Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's September!

Labor Day is here and it looks as if we're wrapping up another summer. I'm a warm-weather person and I never look forward to the cold. I will enjoy these nice temps as long as I can.

Southern soul music is alive and well and the internet just makes it all so good. I've told you about and, but there are oh so many other stations out there. Go to and you'll find a wealth of information. Different radio stations send in their top songs - take a look at the Radio Reports tabs and see the music playing all over the country. You may even find some links to some websites that play southern soul - it's great.

Here are my top songs for September:
1. Never Coming Home - Betty Padgett
2. You Win Some - David Brinston (I haven't heard this alot but it is good music.)
3. I'm Hooked - Vick Allen
4. Just Got Started Lovin U - Queen Emily (I thought this was Lynne White when I first heard it - good song.)
5. Aint That Loving You - Luther Ingram (You think I love you for just one thing; to you, my love, it maybe the way it seems...aint that loving you for more reasons than one. What an awesome love song.)
6. Careless With Our Love - Johnnie Taylor (I love him!)
7. No Getting Over Me - Willie Clayton
8. Around The World - Latimore
9. Just Because - Johnnie Taylor (I know I included this song last month but I had to list it again.)
10. I'll Understand - The Soul Children (An oldie but goodie!)

Enjoy your September!