Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Ain't Gone Do It!

I love Mel gonna mess around and make me throw my back out.. He's so cool. Have you ever seen him perform? He is fantastic and will turn a show out. If you ever, ever have a chance, go see Mel Waiters; he is worth it.

It's December and 2010 is just about over. Here are my ten songs for the month:
1. Whenever You Come Around - Little Milton
2. Equal Opportunity - Willie Clayton
3. Too Many Women - Denise LaSalle
4. It Ain't That Kind of Party - Karen Wolfe
5. Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett (an oldie but goodie)
6. Johnny Walker Red - Billy Ray Charles - He goes to bed with Johnny Walker Red and wakes up with a Bud Light. He can't hardly work on his job, goes to sleep standing up... Sounds rough to me!
7. Still My Love - Wilson Meadows
8. Doing My Own Thing - Johnnie Taylor - You already know I love him.
9. Tie Me - Carl Sims
10. Check to Check - Omar Cunningham

Keep listening to southern soul, it's paradise!