Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lewis Dee/WKXN

I try to listen to southern soul 24/7 and, thanks to the internet, I can do it!  But, there's nothing like listening to it live on the radio!  You can't beat turning on your radio in your home or in the car and being able to listen to the blues.  When I'm in south/central Alabama, I love to listen to Lewis Dee live on WKXN out of Montgomery from 6 - 9 a.m. and noon - 3 p.m. CST on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturdays! Check out his website at

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

King Floyd - "I Feel Like Dynamite"

Hit me horn!  Oh, do I love that opening line!  When I get to doing my thing, I feel like dynamite. And then later he says, "Watch me ya'll, I'm smokin!"  This is fantastic old school.  I feel alright, I feel like dynamite!

King Floyd was so popular back in the 70s.  Groove Me, What Our Love Needs, Woman Don't Go Astray, I Feel Like Dynamite, and Baby Let Me Kiss You are the King Floyd hits that I remember; his music brings back great memories.  See my post dated 1/16/2011.

I can do anything I want to do, you betcha!
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Shirley Brown - "Who is Betty?" (plus lyrics)

This is a song of a woman who is in so much pain.  She finds a love letter from her husband and thought that the words were so beautiful.  Each line of the letter was filled with passion and said things that a woman needs to hear. You can imagine her shock when she gets to the end of the letter and it says 'I love you, Betty' and Betty isn't her name.  You can hear the questions that go through her mind and the hurt she feels.  She wants to know who is Betty and wonders how she got inside his heart.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

List of Southern Soul Christmas Music

Merry Christmas!  There is so much southern soul Christmas music out there and here is a brief list of some that I've heard this season. You may find some of it on youtube or at your favorite music store.

Frank O. Johnson - Christmas Chased My Blues Away
William Bell - Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
Ronnie Lovejoy - Someone to Spend Christmas***
Al Green - I'll Be Home For Christmas
T.K. Soul - I Want You (for Christmas)
Clarence Carter - Back Door Santa
Billy Soul Bonds - Double Crossed by Santa Claus
Robert Tillman - Lonesome Christmas
Cicero Blake - Christmas In My Heart
Cicero Blake - Santa Claus Stole My Baby
Willie Clayton - Christmas Finds Me Oh So Sad
Charles Brown - Merry Christmas Baby
Bobby Bland - You Are My Christmas
B.B. King - Christmas Celebration
Solomon Burke - Presents For Christmas
Willie Clayton - A Lonely Christmas
Mel Waiters - Hole In The Wall Christmas
Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz
The Emotions - What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas
Quad City Allstars - Christmas Blues
Albert King - Santa Clause Wants Some Lovin'
Denise LaSalle - Santa's Got The Blues
Joe Tex - I'll Make Everyday Christmas
King Curtis - The Christmas Song
Charles Brown - Please Come Home For Christmas
KoKo Taylor - Merry Merry Christmas
Marvin Sease - Funky Christmas
Ronnie Lovejoy - I Want To Be Your Santa Claus

***My all-time favorite!
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Johnnie Taylor - "This Is Your Night"

This is your night; you're finally going to be under the spotlight.  Oh, what a beautiful ballad by Johnnie Taylor.  It's a love song and his words show appreciation to his woman for all she's done for him.

You'll enjoy this!
Southern Soul Paradise

Johnnie Taylor - "I'm Not The Same Person"

This is old school JT and I love it.  He says that he’s not the same person that he used to be and that he was grown up in age but wasn’t grown up in mind.  (That's deep.) He’s says that he’s changed and he’s not like he used to be.  He caused his girl a lot of heartache and he wants to make it up to her.  Johnnie Taylor, it takes a man to admit that.

He’s says that he’s not like what he used to be.

Tyrone Davis - "Freak"

I didn't know Tyrone Davis was so freaky!  Well, maybe I did.  (smile) This is an awesome dance song and would be great for any kind of party!

I’ll be your freak early in the morning and again late at night!
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Shirley Brown - "Watch What You Tell Your Friends"

Shirley is telling her man the right thing and this is great advice for both men AND women.  I'm a huge believer that what goes on in your house, stays in your house.   She tells her man that he should watch what he tells his friends because they might be the ones who do him in.  She said that it's nobody's business what they're doing in their private time.  Great words of wisdom!!

You don’t want to let it have to be your mouth that’s the reason that you get put out.
Southern Soul Paradise

Klass Band Brotherhood - "Blues is Alright"

This is such a cool band and "Blues is Alright" is from their new CD titled, "We Call The Shots In Soul."

Good music!
Southern Soul Paradise

Lamorris Williams - "It's Whatever"

Oh, do I like this man Lamorris Williams!!  He said to just let him know when I'm ready and he’ll take me wherever I want to go - it’s whatever.  Meaning it’s whatever I want.  That's what I'm talking about!

He said his checkbook is my checkbook - what a man!!
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Monday, December 9, 2013

FaLisa JaNaye - "Can't Nobody"

FaLisa JaNaye has an absolutely beautiful voice.  Here's a song about a girl who had a good man and let him go.  If you've ever lost someone and regretted it, you'll understand.

My man is gone, he went away
And left me sitting here crying on a rainy day
See I’m sick and tired of being alone
Lying in your arms is where I belong

Can’t nobody love me like you
Can’t nobody do what you do
Can’t nobody love me like you
Can’t nobody treat me like you do

My friends tell me to leave him alone
But I want to work it out
Girl, I need my man at home
Now I’m woman enough to say it was my fault
I didn’t appreciate what I had
And now I‘m feeling what I lost


Well I’m crying out
Gonna put my pride aside
So you know how much I love you
I’ll lay my heart on the line
Cause I need you baby
Cause I’m saying in my own song
You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry
You don’t miss a good thing till it’s gone

Southern Soul Paradise

Klass Band - "Honey Hole"

This ain't nothing but a honey hole, I've got to get in where I fit in!! Woohoo, the Klass Band has done it again.  They went to a place down in the country, way back in the woods, and had a great time. This is an awesome dance/party song!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013


Check me out on twitter @SSoulParadise!  I'm working on tweeting on a regular basis! (smile)  Any advice??  I need your help and I'd appreciate your input!

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Spice Internet Radio's Top 25 - December 8, 2013

Hi everyone, I was able to catch the entire countdown on Spice Internet Radio ( and here are the top 25 southern soul hits for the week of December 8, 2013.  Wilson Meadows has taken over the number one spot from Bigg Robb!  It was a good run.  Also see the Soul and Blues Report for the countdown list and other great info (

Can You Hang
Wilson Meadows
Move Something
Lacee / Tucka
Fill It Up
Bigg Robb
Mr. Right Now
Mr. David
Cheat Up
At Your Mercy
Shirley Jones & Lacee
What's The Name Of That Thang
Larome Powers
I Want It
Leroy Allen
I Can Still Roll It
The Love Doctor
Crazy Over You
Vick Allen
Get Her With My Twitter
Billy Soul Bonds
Dig A Little Deeper
Jaye Hammer
Blues Is Alright
Klass Band
Lost My Good Thang
Terry Wright
Good Woman
Bill Avery
Get It Get It Man
Chandra Calloway
What One Man Won't Do
Charles Wilson
Can I Spend Some Money On
Chuck Strong
Ricky White
It's On Me
Floyd Taylor
It's Whatever
Lamorris Williams
I Need It
Gerod Rayburn
I Sing The Blues
Patrick Green
Bring It Back
Mr. Sam
Shake That Belly
Pat Cooley
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Spice Internet Radio's Top 10 - December 1, 2013

Bigg Robb is hanging tough at the #1 spot of the top 10 southern soul hits for the week as heard on Spice Internet Radio (  I love Bigg Robb but my all-time favorite is still Larome Powers' "What's The Name of That Thang!"  The countdown for the top 25 hits are played every Sunday starting at noon and for the list of all 25 songs, go to The Soul and Blues Report (  Have a great southern soul week!

  1.  Fill It Up - Bigg Robb
  2.  Can You Hang - Wilson Meadows
  3.  Creepin - Lola
  4.  Mr. Right Now - Mr. David
  5.  Move Somethin' - Lacee featuring Tucka
  6.  Cheat Up - Simeo
  7.  Get Her With My Twitter - Billy Soul Bonds
  8.  Party Time - Jeff Floyd
  9.  Larome Powers - What's The Name of That Thang
10.  I Want It - Leroy Allen

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