Monday, March 5, 2018

Willie Clayton - "Sidepiece On The Side"

I'm so glad to hear something new from the legendary Willie Clayton. In this world of infidelity and pieces on the side, Willie talks about something that probably has many people wondering what went wrong in their three-way relationship.  Here, we have a man who leaves his wife to be with his girlfriend and then the girlfriend leaves him. Karma, maybe??  And then there's the major question - why are you so upset with me when you knew I was just a sidepiece?

What do you do when you leave home for the sidepiece 
And your sidepiece leaves you

I thought that things would be better after I left my home
But when the sidepiece found something she liked better
She left me alone
She said you were cheating on me with somebody else
And your women, too
Now I'm going to give you a little taste of your medicine
That you gave to me
Why are you so upset with me
When you knew I was just a sidepiece


Now I was your sidepiece and we both tried to hide
The times you left me alone she said I got me a piece on the side
That's what the woman did
Now you're a good man and any woman can see
But I got me a sidepiece and he's waiting on me
That's what she told me
Why are you so upset with me when you knew I was just a sidepiece


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