Sunday, October 2, 2016

Z. Z. Hill - "Second Chance" and "It Ain't No Use"

Happy birthday last Friday to the late, great, Z. Z. Hill!!!  What a remarkable artist.  Thanks to WDLT who spotlighted his music on Saturday.

Here are two songs of his that I love - "Second Chance" and "It Ain't No Use."  I won't say they're my favorite because I love so much of his music and he made tons of amazing songs.  These two are at the top of my list.  Most versions of "Second Chance" start about a minute into the song but I found this long version - it's the best and I just have to give you these opening words - I used to recite them ALL the time. lol  This song starts with a woman begging Z. Z. to forgive her and he's trying to reconsider.  But, he says no, he just can't chance it because she just isn't gonna do right.  So she begs and pleads for a second chance.  Oh, do I LOVE this song!  I don't know what the girl did and I wouldn't ever admit to being blind and stupid (lol) but this is classic stuff!!

Well Z. Z., I'll do anything and I promise anything
And I'll keep my promise, I mean it, I'll keep my promise
If you would just forgive me, just reconsider me for
Being so blind and so stupid
I, I mean it, I ain't gonna do it no more

And "It Ain't No Use" is another wonderful classic!  A story of a woman who did him wrong and now she wants to come back home but he makes it clear that it's too late!!  She went away and left him all by himself so now it's her time to cry for her mistakes!

Southern Soul Paradise

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