Friday, June 10, 2016

The Duchess Jureesa McBride - "Karma, She'll Take Care of You"

I absolutely adore this song.  I posted it a few months ago and reposting it again with the lyrics.  The Duchess Jureesa McBride's voice is awesome and the lyrics get to me every time.

This girl spent 13 long years of being the woman on the side - we all know about the sidepiece.  She would sit at home and cry during the holidays and she knew that it was a dangerous game sneaking around on his wife.  The day finally came when they got caught and the wife tells her that karma is a fool that wears high heeled shoes. And just when you think she's through, she'll take care of you. What a great message!

Congratulations to The Duchess who's currently performing in Europe!!!
Southern Soul Paradise

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