Sunday, September 25, 2016

J. Blackfoot (featuring Archie Love) - "Same Woman"

I love all of J. Blackfoot's music and here's one I just heard this morning.  It's "Same Woman" by J. Blackfoot featuring Archie Love but I've also seen it listed as being by Archie Love featuring J. Blackfoot.  Archie has it on his 2004 "Sincerely Yours" album and J. has it on his 2006 "It Ain't Over Till It's Over" album.

As you know, J. Blackfoot was a former singer of the great group, The Soul Children.  They had so much fantastic music.  But did you know that Archie Love became a drummer for The Soul Children when he was only 18???  J. spent some time as the lead singer for the Bar-Kays after most of the group was killed in a plane crash and some years later, Archie was approached by the Bar-Kays to be a lead vocalist on their single, “You're My Joy.” Amazing - these two men had some cool history!

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