Monday, April 16, 2012

Nelson Curry, Will Easley, Koree Rudolph, and P Love in Concert

Legalized Entertainment sponsored a great southern soul show in Camden, Alabama, on April 14.  DJ Walt Love had the crowd on the floor dancing before showtime and we had a good time before the first act even performed.  P Love, Koree Rudolph, Will Easley, and Nelson Curry (Klass /Band Brotherhood) were all on the show and it was awesome.  If you've never been to a southern soul show then you must go!  I've been to a few and the difference between a regular concert and a southern soul concert is that the performers mingle with the audience, get off the stage and sing on the floor, know how to work the crowd, and you can go up and shake their hand/take a picture afterwards.  You would NEVER have that experience with a regular show.  The performers are always personable and friendly and they sincerely appreciate your support.

A couple of songs that P Love sang include "I'm Coming Home to You" and another song with the chorus "I"m gonna stay out of those dreams, I have a wife at home who needs me..."  Koree Rudolph sang "Stay," "It's Over",  "All I Want," and a few others.  I was so blown away with Will Easley that I only remember "Your Love Amazes Me" and with Nelson Curry, it was the "Sugaa Shack."

Will Easley's "Your Love Amazes Me" is one of the prettiest love songs that I've ever heard.  IF I ever got married again, it would be the first song I play at the reception!!!!  Here's a picture I was fortunate enough to get with Will Easley - it made my night!!

An awesome show!!!
Southern Soul Paradise