Friday, September 28, 2012

Simone De - "Feel So Good"

Yes, this is the music from Karen Wolfe's "If You're Man Enough To Leave," but it is a totally different song.  Simone De (with his fine self), one of Mobile's best kept secrets, has a huge hit with "Feel So Good."  See my entry dated August 6 for more information.

When I think about the love you give
All the good lovin’ down through the years
When I lay with you and close my eyes
Oh baby the feeling I feel inside
The love you give from head to toe
Sometime I just can’t take it no more

It feels so good when you’re loving somebody
It feels so good when you’re loving someone

I get all excited, I stand up straight, oh baby
I never forget the look on your face

It’s hard to explain how you do me baby
Like you do, yes you do, what you do, you still do

Take my hand, come with me baby to love land
Let me show you how sweet it can be
Giving your love to me

When you’re loving me, just hold on tight
You know the ride will be out of sight
When I hear you calling, calling my name
You don’t have to be ashamed
I love you baby from head to toe
You won’t be able to take it no more

Love me baby, love me right
I’m gonna love you good tonight
Let me show you how sweet it can be
Sharing your love with Simone De


Take my hand come with me baby to love land
Let me show you how sweet it can be
Sharing your love with me

I know that place, let me, let me, let me
Let me, let me take you there
Southern Soul Paradise

Rue Davis - "Tell Me What You Want"

Where has this song been all of my life???  For me, it was love at first sound!  Oh man, tell me what you want; I want to know what you need. I'll get down on my knees for you.  Oooh wee!  This is so good - beautiful southern soul.

Southern Soul Paradise

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

O.B. Buchana/Mr. Sam - "Put Yo Foot In It"

I've been looking a LONG time for this song and never realized that it was on youtube all along.  I just wasn't searching it the right way.  This is a fantastic duet by O.B. Buchana and Mr. Sam and I love it, love it, love it.  They have a conversation going on between them and they start out by referencing other hit songs.  Mr. Sam said that Theodis talked about how he stood up in it and O.B. talked about how he didn’t play with it, and so Mr. Sam just wanted to know what’s really going on; what happened when he took the girl home.  I love to hear Mr. Sam ask the questions, such as did he knock her socks out of her shoes and did he make her fall in love with him.  O.B. speaks with confidence and brags throughout the song - I'm not mad at him!!  There are so many good lines here and one of my favorites is "I made her scream, O.B., O.B., ooh boy what are you doing to me - you're all the man I ever need, I can't take it no more!" 

Did you knock it out the park
Did you make your dog bark
Did you put your foot in it
Did you put your foot in it
I put a hump in my back
I say do you like it like that
I put my foot in it

Mr. Sam says he wants to be like him when he grows up.
A little later in the song you'll hear:
I hit a home run
I put the "F" in fun
Boy I put my foot in it
Yes, I put my foot in it
Did you hit it side to side
Did you take your girl for a ride
Did you put your foot in it

What a great blend of voices!!
I'm so happy I found this.  O.B., O.B., ooh boy what are
you doing to me!
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ms. Jody & O.B. Buchana - "One Way Love"

Two absolutely great voices!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Roy C - "Love Me Till Tomorrow Comes"

"Love Me Till Tomorrow Comes" and "If I Could Love You Forever" (see my post dated 5/27/2011) are two of my most favorite Roy C songs.  "Love Me Till Tomorrow Comes" is a soulful ballad from back in the day and it brings back such nice memories.  I love this song and I just sit back and sing it every time I hear it.  It's good to know that Roy C is still performing - he puts on a great show and sounds just like his records.  See him if you get a chance.

The lights down low
And nobody here but you and I
We’ve got music on our stereo
But baby, can’t you see the night is young
We don’t need no company
Cause I got you honey and hey hey hey hey, and you got me
So I want you to come on baby, come on and…

Love me, love me till tomorrow comes
Love me, love me till tomorrow comes

Now we may be tired and all wet with sweat
But you know honey, hey hey hey, I don’t have enough of you yet
And another thing, I love the way you kiss, I love the way you hug
And I’m crazy, crazy about the way you make love
That’s why I’ve got to say it again


You know, I never had anyone to love me the way you do
But you know honey, I’ve got to get some power
Hey hey hey, so I can carry on till tomorrow comes
You know what honey
I’m not gonna leave you hanging baby, oh no
I’m gonna stay right here with you baby
Because I believe, I believe every man
Every man should make his woman happy

Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Peggy Scott Adams - "I Hear You Knocking"

I love the music of Peggy Scott Adams, but the lyrics to this song are just so wrong.  Ladies, can you imagine telling your husband that you hear him knocking on your bedroom door but he can't come in because you/re making love to his best friend?  You can get killed over stuff like that!!!  But, in spite of this woman's boldness, this song has a really catchy beat and it's a great dance song.

Baby, I hear you knocking
But I can’t stop to let you in
You see right now I’m a little too busy
I’m making love to your best friend
Baby, I hear you knocking
But I can’t stop to let you in
You see right now I’m a little too busy
I’m making love to your best friend

We changed the locks on the door
Because we didn’t want to be disturbed
But you say to me, girl you’ve got your nerve
But wait a minute there’s a little bit more
You see right now he’s got me in a spin
He’s taking my body to places you ain’t never been
Ooh right now, my head’s in a spin
He’s got my body in places that you ain’t never been in
Ooh baby, he’s making love to me
Over and over from my head to my feet
Baby he’s making love to me
Over and over from my head to my feet


Ooh baby, you wouldn't believe
How this man keeps turning me on
I haven’t felt this good baby
I tell you, ooh, for so long
Baby, he’s making love to me like you never did before
He’s taking me to places I ain’t been before
Baby please you better get away from the door
He’s about to bring out something in me you ain’t heard before


I hear you knocking but I can’t stop it
I’m in here making love
I hear you knocking but I can’t stop it
I’m in here making love

Southern Soul Paradise

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

T. K. Soul - "If You Don't Want Me"

T.K. Soul is one of the best artists out there today.  This is a song meant for those going through things in their relationship and find that a decision needs to be made.  If you don't want me, let me be and just set me free; just tell me.
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ms. Jody - "Play With It" and "The Bop"

I love Ms. Jody!  If you ever get a chance, you have to see her live - she puts on a fantastic show and sounds just like her records.  Yes, her lyrics may get a little risque sometimes but the girl is great!

Now here's an awesome dance song!
Oh yes!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Nathaniel Kimble - "Please Don't Go"

I've been hearing Nathaniel Kimble's voice for awhile and he has a definitely wonderful southern soul sound.  "Please Don't Go" is a great song to play if you're having a house party or just hanging in the club.  It's that type of song where the man asks his girl not to go because he loves her and needs her.  He tells her to put that suitcase down because she's not going anywhere!!  He doesn't care what her friends say because she's staying with him.  He says that if she leaves him, it'll knock him to his knees.  How can you resist a begging man?
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mel Waiters - "Let's Dance"

Let's dance, take my hand, hold each other real close.  Ah man, don't you just love a good, not-too-slow kind of song that makes you smile?  Mel Waiters is one of the greats and here's "Let's Dance" by him.  Such a beautiful, feel good song.
Mel Waiters, one of my favorite artists.
Southern Soul Paradise

Omar Cunningham - "Baby Don't Leave Me"

Omar Cunningham is one of those multi-talented guys that I just love.  He's not only an excellent singer and musician, he also writes and produces fantastic music for a lot of artists.  Check out his site,, and listen to his music.  "Baby Don't Leave Me" is a beautiful ballad and you'll like this soulful song - he says that this is the saddest day of his life and he begs his woman not to go.  How can you leave a begging man???

Take a look at my 8/21/2012 blog entry for "If We Can't Get Along" and the entry dated 5/15/2011 for "The Beauty Shop."

Baby don’t leave, baby don’t leave
Baby don’t leave me home alone
My heart is crying out to you
I need you in my life
Baby, don’t leave me alone

What did I do to deserve this pain
I’ve been with you, baby, through the storm and rain
I understand that you get tired but say it’s so
And I’ll move on with my life and prepare to go
Everybody has problems but baby don’t you leave
We can find a way to make it girl if you just believe


I know in my heart baby you still love me
If you need a little time girl take your time, some time and see
That I’m the best thing baby, the best thing for you
I know in time it’s gonna be rough baby if you do
What I think that you’re doing, leaving me all alone
Searching for what you already, you already got at home


Baby I can’t just trade our love for a one night stand
From sun up to sun down I always gave my all to our relationship
Because I really love you from the bottom of my heart
And I just can’t see myself making it without you
Because I love you, please baby I just can’t go without you
Great music!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Wendell B - "Just Don't Understand You"

Wendell B. has one of the deepest, smoothest voices I've heard in a long time.  Although I only hear him on southern soul stations, his music is definitely cross over material and I'm expecting this talented artist to climb higher and higher.  Here's "Just Don't Understand You."  He tells his girl that they've been together a long time and she always keeps something going on.  He says that he truly loves her but it's time to get it together or leave it alone.

Girl we’ve been together for quite some time
And I’ve never had the chance to speak my mind
But girl you know I love you
But you keep a lot of hell up in my home
It’s time we get it together baby
Or leave the thing alone

Mama taught me my ABCs, Daddy taught me how to 123
Went to school and got a college degree
But I just don’t understand you
I’ve been around the world, across the seven seas
Swam the deepest ocean, highest tree?
Went back to school and got my bachelor’s degree but I still don’t understand you

Now here I go again trying to make you understand
All the pain I go through baby trying to be a strong man
See I’ve paid all your bills baby
Keep you in the finest clothes
And still you won’t do right baby
Seems you’re out of control

So tell me what do I do because I’ve gone my last mile
I don’t want to lose the love we’ve had
But it’s time for me to smile awhile
But I’ll keep my door open baby, I just want a happy home
But it’s time we get it together or like ? say, get gone


Southern Soul Paradise