Tuesday, September 15, 2015

David Brinston - "I Just Love Women"

Ladies, you're going to get mad if you listen to the lyrics of this song. I have posted a lot of his music (google Southern Soul Paradise and David Brinston) and I love the melody of this song but these lyrics will make you stop and shake your head. The reality is that there are actually guys out there like this.

Here's the first verse and the chorus:

I keep my little black book by my telephone
And I keep calling ladies till I catch one at home
After we make love, I’m looking for another
But if she’s not willing, I have so many others
I make love to women, six or seven a day
There’s been times I took on eight
I never met one to give me enough
That’s why I’m always chasing after that good stuff

I just love women
They bring so much joy to my life
I just love women
Whether they’re single or some man’s wife

And this is just the beginning of the song. Ladies, if you see a guy like David, run - run like the wind!!
You've had six or seven in one day and you've even taken on eight???
Southern Soul Paradise