


No respect is all that I get from this dirty man
I’ve done without things that I need
For as long as I can
He thinks that I am totally stupid and I can’t let him go
His bags are packed this time I’m gonna fool him
I’m changing the locks on the doors
I thought it would hurt but I feel no pain
I’ve wasted a lot of clean water on this dirty man


I’m sweeping the floors and I’m keeping them spic and span
And what I can’t use I’m throwing in the garbage can


He’s the dirtiest man I’ve ever seen
He makes Dirty Harry look like Mr. Clean


Just like Mary the cleaning lady I’m throwing out everything that’s shady
I'm cleaning house - I'm throwing out this dirty man!
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, November 19, 2012

P Love - "Stay Out of Those Streets"

Well, this is southern soul and I'll leave it at that!
Southern Soul Paradise

T. K. Soul - "Where Jody Stays"

This is the first song that I had heard from T. K. Soul and I have been in love with him ever since!
T. K. Soul consistently makes great music.
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Al Green/Willie Clayton - "Simply Beautiful"

I have been an Al Green fan since the early 70's.  I fell in love with him and his music back then and I'm still in love with him. (smile)  I saw him perform when I was a teenager and was fortunate to see him a couple of years ago.  He's still great.  I used to listen to his albums and would play each and every song on one side and then flip it over and play everything on the other side.  I love the fact that he's still performing and it's really cool to hear him partner with southern soul artists like Lamorris Williams (see my posts dated 2/6/2012 and 4/2/2012).  The song "Simply Beautiful" was just that - simply beautiful.  Here's Al Green's version and then Willie Clayton's remake of it.  Willie did a really good job but in my opinion, Al Green is and always will be the best.  Tell me what you think.

Beautiful music!
Southern Soul Paradise

O'Jays - "I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow (Than I Was Today)"

I hadn't heard this 1967 O'Jays song in awhile and although it's not southern soul, I love it.
Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Simone de - I'll Come Running"

Simone de has created an absolutely beautiful song to the melody of one of my favorite Johnnie Taylor records.  His voice is so pretty and this song will make you fall in love all over again.  I'll come running back to you if you come back to me....  So beautiful!!!

I never understood
Why our love wasn’t so good
After trying so hard to get along
Yet we managed oh to break up
Our love we couldn’t wake up
Where did it go girl
All the love that we shared

There were times you did me wrong
Yet I walked away oh I would never do you harm
We used to fuss and fight girl
All the day and night through

But I’ll come running back to you if you come back to me
I’ll come running back to you if you come back to me

I always tried to do good
Tried to do the best that I could
Nothing could please you girl
In spite of all I do
I know you’re seeing
Oh you’re seeing someone else
Go on and help yourself
I’m trying to tell you girl
Don’t let the green grass fool, don’t let it fool you
In his arms he wants to hold
Everything, everything that glitters just ain’t gold
I still love you girl
I hope you still love me, too
I hope you love me, too


It’s hard trying to get along
I can’t make it on my own
What happened girl, can I hear it coming from you


My favorite line - "I hope you still love me, too, I hope you love me, too!"
I'm going to get to the Mobile area one of these days to
see this beautiful man in concert!
Southern Soul Paradise