Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Maurice Davis - "Whipped & Pecked"

I have been hearing this song for the last few years on Spice Internet Radio (www.wsir-db.com) and have always loved it but couldn't find it for the longest. I'd like you to listen and let me know what you think. It has a catchy melody and I love the words.  The music is great and so is his voice.  I'm going to have to find some more of his stuff.

Let me tell you about this woman of mine - she's so fine.  She has me whipped and pecked at the same damn time. When she tells me to jump, I already know how high, when she calls me to come on home, I tell my friends goodbye.

This is the only song I know by Maurice Davis but he has tons of albums.  There's not a lot of info on him and, in fact, this (from 2013) was about all I could find: Maurice Davis headlines concerts and outdoor festivals throughout Michigan.  His commitment to excellence and to his audience is demonstrated as he performs.  He not only sings the blues, he loves the blues, and as he performs, he creates a thrill of excitement.  Maurice was produced by legendary blues artist, Willie Clayton of Atlanta, GA and by Charles Wilson of Greenville, MS, the nephew of the late great Little Milton.  His CD on Sims Records was nominated "Blues CD of the Year."

I'm whipped and pecked!!
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