Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lomax - "Swing It"

I love this song!!!  Check out his bio below; he has accomplished a lot and has some fantastic experience.

All day long been thinking of you
I can’t wait to see you
I want to hug, kiss you and squeeze you, too
Tonight you’re number one
And here’s what we’re gonna do
We’re gonna have some fun
Oh we’re gonna dance till the morning comes
Slip on that black dress
The one that looks so good on you

Swing it to the right, then back to the left
Let me see them hips wind
Bring it to a low grind
Swing it to the right, then back to the left
Let me see them hips wind
Bring it to a low grind

Been making promises that I didn’t keep
Tonight is just you and me baby
And no one could ever take your place
I like the way you make me feel
When we’re dancing close
So let’s get dressed
And go out to our favorite place
Oh the one I like the most
So go on and slip on that black dress, baby
I want to see you do that dance


You know we’re gonna swing…
Oh slip on that black dress
You know I want to see you do that dance

Here is his bio from CD Baby (

In 2004, he began working on my first solo Gospel project. 

Lomax’s gospel project led to unexpected opportunities. Through his gospel project, his musical artistry was introduced to the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. (NCBW). He performed for that group on several occasions and was invited to participate as a musical guest the unveiling of the bust of Sojourner Truth in Washington, DC at the US Capital Visitors’ Center. He was blessed with the honor of personally meeting and speaking with our First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama. 

Ever looking to broaden his musical horizons, Lomax began his “ Southern Soul” experience as a guitar player on Tony Troutman’s well-know “Southern Soul” hit, “Your Man Is Home Tonight. While a member of the Mel Waiter’s band, Lomax has taken the opportunity to collaborate with Mel on several musical projects that are destined for musical success. These include writing and producing the music for Mel Waiter’s new single, “She’s Got No Curfew.” Lomax has also produced and performed on the music of Chandra Calloway’s new single “Ask Me what You Want” Jimmy-Jai and Charles Wilson all performers on Mel Waiters’ new record label, Brittney Records. 

You are invited to enjoy “Put It All Up There,” Lomax’s latest, hot new “ Southern Soul” released on KAL Entertainment Inc. “Put It All Up In There” is written by Lomax Spaulding IV and produced and performed by Lomax Spaulding III. This ‘sure to please’ release has the makings of a “Southern Soul” classic and has also allowed Lomax to be nominated for “New Male Vocalist of the Year” by the Jus Blues Music Foundation.  Be on the lookout for Lomax’s hot, new (CD) (album) entitled “Life Lessons.

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