Monday, April 2, 2012

Lamorris Williams/Al Green - "You Make Me Happy"

I have been waiting for this song!!  What an awesome team Lamorris Williams and Al Green make!  Their voices blend together so well and this is truly a great song.  "You Make Me Happy" is a love song about the woman who makes the man complete.  The chorus says it all - you make me happy and I just want you to know that since I met you, I can't let you go.  You make me happy and you make me smile.  I love it - that's what you want in a relationship.  Not only are the words so pretty in this song, listen to the music. Are those strings?   I know I need to fix a few of the lines below, but check out this amazing duo!

You make me happy I just want you to know
Ever since I met you I can’t let you go
You make me happy, you make me smile
Why don’t you stay for a little while

Ever since you came to my life
Everything gonna feel alright
I found comfort in your love, no more lonely
I keep a smile on my face cause you make me so happy


You love is like a blanket, secure in me
My everything, you’re all I see
You’re my sunshine in a time of rain
You’re my relief, every little bit of my pain as well

No more lonely days
No more crying my nights away
No more looking for a friend
No more will you be here till the end
No more broken hearts
No more stalling you give me a jump start
No more worrying about this and about that
I know you’re watching my back


Beautiful music!
Southern Soul Paradise