Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ms. Jody - "Another Other Woman"

Don't you love Ms. Jody?  She's one of my favorites.  Dr. Nick played this record the other night on Spice Internet Radio (thank you Dr. Nick!!) and this song is in traditional Ms. Jody style - she keeps it real. In "Another Other Woman," she starts out saying that infidelity wasn't really her thing but she was cool with it as long as she was the only sidepiece he had.  Well, of course he cheats on her and that's where she draws the line. Have you ever been in that situation?  Here are a few lines from "Another Other Woman."

I've been the other woman in your life for quite awhile
Although sharing you with your wife was really not my style
But I agreed to go along 
Just as long as i knew I was the only other woman that you were giving your love to
But I should have known how it would be
If you cheated on me with your wife
You would cheat with another on me
You can't have your cake and eat it, too
If I'm not the only other woman, you and I are through.

"Another Other Woman" is taken from Ms. Jody's recent 2018 CD, Thunder Under Yonder.

I told you before I'm not going to date a married playboy!
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