Monday, June 27, 2011

Willie Clayton - Unconditionally

Now if you had one chance to win back the love of your life, would you grab it? Hmm... Willie Clayton opens this beautiful love song with that question. What would you do? It sounds like an opportunity that you shouldn't pass up - this kind of love sometimes only happens once in a lifetime. In this song, Willie truly loves his woman - unconditionally. You can hear it in his voice.

Sitting here thinking about you and me
The way it is and the way it used to be
Now if I could only hold you in my arms again
Never would I ever lose your love
Cause honey, I love you unconditionally
Oh I love you girl, unconditionally
Oh I love you baby, unconditionally
Because you bring, you bring out the best in me.

Now if you would give me another, another chance
I promise from now on I’ll be a better man
Honey I’m sorry for all the hurt I’ve put you through
I’m begging forgiveness, whatever you ask of me
I’ll get down on my knees and I’ll gladly do.

Not too many artists can sing a ballad better than Willie Clayton and Unconditionally is an amazingly awesome song.

Southern Soul Paradise

Willie Clayton - Party Like We Used To Do

Willie Clayton is one of my favorite southern soul artists.  His voice and music are timeless.  This song is what you play when you're having a party, hosting a cookout, playing cards, or when you just want to dance.  Willie is such a smooth singer and his voice is so mellow.  In this song, he just asks if you want to go back to hear the old school music and party like we used to do.  Good music.

Back in the day we used to party
We had it going on
Friday rolled around, we got it started
We had so much fun
I wanna go back
Ah sookie sookie
And party like we used to do
Do you want to go back
When we were grooving and party like we used to do?
Southern Soul Paradise

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Johnnie Taylor - I'm Babysittin'

Mellow and sexy.  That's what I think when I hear Johnnie Taylor's voice on this song.  He was a powerful singer and had so much talent.  He's one of my favorite all-time musicians and could do everything.  He could sing the fast, dance music with ease and his ballads are simply beautiful.  In this song, JT wants to get home to his woman because she means the world to him - and he doesn't mind letting the fellas know.  I'm Baby Sittin' is a classic Johnnie Taylor song and it is such a smooth, amazing song.  Honestly, I just want to hear someone sing this to me.  (smile)  I'm babysittin'with my baby tonight.  Woohoo!!  Baby have no fear, I'm staying right here.  Oh man, that is good.  This is one of my favorite Johnnie Taylor songs. 
This might seem a little long, but you have to follow along with the words as he sings.

This party’s over for me,
Fellas I’ve got to go
There’s a little girl waiting for me to walk through her door
I’ve got to hurry so my baby won’t worry
Because she’s my pure delight

My baby is my lady
And my lady is my baby
I’m babysittin, I’m babysittin
I’m babysittin tonight

I’m gonna tell her a bedtime story and hold her close to me
Give her my protection, all that she needs
I’ll tell her that she’s so sweet and kiss her on her cheek
And then I’ll turn out the lights

Cause my lady is my baby
And my baby is my lady
I’m babysittin, I’m babysittin
I’m babysittin tonight

Well I know just how to soothe her if she starts to cry
I’m gonna give her a pacifier that’s really gonna satisfy her
And make her feel good inside

I’m gonna rockabye my baby
Till she wants me to stop
Sing her a lullaby and make her cradle rock
If she wants anything I’m at her beck and call
To make everything alright

My baby, she's my lady
And my lady, she's my baby
I'm babysittin', I'm babysittin'
I'm babysittin tonight.
I LOVE this song!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Frank Lucas - Good Thing Man

Do you ever hear a song that instantly brings back memories?  I used to love this song and remember singing it when it came out - I was in Tuscaloosa at the time and we all loved it.  And, the southern soul stations are still playing it; it's the sign of a classic - it's been around for a long time.  I just really, really need someone to tell me what he's saying around the 3:57 mark - please!!    Right before he says "I made it good and sticky!"  I've been wondering all these years what he's saying in that line!  I don't know, this is one of those songs that I can't explain to my kids.  (smile)
Thanks to atlantainconcert for sending the video - much love to you!!

Southern Soul Paradise

Marvin Sease - Show Me What You Got

Marvin Sease is one of the legendary southern soul singers and I love so much of his music.  This song is one of my many favorites and I think it's a great dance song.  It's also one of the songs on my iPod and is great traveling music.  Here are a few of the words:
I’ve been watching you baby
For a mighty long time
I see you in the morning,
Girl, I see you late at night
I’ve see them come
And I’ve seen them go,
Some left happy, some left so sad
Some spoke highly of you, some spoke so bad
I’ve seen a whole lot of women but never one like you
Nobody baby, do the things you do
Why don’t you show me what you got
Cause I might just want to kick it with you
Why don’t you show me with you got
Cause I might just want to kick it with you (withcha)
A Marvin Sease Classic
Southern Soul Paradise

Walter Waiters - "Don't Scratch My Back"

Even though it's another infidelity song, I like it!  In fact, I like it a lot and the melody just kind of grows on you.  Walter Waiters has been around for awhile and he's the cousin of Mel Waiters.  This song starts with him telling his girlfriend a few things...things she probably already knows but he has to put it out there.  I guess you could say he's being honest and lets her know that he's a careful man.  He has the plan in place and has all angles covered.   Hmmm, in spite of the cheating, I love this song!  Here are some of Walter's words:
I’ve got a woman, you’ve got a man
I just had to say it baby, so we both understand
I can’t leave there with anything that belongs to you
We’ve got to be careful baby in everything that we do

If it gets too heavy, don’t scratch my back
Don’t wear no perfume, no, none of that
Don’t call me up, after this
If my baby knew, she’d sure be pissed
I’m a careful man, that’s all I am

Now when we meet, make sure it’s not the same place
And put on that big old wig I bought you baby
Make sure it covers your face
I’ll bring the liquor to ease your tension
And to your nosy friends, baby, tonight don’t you mention
And while we’re doing it, don’t say my name
Just call me baby, and I’ll do the same
Here’s my pager number, call me each night before you slumber
Dial 777 it means you’re alright
769 means you’re meeting at the spot tonight
Now you know, you know baby how to keep this thing going on
And rule number two, don’t ever call from your home telephone


Southern Soul Paradise

Camden, Alabama

Donnie Ray, Ms. Jody, and Mel Waiters will be performing at the Bessie Munden Recreational Park (also known by the locals as the Playground) on July 3 in the mighty Camden, Alabama.  This is an amazing show!!!  Now I know many of you may wonder just where in the world is Camden?  It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere but it’s located in Wilcox County, about 38 miles from Selma and 73 miles from Montgomery – definitely in the heart of Dixie!  Camden is home for me and I‘ve spent some of my best summers at the Playground - this is going to be an awesome event.  If you get a chance to go, please let us know.
Southern Soul Paradise

Friday, June 3, 2011

Stan Mosley - Rock Me

I LOVE this song.  I know, you think I love everything, but this is beautiful.  I love Stan's voice, I love the melody, I love the beat, the music, and everything about this song.  He has a sexy voice and you can even do a slow rock to the song.  On one of my trips to Greensboro, North Carolina, I probably played this song for an hour straight.  Fortunately, I was by myself so I didn't bother anyone else!  (smile)  Please listen to Stan Mosley and get up and move with him.  Woohoo, good music!!!

One night after my show
I was laying on ready to go
And in walked this lady
Right through the door
And she looked so pretty, yes she did, so pretty pretty
Ain’t it a pity, that she’s not with me

And so I asked her, yes I did
If she wanted to dance
She said, Stan, I’m not that good
But I’ll take a chance
This is what I said, I said
Rock me baby, like you never rocked a man like me before
I said rock me baby, rock me
Till I cannot stand this rocking any more

Rock me!!!
Southern Soul Paradise

William Bell - I Forgot To Be Your Lover

I believe there's power in music.  Different songs affect you differently - wouldn't you say?  One reason I give you the lyrics in the songs I post is that the words have a message.  I Forgot To Be Your Lover is another one of my timeless classics that has a nice story.  Something made this man realize that he needed to stop and really listen to what his woman needed.  He asks her if he reached out to her when she needed him; did he take the time to share burdens that lovers bear - in other words, did he talk to her?  Did he do the simple things to show her how much he cared about her.  I love this love song.  How can you not love a man who asks you these things?

Have I told you lately that I love you
Well, if I didn’t darling, I’m sorry
Did I reach out and hold you in my loving arms
Oh when you needed me
Now I realize that you need love to
And I’ll spend my life making up to you
Oh I forgot to be your lover
And I’m sorry, I’m so sorry

Have I taken the time to share with you
All the burdens that lovers bear
And have I done the little simple things
To show you just how much I care
Oh I’ve been working for you doing all I can
But work all the time didn’t make me a man
Oh I forgot to be your lover
And I’m sorry I’ll make it up to you somehow
Southern Soul Paradise