Saturday, November 11, 2017

T.K. Soul - "Cheap A$$ Man"

T.K. is absolutely right - no woman wants a sorry man. Nope.  No how. lol He says that a woman don't like and can't stand no cheap a$$ man.  A man doesn't have to spend every dime on the girl but buy her some things and show her a little love every now and then - and don't be stingy!

Here's some of T.K's bio as taken from all
Contemporary soul singer T.K. Soul has built a loyal grassroots following for his music that mixes R&B traditions with modern-day attitude and hip-hop accents. T.K. Soul was born Terence Kimble in Winnfield, Louisiana on August 26, 1964. From a young age, Kimble had a keen ear for music, and soaked up the influences of soul, funk, and R&B artists ranging from Stevie Wonderthe Jackson 5, and Al Green to MazeRick James, and Prince. When he was ten years old, Kimble picked up a guitar, and discovered he could easily play it by ear. Before long, Kimble was also playing keyboards, drums, and bass, and by the time he was in junior high, he had already been recruited to play in the local high school's band. Music became the dominant force in Kimble's life, as he juggled gigs with school bands, church choir, and local R&B acts.  See for more great info.

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