Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dee Bradley - "How Did I Wake Up To A Stranger"

What a sad but beautiful song.  You know, you can go through life and wake up one day and realize that you don't even know your wife/husband.  Dee Bradley wondered how she stopped loving him after all those years.  When did she change her mind?

We were friends who fell in love
Back when we were full of dreams
Always together you and I
Yes we were
In your eyes I would lose myself
And in your heart you said there was no one else
I don’t know why
Why I feel so alone even though we’re both here at home

How did I wake up to a stranger
After all these years
How did I wake up to a stranger
I don’t know you, you don’t know me
We’re just strangers
Where did we go wrong baby

Now day by day we have less to say
Talking now is a strain
I don’t remember when we changed
Only love makes you feel alive
Without a warning it will make you curl up and cry
After all, all that we have shared
It’s so hard to believe you don’t care


Southern Soul Paradise