Monday, February 14, 2011

Favorite Marvin Sease Songs

As you know from my past blogs, I love Marvin Sease. A lot of people only knew Candy Licker, but he had a lot of great music. I started a list of my top five Marvin Sease songs, but then it led to the top 10, and I finally made myself stop with the top 15.

1. Bad Love Affair
2. She’s My Woman
3. Sit Down On It
4. Quiet As It’s Kept
5. Ghetto Man
6. I’m Mr. Jody
7. Show Me What You Got
8. My Dog Won’t Bark
9. Motel Lover
10. Do You Qualify
11. I Stand Accused
12. I Gotta Clean Up
13. Don’t Forget To Tell On You
14. Funky Christmas (the radio stations in Alabama played this a lot during the Christmas season – it is one of the best Christmas songs out)
15. Gone On
Candy Licker!  This classic is so great and precedent setting, that it didn't make my list; it stands on its own.
Thank you for giving us wonderful music - we'll miss you, Marvin!

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