Saturday, August 14, 2010

August - Summer's Almost Over

It's August and there's nothing like good music to make the day better. I've probably mentioned this before, but I want to talk about two places where you can check out great southern soul. My all-time favorite internet radio station, primarily on the weekend (unless you can listen from 10 - 3 through the week), is WKXN in Montgomery, Alabama. They also have towers in Greenville and Pine Hill. Go to - they play southern soul all weekend long. Lewis Dee is on the air on the second and fourth Saturdays and is worth listening to. He has a great personality and the music he plays is fantastic. My other station is Southern Soul Radio at I listen to them every night through the week. So, since you're already online, try (WKXN) and and let me know what you think. If you know any other southern soul sites/online stations, let me know.

Ok, now for my top ten.

1. Two-Way Love Affair - David Brinston
2. Think About You All The Time - Ronnie Lovejoy
I've listed this song before but I had to repeat it because I adore
it. It is such a beautiful love song. Think about you from Monday
to Sunday....
3. Just Because - Johnnie Taylor
You know I love JT and this is also a beautiful love song. He says I love you, what else can I do or say?
4. I Like This Place - Carl Simms
5. Let's Go Dancing - Donnie Ray
This, like most of these songs, is several years old but is great.
6. Mr. Bus Driver - J. Blackfoot
7. Fly Right - David Brinston
Now this is the ultimate jam. I need to straighten up and fly right...
Awesome!!!! I love this song.
8. Drown In My Own Tears - Johnnie Taylor
9. Tonight Is The Night - Betty Wright
Betty Wright, JT, and Tyrone are all crossover singers. These
artists were mainstreamed into r&b, but they are definitely southern
10. A&B Conversation - Kennye Wayne
He says I'm going to C my way out of it. He is just so wrong in this
song, so wrong.

Bonus - check out both Johnnie Taylor's and TK Soul's versions of Try Me Tonight. They're both good.

Until next time, stay safe - see you in September!!