Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lamorris Williams (feat L.J. Echols) - "Close To Me"

Wow!!  How did I miss this song?  I've been playing it over and over and I love it.  Thank you WKXN for playing it this morning!  I'm a huge Lamorris Williams fan (see my entries dated 12/17/2012, 11/11/2012, 4/2/2012, 1/2/2012, and 11/17/2011) and I think L.J. Echols is really good (9/12/2012).  These guys may be relatively new to the scene, but I believe that both of them are going to produce some fabulous music in the upcoming years.  

Lamorris and L.J. start this song by talking and having a good time. Then, when you hear them sing, their voices really complement each other.  In the middle of the song, they talk about the fact that whenever they go somewhere, people think they're too young to sing the blues.  They let us know that we have lost so many of our seasoned southern soul artists, such as Johnnie Taylor, Tyrone Davis, ZZ Hill, and Marvin Sease and they say that someone has to keep the blues going.  I'm so glad that they've stepped up to the plate!

When you put these two together though, you've got a great southern soul song.  The chorus of this song is the absolute best.

If you need a little room
Just let me know
I’ll tell all the other girls
Please clear the floor
You know just how to get it
You know just how to put your back in it
So baby when you’re ready
Let me see you drop that thing steady

Now baby back it up
Baby, take it slow
Work your way down to the floor
Now get close to me
Get close to me
Get close to me
Baby get close to me

You’ve got some junk in your trunk
And I like the way you wiggle that rump
You got us all looking baby take it slow
Before you drop it down low
I don’t see how you move with them tight britches on
But you know just how to get it
To a down south southern soul song


You know what Lamorris, what you say LJ, everywhere we go
People always think we are too young to sing the blues
That’s what they say, but you know what I tell them
That Johnnie Taylor’s gone, Tyrone Davis gone
And ZZ Hill gone, and Marvin Sease
So somebody’s gotta keep this blues going, so LJ, what you think

We’re young and we’re ready
We’re young and we’re ready
When we come to your town
We’re gonna cool it down (so you better get ready)
And if you don't know
You better come to the show
Fantastic music!!  Enjoy
Southern Soul Paradise