Sunday, December 16, 2012

Johnnie Taylor - "Too Close For Comfort"

I haven't posted Johnnie Taylor in awhile and thought I'd pass this song along.  He was one of the coolest southern soul singers ever.

JT said this guy would always stop by to see his woman.  She made it clear that she knew him way before they got together and she also claimed that he was just like a brother.  But as time went along, he realized that things weren't right and it all finally started to click and make sense.  He realized that her friends knew about it and they just smiled in his face.  And then some of them even lied for her... he said it was a downright disgrace and it just wasn't right.  He had his suspicions but his heart just wouldn't listen.  Isn't that what happens sometimes?  We know, deep down, that something isn't right but we look the other way in the hope that it isn't true and that things will get better.  Follow your instincts!!

You were doing me, you were doing him, and it didn't just begin; too close for comfort.

Awesome song!!
Southern Soul Paradise