Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tyrone Davis/Willie Clayton - "Be With Me"

Tyrone Davis sang amazing ballads and slow songs are definitely Willie Clayton's thing.  Willie's done remakes on a lot of great songs on his recent CD - "The Tribute:  One Man, One Voice" and Tyrone Davis' "Be With Me" is one of them.  Tyrone would be proud; this is some beautiful music.  Here is Tyrone's song and Willie Clayton's version (only 2.03 minutes, though).  This is a definitely "get-you-in-the-mood song!!!"

You don’t have to be all by yourself
Girl why don’t you be with me
Cause I want you and nobody else
Girl why don’t you be with me

I can’t resist you
I feel the urge to kiss you girl
Let me feel the sweat of your caress
Girl why don’t you be with me
Wanna love you with thankfulness
Girl why don’t you be with me

Oh baby
There’s no ifs, ands, or maybe’s


I can’t resist you
I feel the urge to kiss you girl
Girl why don’t you be with me
Why don’t you be with me baby, baby, baby
Cause oh how I need you girl
And if I had your love
It would mean the whole wide world
Why don’t you be with me…

Girl why don't you be with me - I love it!
Southern Soul Paradise

Mel Waiters - "Got No Curfew"

Mel Waiters is the voice of southern soul today and in the future.  I don't think we've seen all that he can do and I'm looking forward to many, many years of his music.  "Got No Curfew" starts with a girl saying that no man can tell her when to come and go and she was going out!  With that said, Mel sings about going to a club and enjoying time spent with a girl who's out having a good time.  He wants to hang with someone who doesn't have to worry about anyone checking on her every few minutes to see where she is.  It's all about going out and having a good time.

Looking for a woman in here tonight
That don’t have no one
And she can stay out all night
A woman that’s strong
Someone that’s sweet
A woman that controls her own destiny

She don’t have to watch no watch
She don’t have to watch no clock
Got no curfew
She’s already paid her bills, dancing in three-inch heels
Got no curfew

All the women in here that call your shots
And you’re the only one with a key to your lock
You come and go just as you please
You’re in here tonight and in no rush to leave

Nobody is texting you or calling your phone
Asking you where you’re at and what time you’re coming home
And when you turn your lock and open up your door
Nobody’s business who walks on your floor


All the women with no curfew, say yeah
All the women with no curfew, say oh yeah


Got no curfew!!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Z. Z. Hill - "It's Too Late"

We were into southern soul even back in the 70s and didn't know it.  This is one of the first songs of Z.Z. Hill that I knew and it's going to bring back some fond memories for my sisters.   First, it starts with fabulous music - listen to those opening notes, they are awesome!  The scene is a man at home with his lady, clearly enjoying himself.  He asks her if she wants another drink - you can hear the ice tinkling in the glass - and he says that a little ice will make it cool, baby!  (I love that line.)  You don't know what the girl is doing but he says she better stop before she gets herself in a whole lot of trouble.  Suddenly, there's a knock on the door and it's Ethel, the old girlfriend.  She wants to talk and explain things....she's sorry, she didn't mean anything bad, and she still loves him.  Well, the guy's just not having it - it's just too late. 

There ain’t no use for you to cry
You might as well dry your eyes
You hurt me so, now I want you to know
It ain’t no use, it ain't no use
There was a time you were my pride and joy
Woman I loved you like a child loves his toy
You done me wrong, you want to come back home
It ain’t no use, it ain't no use
I wanted you, you wanted someone else
You went away and left me
Left me all by my, left me all by my, left me all by myself
Now it’s your time to cry for your mistakes
I want you to know it’s just too late
You done me wrong
You want to come back home
But it’s too late
You done me wrong
You want to come back home
But it’s too late...
You done me wrong and you want to come
back home but it's too late!!! 
Turn the volume up on this one - it's fantastic music!
Southern Soul Paradise

Johnnie Taylor - "Play Something Pretty"

Time to get my Johnnie Taylor fix on for the day!!  It hit me just right when Lewis Dee of Montgomery's WXKN ( played "Play Something Pretty." JT starts by telling his woman that he doesn't want to go out tonight.  He implies that he just wants to stay home with her, hold her in his arms, slow dance, and have a good time.  How can you not love a man like that!  He just wants to play something pretty for her.  Oh so nice!!!!  My favorite line when he says "Oh I love you love you, love you baby."

Baby, let’s stay home tonight
I don’t want to see no disco lights
And whenever the mood is right
I’m gonna take you in my arms and hold you tight

I want to play something pretty to you, baby
And whisper something nice in your ear
Try to get a little closer to you
And let you know just how much I care
(Play something pretty for you)
(Play something pretty for you)

I want to compliment the way you wear your hair
And that sweet smelling perfume you always wear
And let you know how I feel because I’m so proud
But it’s hard to be romantic when you’re out in a crowd

I want to play something pretty to you, baby
And whisper something nice in your ear
Try to get a little closer to you baby
And let you know just how much I care
Oh I love you, love you, love you baby

It’s been so long since I slow danced with you
You’re always trying some new disco dance to do
Tonight let's relax and have a good time
Put on some mellow sounds
Open up a bottle of that good wine

Oh let me play something pretty to you, baby
Oh let me whisper something in your ear
Try to get a little closer and let you know just how much I care
Play something pretty for you…

Yes baby, play something pretty for me!
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, April 16, 2012

Nelson Curry, Will Easley, Koree Rudolph, and P Love in Concert

Legalized Entertainment sponsored a great southern soul show in Camden, Alabama, on April 14.  DJ Walt Love had the crowd on the floor dancing before showtime and we had a good time before the first act even performed.  P Love, Koree Rudolph, Will Easley, and Nelson Curry (Klass /Band Brotherhood) were all on the show and it was awesome.  If you've never been to a southern soul show then you must go!  I've been to a few and the difference between a regular concert and a southern soul concert is that the performers mingle with the audience, get off the stage and sing on the floor, know how to work the crowd, and you can go up and shake their hand/take a picture afterwards.  You would NEVER have that experience with a regular show.  The performers are always personable and friendly and they sincerely appreciate your support.

A couple of songs that P Love sang include "I'm Coming Home to You" and another song with the chorus "I"m gonna stay out of those dreams, I have a wife at home who needs me..."  Koree Rudolph sang "Stay," "It's Over",  "All I Want," and a few others.  I was so blown away with Will Easley that I only remember "Your Love Amazes Me" and with Nelson Curry, it was the "Sugaa Shack."

Will Easley's "Your Love Amazes Me" is one of the prettiest love songs that I've ever heard.  IF I ever got married again, it would be the first song I play at the reception!!!!  Here's a picture I was fortunate enough to get with Will Easley - it made my night!!

An awesome show!!!
Southern Soul Paradise

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jeff Floyd - "I Found Love On A Lonely Highway"

This is a well written song with dynamite music backing it up.  I've written several posts about Jeff Floyd but "I Found Love On A Lonely Highway" was the first song of his that I heard and it's probably my favorite of all of his songs.  Don't let the 7:34 minutes of this song scare you - it's worth every single second!!  I think Jeff Floyd is super talented!  He has a great voice, a wonderful band, and clean lyrics. Please listen to this - you're really going to like it.  I love the line, "love and I don't get along any more...."

I'm looking for a lover who won't
ever hurt me...shonuff, sweet thang!
Southern Soul Paradise

Sir Charles Jones - "On My Own Again"

Sir Charles Jones was born in Akron, Ohio, and raised in Birmingham.  His first album came out in 2000 and he's been putting out great music ever since.  He represents southern soul well I think he's helping to keep the music alive.  Sir Charles, keep on keepin' on!
Southern Soul Paradise

Johnnie Taylor - "I Believe In You"

It's time for my Johnnie Taylor fix!  His ballads can soothe me like no one else and sometimes you just need a good thing.  He says he's sorry for any man who can't look around and say this is my woman, this is my woman alone - I know that's right!  And he also says I believe in you and you believe in me, too.  Isn't that awesome!  Enjoy this classic "I Believe In You."
What a man!
Southern Soul Paradise

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sir Charles Jones and Reggie P - "P's and Q's"

Here's another great duo - Sir Charles Jones and Reggie P.  Don't they sound great together!  This song tells the fellas that you have to do all the right things; you've got to love her every day and in every way. I love the line where Sir Charles says "Reggie P, can you school a young brother?"  Shows mad respect between these guys. 

Reggie P, a young man came up to me the other day
You wouldn’t believe what he had to say
He said how the ladies love you and Reggie P the way they do
In that special kind of way
He said even my old lady tells me
I need to do like Sir Charles and Reggie P
He said how do you think that makes me feel
I sat him down and I settled...

Got to be on your P’s and Q’s
Got to love her every day
Got to be on your P’s and Q’s
Got to love her in every way

Got to be on your P’s and Q’s
Got to love her every day
Got to be on your P’s and Q’s
Love her in every way

You’ve got to value her opinion
You’ve got to take her everywhere
It’s the little little bitty things
You’ve got to show her you care
You’ve got to show her some affection
Every day and every night
Gotta show her your love
Gotta treat your woman right
Gotta give her a lot of love


You got to learn how to make love to that woman
You’ve got to fulfill her sexual needs
And don’t be ashamed to go down low
Kiss her from her head to her pretty toes
You’ve got to whup that thing, my brother
Or one day you’ll find her calling you somebody else‘s name


You see Reggie P, I told the young brother
How to love so so right
I told him how to love her
And hold her so gently every day and every night


I miss Reggie P's voice and energy and his music
continues to live forever.
Southern Soul Paradise

Lamorris Williams/Al Green - "You Make Me Happy"

I have been waiting for this song!!  What an awesome team Lamorris Williams and Al Green make!  Their voices blend together so well and this is truly a great song.  "You Make Me Happy" is a love song about the woman who makes the man complete.  The chorus says it all - you make me happy and I just want you to know that since I met you, I can't let you go.  You make me happy and you make me smile.  I love it - that's what you want in a relationship.  Not only are the words so pretty in this song, listen to the music. Are those strings?   I know I need to fix a few of the lines below, but check out this amazing duo!

You make me happy I just want you to know
Ever since I met you I can’t let you go
You make me happy, you make me smile
Why don’t you stay for a little while

Ever since you came to my life
Everything gonna feel alright
I found comfort in your love, no more lonely
I keep a smile on my face cause you make me so happy


You love is like a blanket, secure in me
My everything, you’re all I see
You’re my sunshine in a time of rain
You’re my relief, every little bit of my pain as well

No more lonely days
No more crying my nights away
No more looking for a friend
No more will you be here till the end
No more broken hearts
No more stalling you give me a jump start
No more worrying about this and about that
I know you’re watching my back


Beautiful music!
Southern Soul Paradise