Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spice Internet Radio's Top 10 - March 16, 2014

Spice Internet Radio, which plays southern soul 24/7, counts down the top 25 southern soul hits at noon each Sunday.  Check out their site at and listen via their new link:  I just love Vick Allen's "Crazy Over You" which has been #1 since January 5 (see my post dated 2/22/2014)!

  1.  Crazy Over You - Vick Allen
  2.  It's On Me - Floyd Taylor/Mel Waiters
  3.  Can I Spend Some Money On You - Chuck Strong
  4.  I Sing The Blues - Patrick Green
  5.  I Lost My Good Thang - Terry Wright
  6.  Cheat Up Remix - Simeo
  7.  Sexy - Ricky White
  8.  It's Whatever - Lamorris Williams
  9.  Bring It Back - Mr. Sam
10.  I Can Still Roll It - The Love Doctor

Take a look at all 25 songs and other southern soul info on the Soul and Blues Report's website:

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