Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lenny Williams - "Can't Nobody Do Me Like You" and "I Love You"

You know Lenny Williams from his legendary song, "I Love You."  It is just so awesome that he's still recording and making beautiful music. "Can't Nobody Do Me Like You" is very pretty and I think you'll like it.  (Overlook all those extra minutes of silence after the song's over, though.)

Here's "I Love You."

Enjoy both of these!
Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jimmie Ja - "Good Lovin'"

I LOVE this song by Jimmie Ja.  It sounds like southern soul.  Good lovin, that's my specialty. Another cutie from the Mobile area - what do they have in the water down there??!!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Omar Cunningham - "If We Can't Get Along"

Do you want to hear a beautifully sad song?  His girl is making it very clear that she wants to leave him and it's breaking his heart.  Ladies, guys have feelings too and they run pretty deep. You've got to check out this Omar Cunningham song and when you do, take the time to listen to the words (see them below).  This is such a pretty love song and I think it could easily cross over into R&B.

Laying here across the bed
Thinking about everything you said
You said I’m the reason that you’re feeling blue
You make me want to get away from you

I don’t want to leave but I know I should
But if I do, I did the very best that I could
I want to stay so I can raise my child
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you smile

But if we can’t get along then we need to get apart
Cause you done broke up all of my sh__
Now you’re breaking my heart
While you're mad at me, you should be mad at you
So you’re the reason for this heartache and baby I’m through

For too many years trying to bite my tongue
And it ain’t getting no better and I ain’t dumb
You trying to run me off, trying to make me leave
Thinking things gonna be much better without me
I don’t know the deal, I wanna know what’s up
It’s like you just want me to pay bills and shut the hell up
Wish you could understand how you make me feel
You keep saying why don’t you just leave and maybe I will


Sometimes in life you get what you want
You win some and sometimes you don’t
Sometimes you just get what you get
Should I blow it all away and just be through with it

Sometimes you just get what you get...
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, August 20, 2012

Vick Allen - "Clean House"

Vick did a remake of Shirley Brown's "Clean House" and it's a pretty good version.
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Southern Soul Top 25

I am thrilled to see that there is so much great new southern soul music being played on local radio stations and internet sites.  Here are the top 25 new songs according to The Soul and Blues Report (http://soulandbluesreport.com/top-25/).  Spice Internet Radio also plays their top new songs on Sunday mornings and I'm sure there are other sites/stations doing the same thing.  I believe with all of my heart that southern soul is becoming more popular every day and that we need to keep spreading the sounds throughout the airways!  You may (or may not) be surprised at how many people love southern soul.

The Nation’s Top 25 Southern Soul Chart
               August 3, 2012

 1 If We Can 't Get Along - Omar Cunningham
 2 Until You Get Enough Of Me - Tre Wms/Revelations
 3 Check Your Mailbox - Ghetto Cowboy
 4 Blind Blind Snake - Luther Lackey 
 5 Bang That Thang - O. B. Buchana 
 6 Cat Got My Tongue - Latimore
 7 I'm Thankful For My Woman - Vick Allen 
 8 Not Good Enough To Marry - Peggy Scott-Adams
 9 Everybody's Dancin' - Vel Omarr
10 Love Mechanic - Jessi Terrell
11 Good Motor - L J Echols
12 You Ain't No Player - Karen Wolfe
13 When The Ladies Are Happy - Jerry L
14 Country Boy - Sir Charles Jones
15 You Make Me Happy - Lamorris Wms/Al Green
16 Come Here Party - Stevie J
17 Using Me - Jeff Floyd
18 My Love Is Guaranteed - Stephanie Pickett
19 I've Done All That I Can Do Now - Sheba Potts-Wright
20 Soul School - Mr. David
21 When A Woman's Had Enough - Ricky White
22 Grown Man - Lenny Williams
23 Move Something - Lacee
24 Everyone Celebrate - Floyd Taylor
25 Bring Back My Blues - Donnie Ray

Southern Soul Paradise

Friday, August 17, 2012

Carl Sims - "Hell On My Hands"

A cool, blue-lights-in-the-basement kind of thing, and I just want you to hear this song.
Carl, you have an amazing voice.
Southern Soul Paradise

Artie Blues Boy - "When You Took Your Love From Me"

It's Friday night and Artie Blues Boy hit the spot with "When You Took Your Love From Me."  This is a pretty love song from a guy whose heart is broken.  He is letting his girl know just how badly it hurt when she took her love from him.

Would you take the wing from a bird
And you know he can't fly
Would you take the bone from a little baby
Knowing he gonna cry
Would you take the fish out of the water
Knowing the little fella gonna die
Would you take the cane from a blind man
And you know he ain't got no eyes
Oh baby can't you see, oh my darling
That's what happened when you took your love from me
I've been loving you too long
You almost become a part of me, here's another thing
I'm a prisoner for your love baby
But it's a funny thing I don't want you to set me free
Would you take the sail from a ship
And you know it can't move, good God
Would you take the beat from a melody
And just let it lose all its groove
Oh darling, oh can't you see, oh that's what happened
When you took your love from me

I've been loving you oh I've been loving you too long
You know you became a part of me
Oh you will ?? my love baby
And you knocked me off my feet
I don't want to lose your love
And don't set me free oh no don't ever set me free
Oh you know I love you
So nice.
Southern Soul Paradise

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Johnnie Taylor - "I Found A Love"

I love Johnnie Taylor!  This is a classic and it's just great, that's all there is to it.
Southern Soul Paradise

Johnnie Taylor - "Jody Got Your Girl And Gone"

Ain't no sense in going home, Jody's got your girl and gone!  Johnnie Taylor's telling the guys to treat your girl right because if you don't, someone else will.  Tons of artists sang about Jody after JT hit the scene with him - Jody's one bad guy!

Every guy I know trying to get ahead
Working two jobs till you’re almost dead (you tell ‘em)
Work your fingers right down to the bone
There’s a cat named Jody sneaking around in your home
There’s a cat named Jody in every town
Spending lots of cash and just riding around
Ride on Jody, ride on ride on, with your bad self

Jody leaves ashes in your ash tray
Footprints on your carpet while you work all day
He even got the nerve to sleep in your bed
Sit down at the table, eat your bread
When you get home after working hard all day
Jody’s got your girl and he’s gone away

I say now ain’t no sense in going home
Jody got your gal and gone

Gotta get home but you work too hard
You gotta get home but you work too hard


When you discover your gross neglect
It’ll be too late to give your woman respect
You’ll hunt down Jody, dead or alive
$10,000 reward for Jody’s hide


The reason I know
One day Jody took my gal, said he took her away
He had enough sense to express himself
He told her good she look
Told her how cute she walk
Told her how pretty she talk
Ain’t no sense in you going home
Cause Jody has everything you got
Jody leaves footprints on your carpet while you
work all day!  There's a $10,000 reward for Jody's hide.
Good music!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gina Brown - "G Slide"

Keep it right there and don't you move!  Oh yes, here's a line dance that I can do - her voice is smooth, the music is good, and the beat's right on time.  Two steps to the right, two steps to the left, right front and then left front and then groove it by yourself.  I like this song by Gina Brown, makes you want to get up and dance! 

Debra, this looks like your street in New Orleans, I think I even saw your club!

Thanks to Jones & Jones Entertainment, LLC.
Get up and dance and enjoy!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Denise LaSalle - "Your Husband Is Cheating On Us"

Denise LaSalle is a legend!  I've been listening to her since the early 70s with "Trapped By A Thing Called Love" and she's as good now as she's ever been.  "Your Husband Is Cheating On Us" reminds us that a player will keep on playing.  Yeah, he used to come to my house when he wanted to play around.  I love the line when she says that before she bows out gracefully, she'll tell everything she knows!  Uh oh, he better watch out!

Hey lady, honey your husband is cheating on us
Hey lady, honey your husband is cheating on us
I know you thought you had a good man
Thought you had a man that you could trust

He used to come to my house when he wanted to play around
But now he’s finding his pleasures on the other side of town

Hey lady, honey your husband is cheating on us
I know you thought you had a good man
Thought you had a man that you could trust

He borrows my car, leaves me stranded on my feet
While he and his other woman ride
All up and down the street

The lies he used to tell you
I know them all too well
But now he’s lying to me, girl
And that’s why I’ve got to tell

He’s got too many women
Now somebody’s got to go
But before I bow out gracefully
I’ll tell everything I know

He’s lying to me, he’s lying to you
And won’t be too long before he’s lying to her, too

Southern Soul Paradise

L.J. Echols - "Good Motor" and "From The Back"

She may not have a good body, but sho got a good motor... I heard this song over the weekend. 
I think I'll leave it at that. (smile) 

You probably know L.J. best from "From The Back."  It's one of those adult songs that I don't play around my kids - but you can't help but like the catchy beat.  I do think, however, that he's crazy if he thinks he's so good that I'm giving up the keys to my house and car, giving him a house on the hill and a boat on the lake, and turning over my MasterCard!  Dream on L.J., dream on! (smile)

Southern Soul Paradise

Jimmie Ja - "Put It On Me"

This is what southern soul sounds and feels like.  I mostly hear Jimmie Ja's music in the Mobile area, but it's just a matter of time before you hear him throughout other southern soul stations.  This is a very pretty slow song and it has a nice sound.  Mel Waiters produced it and you can even hear his unmistakable voice towards the end.  Very nice.  Here's the chorus:

I was loving her
She was loving me
I put on her
She was putting it on me
It was so good for both of us
I didn't want to stop
But neither did she
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, August 6, 2012

Simone De - "A Love To Call Mine"

One of my favorite Saturday morning southern soul stations is WDLT in Mobile (http://www.983wdlt.com/). The music is always fantastic. One artist frequently played is Simone De. He has an awesome background and I am pleasantly surprised - and impressed - by this man. He is a resident of Mobile, married with children, teaches secondary school students, plays organ for church, and has an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, and a Master's Degree in Special Education. Boy, do I love an educated brother! He has worked in city government as the assistant public relations person for the mayor and the executive assistant to the city council and even ran for the state Senate in 2010. Wow, just shows you the kind of talent our southern soul artists have!

Not only does Simone De have a unique voice, the man is gorgeous!   "A Love To Call Mine" is a story about a man who took his woman for granted.  She got tired of how he treated her and left him a "Dear John" letter before she took off - here's the chorus:

I want a love I can call mine come rain or shine and still be mine
I want a love that's here to stay, won't fade away with the light of day 

Southern Soul Paradise

Sir Charles Jones - "Country Boy"

Sir Charles Jones is pretty talented and I really like his voice.  The "Country Boy" video looks like it could have been filmed in Camden or any small, rural town in the south.  I want you to know, however, there are good old country boys everywhere!  His song has a nice beat and it's the type of song you can easily sing along with as you move around.
Southern Soul Paradise