Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ms. Jody - "Take Me"

"Take Me" is the reason I love southern soul so!  This song is taken from Ms. Jody's Keepin' It Real CD and it is being played a lot in south/west central Alabama.  I actually loved this song the very first time I heard it and I never get tired of listening to it.  Ms. Jody said that if there's anybody lonely, she is available - please take her.  Ahh, if it were only that easy!  (smile)  In this song, the lyrics are good, the music is great, and her voice is right on - it's amazing!  This song is just about perfect!

Is anybody lonely, please take me

I’ve been lonely enough for a long long time
And the man that I had ya’ll, well he wasn’t even mine
Now it’s in his kiss, just the way the man feels
He used to kiss me and take away all my ills
But now when he kisses me
He just gives me a smack
And that let’s me know
That he might not come back

Is anybody lonely, lonely
Please take me
Is anybody lonely, lonely
Please take me

I’m so tired waking up all by myself
When I’d rather be lying? all close to someone else
But I can see that he loves me, all in his eyes
And I don’t have to worry about him
Telling me no lies
Someone that will say baby, I love you
And I don’t have to hear, oh yeah, I love you, too

Is anybody lonely
Please take me

When I’m feeling down and out
I want someone that understands
And take me by my hand
And say baby I'm your man

Is anybody lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
Please take me
Is anybody lonely out there tonight
Please take me

See I’m at that age in life I just want to relax and have a good time
When I find a special someone I want to make him all mine

Southern Soul Paradise