Monday, May 28, 2012

Jeff Floyd - "Somebody's Gonna Lose A Good Woman"

The voices of Jeff Floyd and William Bell blend together so well and the harmony is so awesome.  Here's a man who is tired of being lonely and sitting by a phone that never rings.  He says he's been working hard all day and he knows that love is going to come his way.  He's not asking for too much and he knows there are some women out there who aren't being treated right.  Notice that he doesn't say he wants any woman; he wants a good one.  (Yoohoo, here I am!)   While this beautiful ballad isn't exactly a begging song, it is simply a song from a man stating a fact - somebody is gonna to lose his good woman to him.  It's kind of a warning to all you guys who aren't treating your women right - watch out, there's a good man out there who will scoop her up and be good to her!

William Bell has been around a long time and you know "I Forgot To Be Your Lover" and some of his other work.  He also has his own record label, "Wilbe Records," and he's doing great things.  Jeff Floyd and William Bell's voices are so good and they sound so much alike that you have to listen closely to hear who's singing. My most favorite part of this song is when William Bell sings 'oh na na na na na na.'

Lately I’ve been thinking that love has passed me by
And I’m so tired of being alone
So I thought I’d give it one last try
So many things I want to do
But I don’t want to do it alone
And I’m out here tonight looking for a good woman
To take home with me and spend the night

Somebody’s gonna lose a good woman tonight
Somebody’s gonna lose a good woman tonight

I work hard all day long and when I get home from my job
I’ve been spending my time alone sitting by the telephone
And it never rings, so I think I’ll join you tonight
Looking for a good woman to treat me right
And when I find somebody
Somebody’s gonna lose a good woman tonight
Repeat 3X

Cause it’s been too long since I held somebody in my arms
A good woman
I’ve been working hard all day but I know love’s gonna come my way
And I wanna say if there’s a woman
With a man that’s doing you wrong
Take a listen to the words while I sing this song
If he treats you bad, makes you sad
Get up, stand up and sing along
I know somebody and if you’re out there somewhere
Stand on up and let me see you
Somebody’s gotta lose
Somebody’s gonna lose a good woman tonight
If you’re out there baby and you need a good man
Stand up and sing along with me, stand up and sing
Oh na na na na na na
Repeat 5X
Looking for a good woman to treat me right
And when I find somebody
Somebody’s gonna lose a good woman tonight!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Latimore - "All You'll Ever Need"

I may not be what you want but I'm all you'll ever need.  This really isn't the song to listen to when you're all alone on a Sunday night but boy is this beautiful.  You have to listen to this amazing Latimore song; it is like pure gold.  Turn up the volume, sit back with someone special, and enjoy.
Simply beautiful! Anything your heart desires, just ask and
it'll be yours!
Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, May 26, 2012

TuneIn and Lewis Dee

If you can’t turn on your radio and listen to southern soul, it's good to know that you have great options. TuneIn allows you to connect your smart phone to tons of radio stations – hook up your USB cord and voila, southern soul out of your car’s speakers.  It’s fantastic.

While using my laptop, no matter where I am, I listen to Lewis Dee on Saturdays on WKXN at You’ll often find stations that play good music, but the on-air personality may be so so. Or, you’ll find a great dee jay, but the music is just ok. With Lewis Dee on Saturday mornings, you’ll find perfection – great music and a fantastic dee jay. His personality shines through and makes you want to listen to him all the time. Lewis Dee is on the air from 6:00 – 9:00 am CST on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturdays, and every Saturday afternoon from noon – 3pm CST.

Now if we can only get SiriusXM Radio to add a southern soul station to their line up – wouldn’t that be great! I’ve made the suggestion to them and hope you will, too. We’ll keep trying until someone hears us!

Southern Soul Paradise

Friday, May 25, 2012

Vick Allen - "I'm Thankful For My Woman On The Side"

Could you turn the volume up on this song at home and play it with your wife - or husband around?  What would she or he say?  Hmm, I know what I would think.  Well Vick, as controversial as the lyrics may be, this is a very pretty ballad.  This guy has been with his wife for awhile and you know how it is when the love loses some of its sparkle.  Instead of trying to revive the marriage like he should, Vick decided that he needed an outside woman to take care of all of his needs - do everything his wife wouldn't do.  You know, she feeds him when he's hungry, squeezes him when he's lonely, and loans him money every time his money gets low.  (What?)  I don't know about you, but this man has a wife and probably kids somewhere, and you can best believe his wife knows what's is going on.  But, in spite of Vick's infidelity, I like this song!  Oh southern soul, you make beautiful music! 

I settled down with my woman a few years ago
I was so deep in love I didn’t want to be a player no more
As time passed on we started drifting apart
But I’m too old to start over again and I don’t want to break her heart
So I found an outside woman who really cares for me
And if it wasn’t for her I don’t know where I’d be
Living with my outside woman is so hard for me to see
Because my woman at home makes me feel so alone
Even when we’re together

I’m thankful for the woman on the side
She’s the one who rubs my back when I’m tired
She makes love to me all night long
When my woman won’t give me none at home
I know it’s wrong but I can’t let her go
She’s got my nose wide open that’s for sure
I’m thankful for my woman on the side

I know my woman’s curious where I’m spending my time
My body is here with her but somebody else has got my mind
She’s my secret lover and she knows how to love me strong
The things that she do to me makes me want to up and leave my home
You see she’s been by my side through my ups and downs
And when the going got rough she turned my world around
I don’t know what to do cause I can’t walk away
I know people are talking about me but all I have to say


When I’m hungry she feeds me
And when I’m lonely she squeezes me
When I need a friend she’s always right there
And when my money gets low she’s right there to loan me some more
And that’s why I’m thankful for my woman on the side

I know it's wrong but I can't let go - reminds me of 'if loving
you is wrong, I don't want to be right!'
Southern Soul Paradise

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Booker T. and the M.G.'s - "Green Onions"

We all know "Green Onions" by Booker T. and the M.G.'s - my dad had the 45 and would jam on this song for the longest time back in the 60's (it was actually released in 1962).  "Green Onions" is a perfect example of the timeliness of good music.  I've never thought about this as a southern soul song, but I've been hearing it just about every day during the southern soul show on Selma's WBFZ.  And, the dee jay even played it in between acts at a recent concert I attended and the whole crowd got up and danced!  My father would be happy to hear this instrumental song making a come back across central Alabama!

For a little trivia, did you know that Booker T. and the M.G.'s were the house band for Stax Records?  Kind of like Motown's Funk Brothers, they played on and produced hundreds of records and also recorded their own music.  The group has a fantastic history and Booker T. Jones, the band's front man, is still recording!

Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Richard Dimples Fields - "She's Got Papers On Me"

What can I say about this classic song by the late, great Richard Dimples Fields?  I'll always love it.  He's singing about the other woman but his wife has papers on him and she'll never set him free.   Did you know that is Betty Wright singing at the end of the song?  As she gives him a piece of her mind, she throws out so many great lines that I have to give you a few of them.  Listen to the song to catch them all.

--Well, well, well, what have we here?
--Let me tell you something, Mr. Look So Good, from now on, this house is where you used to live.
--Don't we look pretty in that suit my money bought?
--I'm not sure, I'm not exactly sure about what you're doing, but I know you're doing something. 
--If I can't be number one, I will not be number two - unless I want to be.   And right now I'm in no mood to be number two.
--You must pay me to be free.
--And I know being with me irks you.
--And you can tell that dizzy broad...
--I'm not going through no more hard times or bad times because I can do bad all by myself.
--Yeah, I've got papers on you but now I'm throwing them in the trash can of my memories.
--Now take your little albums and your little raggedy component set that never worked and you can scat.

This brings back so many good memories!
Southern Soul Paradise

Mel Waiters - "Trying to Walk Away"

This is a pretty song by Mel Waiters.  He is going through some things and his girl is making him crazy.  But no matter how delirious she makes him feel, he knows that it would be too hard to walk away from her.  Mel, hang on in there - tomorrow always brings a better day!

Trying to walk away from your love
It’s gonna be hard

All night long fussing and fighting
Fussing and fighting to the morning light
Your body’s sleep, undressed ?
I’m so delirious you get on my nerves
I should leave but my heart says stay
It’s gonna take a miracle to drive me away

Trying to walk away from your love
It’s gonna be hard
Trying to walk away from your love
It’s gonna be hard

You’ve got me chained, I can’t break free
Tied and tangled, you’ve got the best of me
You say my love is dynamite
I try to touch you but you jump out of sight
I’m caught up in your love caress ?
So defenseless, said I’m under your spell


Baby I love you from the depth of my heart
The silent treatment is tearing me apart
I feel so small you’ve got me climbing the walls

Ii should leave but my heart says stay.
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, May 14, 2012

Denise LaSalle - "Cheat Receipt"

Ah, a cheat receipt.  That is a valuable piece of currency that you can pull out and spend anytime, anywhere.  Oh yes, when your better half messes up, you know and he sure knows that he owes you big time!  Not only that, he's also afraid you're going to do the same thing he did.  In the chorus, Denise says that she thinks her man is scared of her; he knows that she has a cheat receipt and he's just hoping that she doesn't cash it in.  And now that he messed up, he's acting so differently now, coming home at 6:00, making love by candlelight, calling to see if you need anything, etc.  You really have to use that to your advantage - you know what I mean.  It's all good!

I think my baby’s scared of me
He knows I’ve got a cheat receipt
He’s hoping I don’t cash it in
That’s why he’s acting so different

I caught my man creeping
Out in the street
And now I’m kind of thinking
He’s afraid of me
He said I need to forgive and I did
There’s something strange has happened to him
It seems he’s doing all he can
Just to keep my mind off another man
It’s a brand new him but the same old me
And I know he’s hoping I don’t creep


He don’t work late no more
Six o’clock he’s stepping through that door
Sometimes he even calls and says
Baby do you need anything at all
Each and every night
We’re making love by candlelight
He knows he’s done me wrong
But says he’s gonna make everything alright
It’s a brand new him but the same old me
And I know he’s hoping I don’t creep


Somebody out there listening to me
You caught your man out on the creep
Oh Mary don’t you weep
Girlfriend you’ve got a cheat receipt
Tell me, can you explain
Why a man causes so much pain
But as soon as the tables turn
He can’t even stand the burn


I think my man's scared of me, he knows I've got a
cheat receipt!!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shirley Brown - "Too Much Candy"

Shirley's saying what a whole lot of women have felt before.  You know how it is.  You do all that you can for your man, you give him everything, and then you wonder why that isn't enough.  Do we give too much?  I don't think so.  I think that men - and women - sometimes let all of those good things go to our heads and we can't see what's right in front of us.  We get too much of a good thing and we just don't know how to act.  In "Too Much Candy," Shirley says that she gives her guy every possible thing (like 16 flavors) and there's no reason for him to have a one night stand.  She tells him that she knows he's been sneaking around and that he needs to make up his mind - he can't have his cake and eat it too.  Tell it girl, tell it.

Too much candy sure ain’t good for you
You’ve got sweet loving at home
So leave them outside women alone

Baby your love is so bitter sweet
You love me so good baby then you treat me so mean
I give you good lovin like nobody else can
There ain’t no reason for your one night stand
You’ve been sneaking with a woman on the side
But if you want my love baby
You’ve got to make up your mind


You’re like a baby in a candy store
The more love I give you the more love you want
I’ve done everything I know to please you
But you can’t have your cake baby and eat it too
You’ve been sneaking with a woman on the side
But if you want my love you’ve got to make up your mind


You better check yourself
Before you wreck yourself
Repeat 3X

Too much candy sure ain’t good for you
Repeat 3X

You see I’ve got all your sweet candy
Guaranteed to please
I’ve got 16 different flavors
So tell me what more do you need
Too much candy sure ain't good for you!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Marvin Sease - "Candy Licker"

Candy Licker is Marvin Sease's trademark song and it is definitely, definitely a classic.  So many artists have copied him and referred to candy licker in a countless number of songs over the years - solid proof that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Not only is this song a classic, it kind of revolutionized the whole southern soul world.  The x-rated lyrics stirred up a lot of controversy but "Candy Licker" withstood the test of time.  Marvin created so much fantastic music in his lifetime but words can't really describe this song that was so much a part of who Marvin Sease was.  It will go down in history.

I just want to be, eight days a week, your candy licker, girl.
Southern Soul Paradise

Will Easley - "Don't You Like It"

Ah, Will Easley is so smooth!  "Don't You Like It" is a slow, blue lights-in-the-basement type of song.  He has a sexy voice and even though this is adult music, it's a really pretty song.  The melody is nice and his voice is great - he could sing it to me anytime!

Don’t you like when I make love to you
Don’t you like the way I make you feel
Tell me now don’t be scared of me
Don’t you like it, don’t you like it
Baby your friends are right
I’m crazy about you; I don’t know what it is
But I hope you feel the same way I do
Because I’m hooked on loving you, yes I am
When I look in your eyes they take me somewhere
I don’t know what it is but I’d like to go there
So girl don’t be afraid don’t move that way
I’ll do what you want me to do
Just scream out my name
When I hit a good spot for you
Don’t you like the things I do

Don’t you like when I make love to you
Don’t you like the way I make you feel
Tell me now, don’t be scared of me
Don’t you like it, don’t you like it

Baby it’s Friday night
And I don’t want to go nowhere
I just want to spend a little time with you alone
So turn down the telephone baby, come sit right here beside me
I need your love
I’ll light the candles while you pour some champagne
And it don’t even matter if the doorbell rings
Cause I’m not gonna answer while I’m laying here beside you
I’ll always be here for you

Just increase the motion when I hit a good spot
For you, oh baby, oh girl
Don’t be afraid to say you love me
Don’t be afraid to do the things you really want to do
I really love you


Do you like when I move side to side
And give you all the love I have
Don’t you like the way I make you feel lady
Tell me now don’t be scared of me
Don’t you like it, don’t you like it

Good southern soul music!
Southern Soul Paradise