Monday, May 30, 2011

Kenne' Wayne - A&B Conversation

I love a song that sparks a good debate! This song starts with the ringing of the telephone - the other woman is calling to talk to Kenne'.  Already you know there's going to be a problem.  His wife answers and it’s all downhill from there.  I never quite understand why the other woman has to call the wife.  Seems like the guy should take care of business and do the right thing.  But, I digress... the other woman tells the wife that she's the woman he runs to when he makes his late night creep...that is so wrong.  The wife tries to get Kenne' to come to the phone so he can straighten things out.  But, this is what he says:
It’s an A&B conversation
And I’m going to C my way out of it
It’s an A&B conversation
And that excludes me.

Come on Kenne', you can do better than that.  Now, the girlfriend knows where everything is around the house, his birthmark, etc. He still denies it all and says that the girl may have been in the house but you know that didn’t mean that he opened the door. What????  I know you've got a better lie than that one!!!  Ladies, would you believe that one?  His wife says:

Well Kenne', I love you, I ain’t accusing you of doing no wrong
But I’m starting to get suspicious because you refuse to come and answer this phone.

And then Kenne' says:
Woman, woman, I’m not trying to run away,
But I’m as innocent as can be
And what ya’ll talking about on that phone
Ain’t got a damn thing to do with me
So hang it up, hang it up.

Oh, my brother, you're in hot water.  I could keep talking forever about this record.  I love it!!  In spite of Kenne's denial, this song has a very pretty melody and Charlene Howard's voice is absolutely beautiful.  This is on my list of classics.

Southern Soul Paradise

Daddy B. Nice's Guide

One of my favorite sites for everything you want to know about southern soul is Daddy B. Nice's Guide to Today's Top Chitlin Circuit Rhythm and Blues Artists -  It's clear that he does a whole lot of research and knows what he's talking about. Check out the site.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Smokey Robinson - Share

I've never thought about Smokey Robinson as a southern soul singer, but I don't get it - southern soul stations are the only stations I hear playing this song!   I love it!!  I am also an R&B fan and my love for Smokey goes way back to the late 60s/early 70s.  This song has been remade by others but it is just an awesome dance song and Smokey sings it like no one else can.  Come on baby, share this life with me!!!

The quality of music on this video may not be that great, but it's all good.

This song makes you move!! Enjoy!
Southern Soul Paradise

Lebrado - I'm Missing You Babe

Lebrado is one talented man!!!  I'm Missing You Babe is a tale of loss.  He has lost his woman and his life just isn't the same.  I love the opening lines when he says: "Ah girl, when I first saw your face I knew I’d never find another that would ever take your place."  And then later on, he says:  "When you packed up and walked away, there was nothing I could say; I knew I made a mistake."  Here are the lines from the chorus - I can't help but sing along with him:
I’m missing you babe
Is it too late
I miss those good old days
Before you went away

I’m missing you babe
Is it too late
I miss those good old days
When love was ok

Later on, he says…
I got tears falling from my eyes cause your love made me cry
Cause I love you when there’s no doubt that I’ve been hurting ever since you walked out on me

This is a pretty, smooth-sounding song and I really like it.  It grows on you and sooner or later it gets under your skin!  (smile)

Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Carl Sims - I Like This Place

I enjoy songs I can relate to and I love everything about this song.  I like music that everyone can listen to - songs you're not too embarrassed to play in front of your mom or your kids!  You know what I mean.  This is a dance song with a good beat.  All Carl wanted to do was get out of the house and relax somewhere.  He goes by this club and he could smell the food cooking so he just followed his nose.  I like when he says no teeny boppers were there and everyone was grown.  Now that's what I'm talking about!  There's nothing like finding somewhere really good; somewhere you can say, I like this place.  Here are a few words:
It wasn’t nothing but a party
You know it put a smile on my face
Good cold drinks and good music
Everything was just my taste
I like this place
And you know, I’m coming back again
I like this place
And you know, you’re gonna see me again

I love Seventeen Days and I love
this song, too!
Southern Soul Paradise

Friday, May 27, 2011

Roy C - If I Could Love You Forever

Talk about classics, this is it.  Can you believe this song came out way back in 1975?  I still love it!  This was my first Roy C song and I always turn up the music whenever it's played.  It is really a beautiful love song, I mean, don't you want someone to tell you if he or she could love you forever?  I don't know about you, but I do!!  In one line towards the end, Roy C says "I think about the way she loves me, makes me want to scream..."  Woohoo!!!  Here are a few words:
If I, oh I, could love you forever
Oh if I, oh I, could kiss you forever
My nights wouldn’t be so lonely, baby
My days wouldn’t be so blue, ooh honey
And whenever I want to make love to somebody
All I have to do is run to you.

Good memories - enjoy!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Queen Emily

Queen Emily has a fabulous voice and there are two of her songs that I absolutely adore:  Still Crazy and Just Got Started Loving You.   I will post them as soon as I can find them!!  This talented lady was on season three of America's Got Talent and her voice is something else.  I've never heard her music on R&B stations but southern soul knows what a gem she is and play her faithfully.  If you see her music posted before I do, please let me know. Thanks!!

Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Smokey Robinson - Quiet Storm

I had to deviate from southern soul for a quick second and add this amazing song to Paradise.  Beautiful!

Southern Soul Paradise

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Carl Marshall - Good Love Will Make You Cry

Good loving will make you cry.  Well, what do you think?  Do you agree?  Carl Marshall says that he knew a young guy who wanted to be a player.  He finally met and fell in love with that special someone - a girl who just so happened to have been married three times and had three kids, one from each marriage.  But love is love....  Carl says that when you're making love and the tears don't fall then you're not getting it all.... Listen to these words:

Good loving, good loving, it’ll make you cry
When it’s good, it’ll make you cry,
Good loving will make you cry, it’ll make you cry
If you’ve never been to the crying zone
Then someone is not turning you on
This is true, it can be for you
When you‘re making love and tears don’t fall,
I’m telling you you’re not getting it all
Talk about slap-your-mama type of love!
I love this southern soul song.
Southern Soul Paradise

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garland Green - Jealous

This is also for my sisters - it's the "other" Jealous Kind of Fella.

Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mel Waiters - Make You Fall In Love With Me

I can’t wait to see Mel Waiters in concert again.  Whether he’s the headliner or not, he is the star performer of every show he does.  This song is so amazing and it is a beautiful, beautiful love song.

***They have, unfortunately, removed this from youtube - I'll replace it as soon as I can.***

Southern Soul Paradise

Little Royal - Jealous

This song is for my sisters - it will bring back memories!!!!  Woohoo!  I heard this this morning on Southern Soul Radio and when I hear songs like this, I realize that I have loved southern soul for a long, long time.  Little Royal talks so fast, but here are some of his words:

I’m not jealous because I’m mean, I’m jealous because I love you. And I don’t want nobody else to have you….
How many of you women out there that have been in love before, you know the minute you love that someone so much that there was nothing in the world that you wouldn’t do for them. You’d cook their food, put it on the table for them, wash their dirty clothes - nothing in the world you that wouldn’t do for their love. But deep down in your heart you know that that someone don’t care a doggone thing about you. Now, you can’t help but cry sometime. But you know what, if you see them with someone else, you know you love them, you know you got to be jealous of them because when you love someone, you don’t want nobody else to have your love and that’s why I’ve got to stand up today, baby, and tell you something like this….I’m so jealous.

So many memories for me.  Enjoy!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Omar Cunningham - The Beauty Shop

Omar Cunningham's been singing for awhile and this is my favorite song of his.  It's really a song about what happens when you tell your business to your so-called friends.  His girlfriend comes home mad one day and this is what she has to say:

Just the other day, I was out getting my hair done
And in came a woman, she started talking to me
About who’s doing good and who’s doing bad
What they got and what they had
And I finally realized she was talking about me
Now how in the hell did this get out
What’s going on inside my house
Somebody’s been talking
And it sho wasn’t me

This song has a beautiful southern soul melody.  I love Omar’s running commentary throughout the song.  He is right on time with every comment he makes.  My all-time favorite one is when he says, “See, that sounds like something your mama would have said.”  Here's the chorus:

The beauty shop is putting our business all in the street
Talking about us, talking about you, talking about me.

This song has a good message.  Whatever happens in your house, let it stay there!
Southern Soul Paradise

T.K. Soul - Zydeco Bounce

I love T.K. Soul!!  In this song, he introduces southern soul to zydeco and what a relationship it is!  This is an amazing dance song that's contagious and I love it. 
Here we go,
Here we go,
Here we go,
Southern soul meet zydeco

And everyone wants to know about zydeco.  Not only is this a great dance song, it's a great line dance and he shows you what to do:
Kick Right, right, right, right,
Left, left, left, left
Right, left, right, left
Bounce, bounce, bounce bounce

Woohooo!  Turn the volume up on this and dance!!!

Southern Soul Paradise

Quinn Golden - Bottoms Up

There are really no earth shattering lyrics here, but this is a nice, mellow dance song and is great to play during any kind of party.  It's the kind of song that you'll like instantly and has a southern soul feel to it.  I like when he says that once the music hits, you've got to move your feet.  I know what he's talking about!
Here are a few lines:
We are here to have a good time
Bottoms up
Drinking liquor and sippin wine
Bottoms up
When we get mellow,
That’s when the fun begins
Bottoms up, bottoms up,
Get your booty on the dance floor
And move it any way you can

Bottoms up
And get on down
Shake that booty
All around
Bottoms up
Get on down
Shake that booty
All around...

You're going to enjoy this!
Southern Soul Paradise

Lenny Williams - Cheatin' on the Cheatin'

You know Lenny Williams from the 70's classic R&B hit, Cause I Love You.  That song is as good today as it was back then.  But this song, Cheatin' on the Cheatin,' is definitely southern soul and it has a nice, catchy beat that will make you wanna move.  It's a song about a married guy who has a married girlfriend, and he's shocked that she would be cheating on him with her husband.  He has the nerve to say, "I can't believe you gave your husband what was mine."  Now, that's just wrong on so many levels....but I still love the song!  (smile)
Check out these words:
Oh baby, oh baby
You’ve been cheatin’ on me
We’ve been together for 13 long years
We had a lot of laughter
And we shed a few tears
You’ve got your husband girl and I’ve got my wife
But we promised to be true to each other for the rest of our lives

I met a man a few hours ago,
We shared some beers down by the liquor store
He got drunk and started talking about his love life
He said some things that made me feel like I was stuck with a knife.

You can probably figure out the rest of the story.  Listen to Lenny-Cause-I-Love-You-Williams!

Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Linda Jones - Hypnotized and For Your Precious Love

You probably aren't familiar with the name Linda Jones, but I'm sure you know some of her music.   Although these two songs aren't really southern soul, they are absolutely beautiful love songs.  She has an outstanding voice and she sings these songs like she means it. 

Please bear with me as I do something a little different for a second.  These is fabulous music - listen to the words.

***Youtube has, unfortunately, removed most versions of this song but here is one of "Hypnotized" - the quality may not be great but it's all good!***

Southern Soul Paradise

Ronnie Lovejoy - Sho Wasn't Me

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and this song is solid proof of that.  It has been remade by so many.  Not only that, how many times have you used the line, "If you didn't come up and touch me, then it sho wasn't me!"  Ronnie Lovejoy says it's all just a case of mistaken identity.  He tells his wife that he could give an alibi but he knows she's just going to call him a liar.  He starts the song like this:
You say your sister saw me
Coming out the Holiday Inn
And the woman that I was with
Used to be your best friend
Well she must need glasses
Because that sho wasn’t me
Your sister's got a bad case
Of mistaken identity...

Hmmm.  Ladies, you know you trust your sister.  :)  And then he starts talking and he's making a good point and you start believing him:
I’ve been accused, oh so many times
All these women you’re giving me, they can’t all be mine
Say their husbands are coming in the front door and I’m running out the back
It couldn’t be me cause I wasn’t raised like that.
These women are jealous, lying about the things I do
And even the fellows, they’re lying on me, too
They’ll do me wrong at the drop of a hat
Well all I’ve got to say is this about that!

But, it always goes back to these two verses:
If you didn’t see my face, then I sho wasn’t there
You can say all you want about me, go on baby, I don’t care
You can put me anywhere, anywhere you want me to be
But if you didn’t come up and touch me,
Then it sho wasn’t me.

You didn’t find my drawers beside nobody’s bed
You didn’t find my hat, I still got my hat on my head
You say you saw somebody who looked exactly like me
If you didn’t come up and touch me, then it sho wasn’t me.

This is wonderful southern soul from the late, great, legendary Ronnie Lovejoy.
Southern Soul Paradise