Sunday, October 19, 2014

O.B. Buchana - "Just Be A Man About It"

Just be a man about it, just like I was to you.  O.B. took another man’s woman and the other guy began spreading rumors instead of facing up to the truth..  O.B. said that he didn’t sneak behind the guy’s back and was man enough to tell him what was going on; he let him know that he was taking his girl.  He knows that losing the girl was hard but expects the other guy to stop acting like a child and be a man about it.  Well, I think this is a tough situation.  The rational side of you probably says you were man enough to let him know and the other guy should be man enough to take it.  Life, unfortunately, doesn't always work that way.  The rational often becomes irrational in the game of love.  Don't you think?

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