Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Breezes

Are you thankful for another beautiful month? I know I am! I've taken a day off work and I adore being home. I could really do this every day! The one problem I have is that I can listen to music all day long and, as a result, I don't get much done. I listen to the radio but more often than not, I'm on the internet. I've told you before about WKXN, the station out of Montgomery, and I've also mentioned I was online today with Southern Soul Radio and found out that you can watch their broadcast live and you can also chat with the dee jay!!! I don't like admitting this, but I used to be addicted to chatting, mainly on Yahoo. I loved it and used to stay in a room every evening. So today, I had a chance to chat with the dee jay and he played a song that I requested - You're So Freak by David Brinston. That song makes me get up and move every time! :) Thanks Southern Soul Radio for making my day!

Here are my songs for April. I apologize but I have to give you ten this month. I was going to stick to my normal five but then I had so many bonus ones that I decided to group them all together.

1. Did You Put Your Foot In It by O.B. Buchana
There's something about this song that I love.

2. Just One Life Time by J. Blackfoot
This is a mellow song that's really nice.

3. Pack Your Bags by Vick Allen
This has been out for awhile but I like it; the more I hear it, the more it grows on me.

4. Tonight Is The Night by Betty Wright
What can I say? This is a classic!

5. Show Me What You Got by Marvin Sease
Marvin has staying power and puts out good music.

6. Honey Poo by Rue Davis
This song came out years ago but it is one of two songs that got me back into the blues. I call it a classic, too.

7. Oh Honey by the Delegation
This isn't southern soul, but it is an old favorite of mine.

8. What Our Love Needs by King Floyd
Many people I know don't think of Groove-Me-King-Floyd as southern soul, but he is. This song is from the 70s I think and still sounds good.

9. Unchained Melody by Al Green
For all you who know me, you know I'm an Al Green fan. I think this song is at the top of my favorites list...I love it.

10. Trying to Hold On To My Woman by Lamont Dozier
There's a 7-minute version of this on youtube - turn the volume up and listen to it. It's awesome!!!

Now even though I've done ten songs, I have to give you a bonus song anyway. It's Fistful of Tears by Maxwell. Yes, I know, this isn't southern soul but I love Maxwell so I included him!!!

Please take a second and give me your favorite songs. Keep listening to the music and be happy! Let it lift you and take you wherever you need to go.

Till next time...