Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wendell B - "Where Were You Last Night"

I love Wendell B's music and his fabulous voice.  I still believe that he is crossover music material and expect to hear him on r&b stations in addition to southern soul/blues ones.  "Where Were You Last Night" is one of his latest releases and has been on WDLT's top 10 most requested songs for some weeks now.  I can definitely understand why.  It's beautiful.

"Where Were You Last Night" is a story of a man who's looking for his woman - he wants to know if she was with her friends, if she's at the Holiday Inn, if she's been drinking again, etc.  Like a lot of spouses (it happens to both men and women), he sounds a little paranoid but it could be it's because he feels as if something is wrong here; he just wants to know where she is.  True feelings. What do you think?

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