Sunday, November 11, 2012

Al Green/Willie Clayton - "Simply Beautiful"

I have been an Al Green fan since the early 70's.  I fell in love with him and his music back then and I'm still in love with him. (smile)  I saw him perform when I was a teenager and was fortunate to see him a couple of years ago.  He's still great.  I used to listen to his albums and would play each and every song on one side and then flip it over and play everything on the other side.  I love the fact that he's still performing and it's really cool to hear him partner with southern soul artists like Lamorris Williams (see my posts dated 2/6/2012 and 4/2/2012).  The song "Simply Beautiful" was just that - simply beautiful.  Here's Al Green's version and then Willie Clayton's remake of it.  Willie did a really good job but in my opinion, Al Green is and always will be the best.  Tell me what you think.

Beautiful music!
Southern Soul Paradise