Monday, June 12, 2017

David Brinston - "My Outside Woman"

"My Outside Woman" has a really good southern soul feel to it and you can't help but like it.  In this song, David Brinston tells us how his outside woman is so good to him.  His wife put his love on a shelf and he didn't want to but he had to find somebody else.  (Well, you know you really don't have to find someone else while you'e married.) His new girlfriend acts like his wife used to act.  Hmm, there's a moral in the message here.  David said that he was living with his wife but their house was not a home; they were just putting up with each other and the love was gone.  So I'll say, women - and men - keep alive the romance in your love life.  Do things with each other, have a date night every now and then, and continue to do those things that you did to get that guy...or girl.  Then, hopefully, you won't need that outside woman.

My outside woman, is good to me, so good to me...
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