Monday, July 23, 2012

Willie Clayton - "Love Mechanic"

I just want to be your love mechanic, no need to worry, no need to panic!  I'll never ever take your love for granted.  Whatever needs fixing, I'll get it right even if it takes all day or night.  Wow!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bobby Blue Bland - "Keep It A Secret"

My dad was a huge Bobby Blue Bland fan back in the 60s.  He had a stereo and I can still remember him playing the "Call On Me" album ...."if you need a little loving, baby, you can call on me."  One of my favorite songs on that album was "That's the Way Love Is." This song is for my late father (cause I know he's listening), my mom, and all my sisters!

So you take it where you find it, or you can leave it like it is!

Keep It A Secret
Needless to say, I've been listening to Bobby Blue Bland my whole life.  Here is a pretty song that was released on his Midnight Run CD back in the late 80s.  It's a story of seeing someone on the down low.  I'm figuring both of them are married but very much in love with each other.  It's kind of sad but such a beautiful song.

Every day of my life I’ve wondered how long it can keep going this way
After hours in a small café
Holding hands and praying that I get away
Trying our best to stay out of sight
We meet in the darkness to hide from the light
You know we’ve got too much at stake
To take a chance of living our separate ways

We’ve got to keep it a secret
Just between me and you
We’ve got to keep it a secret
And don’t give no one else a clue

We can’t afford to let anyone else know
If we meet on the street we can’t even say hello
It’s hard trying to live this double life
We’re strangers by day and lovers by night
I’d like to tell the work how I feel about you
But right now I really can’t tell the truth


We’ve got to, yes we have, I don’t dare tell no one
And you know why, it’s a secret baby
I’ll keep my part
I’d like to tell the world how I feel about you
But right now we can’t really tell the truth

We’ve got to keep it a secret, yes we have baby
Just between me and you
I can’t tell nobody, I don’t dare tell no one
I can’t tell my mother, I can’t tell my father
I can’t tell my sister, not even my brother
I can’t tell no one, not even my closest friends
I’m kind of jealous about it, wish I could tell somebody
But my hands are tied
It’s so good to me sometimes
I get fightin’ mad about it
Seems like I better not tell nobody

We've got to keep it a secret, just between me and you.
Southern Soul Paradise

Millie Jackson - "If You're Not Back in Love By Monday"

I don't know if you consider this southern soul, but since Millie Jackson is singing duets with Jesse James, I figured this is pretty close. (smile) 

This is one of my all-time favorite Millie Jackson records.
If you're not back in love by Monday, then you go your
separate ways.
Southern Soul Paradise

Willie Clayton - "I Love Me Some You"

Willie Clayton sings southern soul ballads just like I want to hear them.  This is so beautiful.
Southern Soul Paradise

William Bell - "Loving on Borrowed Time/Trying to Love Two"

Here is a classic William Bell song that I know you remember.  "Loving on Borrowed Time" is a ballad that really showcases William Bell's beautiful voice.  You can hear it from the beginning in his opening line when he lets you know that he's caught in a love trap, captured by her charms.  Good music!!!

I’m caught in a love trap, I’m captured by your charms
I know you belong to another
But I can’t stay away from your arms
And oh, I can’t always have you by my side
So I have to be satisfied just…

Loving on borrowed time
Oh, we’re loving on borrowed time

One night a week it‘s the same old routine
We have to sneak around so that we won’t be seen
And oh, park on a dark street
Hide from the people we meet
You see, we’re stealing love and we’ve got to be discreet

Because we’re loving on borrowed time
Loving on borrowed time

Oh, we’re loving on borrowed time
Girl, we’re loving on borrowed time
This love is wrong girl
And we knew it from the start
We got so much to lose
But we can’t stay apart
We keep on loving on borrowed time

"Trying to Love Two" is one of his most recognized songs and popular of his songs.  He sings about a guy facing a dilemma - trying to love two women - he says it sure ain't easy to do.  (Well, come on now, what did you expect?) 


Trying to love two, ain’t easy to do
When you’re trying to love two, sure ain’t easy to do

I’ve got a woman at home, as sweet as can be
A woman on the outside, crazy about me
I’m caught in the middle of a three-way love affair
Caught up in this triangle, can’t go nowhere


I need to be three men in one
To get my job done
I need a thirty-hour day
Two jobs with double pay
I need a man to go to work
A man to stay at home
I need a man on the outside
To keep my woman strong


Both women are aware
There's another woman somewhere


Hey, it started out, had lots of fun
But now it's got me on the run
This jumping in and out of bed
Keeps messing with my head


Loving on borrowed time and trying to love two - not a
healthy lifestyle, my brother.
I love you William Bell!!
Southern Soul Paradise

William Bell - "New Lease on Life"

I've recently been listening to a lot of William Bell.  He's another talented man who not only sings beautifully, but has also written a lot of music and even has his own successful label - Wilbe.  Check out his website:  (And wow, is he cute!!!)

He starts this song by telling the fellas that he wished everyone had a woman like he does.  She's a friend and you can tell she means everything to him.  Beautiful!

When I was homeless she took me in
When I got lonely she became my friend
I’m so thankful for a woman like her
She’s everything I’ve been looking for

I’m going to start my life all over again
I’ve got a new lease on life I found a lover and a friend
I’m going to start my life all over again
I’ve got a new lease on life I found a lover and a friend

She’s there for me through thick and thin
When times get tough we both pitch in
I don’t have to worry about nothing at all
And when she needs me, I’m at her beck and call


New lease on life baby
Starting all over

Now listen
When I go out, everybody knows
She’s never left at home where I go she goes
We’re one of a kind, we’re quite a pair
So much in love, we both don’t have a care


Starting all over
New lease on life baby
Starting all over
I’m so thankful for a woman like her
She’s everything I’ve been looking for
I’m going to start my life all over again
A new lease on life baby
Starting all over
I've got a new lease on life- I found a lover and a friend!
Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bobby Rush - "I'm Tired of That He Said"

Bobby Rush has been around a long time.  He has won numerous awards and is a living blues legend.  This is one of my favorite songs of his.  He's sick and tired of his girl always accusing him of cheating, and he's tired of her friends running to her telling about everything they 'think' he's doing.  I'm tired of that who said, he said, she said I did it!  I know that's right!!!

Southern Soul Paradise

General Johnson - "That's My Story"

When I hear the opening notes of this song, I just want to sing "Woman, take me in your arms, and rock me baby..."  But after the intro, thoughts of George McCrae fade away.  General Johnson was the lead singer of the Chairman of the Board.  You remember the group from "If you dance to the music, you've got to pay to the piper."  He also had some solo music.  I didn't realize that he was such an amazing songwriter and that he wrote plenty of hits for many artists.  He's been gone for about two years but his music will always live with us.

"That's My Story" is about a guy who doesn't want to get caught in a lie and so he tells the same story.  That's smart - never deviate from what you've said! You know that women can always kind of tell the truth so make sure you're consistent; always stick to the same story.  I like when he says that if she asks him ten years from now if he was telling the truth, he'd tell the same story!

Mama always told me, son, don’t tell a lie
Sometimes I have to break mama’s rule when I need a good alibi
I stayed out late one night
When I got home my woman was waiting up for me
I knew something was wrong
She said a friend of hers saw me and another woman the other night
I said baby that wasn’t me, I was with the boys playing cards all night

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it
Believe it or not that’s all there is to it
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it
Believe what you want to believe but I didn’t do it

She fussed all night, we fussed all day
Cause she didn’t believe a word I said
She made me sleep on the couch all night
In the morning she was acting like everything was alright
She said tell me the truth, I won’t get mad
But I won’t go and change my story
And it was the best meal I ever had


Now I’m in the hospital
My baby busted me in my head
And we’re still together cause I stuck to what I said


Ten years from now and she asks me if I told her the truth
I’ll say baby what I told you ain’t nothing but the truth


I wonder what he did to end up in the hospital...
Southern Soul Paradise

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tyrone Davis - "In The Mood"

Just close your eyes and listen to this...

Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ms. Jody and David Brinston - "Something I Want"

Two of my favorite singers, Ms. Jody and David Brinston, combined their unique voices for a fantastic southern soul duet.  They are so good together.  I heard this for the first time on Mobile's WDLT ( All-Blues Saturday show and I love it!  Ms. Jody puts on an outstanding live performance and I would love to see both of them on stage.

Alright David, do you see something you like
Come and get it boy, they don’t call me Ms. Jody for nothing
Ah David

Every time I see you baby
You stand out from the rest
Other women look good but you always look the best
Girl, can I have a few minutes of your precious time
So I can tell you baby what’s on my mind
I know you might have a man but he’s not here tonight
And baby what I’m about to ask you, it might not all seem right

You’ve got something I want
You’ve got something I need
Something I want
You’ve got something I need

You turn me on baby
Just for the way you dance
And I just can’t seem to help myself
And I know you just want to get in my pants
There’s something you’ve got boy
And I just can’t get it off my mind
Until I let you hit it baby
I know I won’t be satisfied
I know you don’t mind asking for it, baby
And I know you don’t mind saying please
If I have to beg for it baby
Well, get down on your knees


Girl you look like candy
And you know I taste just as sweet
If I get what I want from you, baby
I know it’ll be a treat
I know what I want
And I know I want to give it to you
All those other women just don’t compare to you

You've got something I want!!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lebrado - "Coffee"

"Coffee" has all of the elements of a good dance/party song.  The beat is right on target, the melody is good, and the man can sing!  Lebrado is one of my favorite artists and I think he's extremely talented.  "Coffee" makes you want to sing along with him and move.  I love this song.

It’s time to go again ya’ll
It’s time to go to work
But I got a pretty little thing, yeah
To make a brother proud to punch in the clock

Woke up this morning
And I’m headed to work
Got a sweet little pretty thing
That likes to flirt
It’s a great new game if she’s for real
Come here little pretty thing
Tell me what’s the deal

She said Lebrado, how do you like your tea
I said tea’s cool but it ain’t for me
She said Lebrado, how do you like your coffee
I said hot and black and all the lovin' on me
I like my coffee with a little bit of cream
Just like my woman, if you know what I mean
I like my coffee with no cream at all sometime
Just like my woman, if you know what I mean

Now what gets over
And I’m on my way home
Stopped by the restaurant to get my grub on
As I walk through the door
Guess what I see
I see a pretty little thing just as fine as she can be


Let’s step it up real good
Let’s stir it up
Make it hot baby

I said tea's cool but it ain't for me!
Southern Soul Paradise

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ms. Jody - "Your Dog's About To Kill My Cat"

Ms. Jody sings grown folks music and it's good stuff!  Her voice is unique and she puts on a dynamite show.  In this song, she tells the guy that his dog just about killed her cat....the key words are 'just about!'  And she doesn't know how much longer she can go for that so when she sees him coming, she has to snatch her kitty back.
You have to realize that kitty isn't all yours...
Southern Soul Paradise

Blues Concert in Camden

I attended a great southern soul concert with my sister at the Bessie Munden Recreational Park (better known as the Playground) in Camden, Alabama, and loved the show! There were a few local groups and the highlights were Pat Brown, The Love Doctor, Will Easley, Ms. Jody, and Wilson Meadows. The atmosphere in the park was pretty cool – tents were up, lawn chairs were out, and the grills were going in spite of the 100+ heat. Let me give you the good and the bad on the night.

The Bad
--The show was supposed to start at 6:00 but didn’t start until 7:30.
--Uncle Lucky Love, you’re a fantastic promoter; I’m just not that crazy about you as a performer.
--There was too much down time and space between acts. It’s the first show I’ve attended where the crowd seemed bored.
--The promoter, who is also one of the town’s dee jays, wasted way too much time talking about nothing. And then he thought he should sing along with the records in between acts.
--Before Wilson Meadows performed, the emcee played line dances for almost an hour – this started around 11pm but most people were tired (a lot of them had been there since 2pm) and hardly anyone danced.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to leave – I later heard Wilson Meadows got on stage around midnight. I’m sorry Mr. Love, keep bringing in the great shows but emceeing is definitely not your thing.

The Good
--Will Easley was fantastic. We caught him walking around before the show and not only is he a great performer, he is friendly, personable, handsome, and a likable man.  He knows how to work a crowd and got everybody up on their feet when he performed. He sang “I Got You”, a pretty good version of Johnnie Taylor’s “Just Because,” “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” “You Wiggle When You Walk,” and my absolute favorite “Your Love Amazes Me.” He ended with a spirited gospel song, “Cooling Water.”
--Pat Brown was pretty good and sang an answer to “Equal Opportunity” and other music.
--The Love Doctor sang several songs but “Slow Roll It” was the only thing the crowd and I knew.
--Ms. Jody was excellent. She was the only performer who brought her band – everyone else sang to recorded music. She sounds just like her records and was the crowd favorite. She sang “It’s The Weekend,” “Your Dog’s About to Kill My Cat,” “Ms. Jody’s Line Dance,” “Looking for a Sugar Daddy Lover,” “Ms. Jody with a Big Daddy,” and a few more of her popular songs.
--One of my favorite things about southern soul shows is that you can get up close and personal to the artists - it's really, really cool.

In spite of the delays, this was a great show. Southern soul concerts are growing in popularity and the fan base is definitely expanding. I am so proud of the progress being made in Camden and look forward to many more shows there and in other cities throughout the country.

Here's Will Easley - he amazes me!!!

Southern Soul Paradise