Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mr. Sam - "Broke as Hell"

I love Mr. Sam!! "Broke As Hell" is a true-to-life kind of story that I know a lot of us can relate to.  Now here's a guy who wants to take you shopping and buy you anything and everything you want but he can't because he's broke as hell.  I have to give it to the brother because at least he lets you know up front what his situation is like. He says that you look like you're an independent woman who wants an independent man.  And then he tells you that although he may look like Hollywood, he's got nothing but change in his bank account. (Uh oh ladies, run like the wind...) The man, though, has plans for the future so I'll keep hope alive. lol

I wonder if Mr. Sam's ever done stand-up?  I think he'd be great as a comedian!

Dr. Nick, thanks for playing this the other night on Spice Internet Radio (!!

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