Sunday, December 30, 2012

Peggy Scott Adams - "Help Yourself"

Peggy Scott is one of those women who keeps it real.  She knows that her man has a chick on the side but she says that she knows that all of his money is going to her and so if that girl wants a broke man, she can help herself.  I know that's right!!

You've been sneakin' around with my man
But you don't have to sneak
I know all about you, girl
You see, I cash his check every week
He don't have a dime to give you or no one else
So if you want that broke man
Honey, help yourself

He's a lousy husband but I tell you he's a real great dad
He's a real good provider
I tell you two out of three sure ain't bad
Girl if it wasn't you he's seeing
It would be someone else
So if you want that broke man
Honey, help yourself

I know where you live
See, I followed him over to your house
So in case there's an emergency
I know where to find the louse
And from the look of your place
Girlfriend, you sure could use some help
You see I know all you're getting from him
Is bip, bam, thank you 'mam

You see I've been asked
Why don't you just leave him
But you don't understand
When you're 38 with four children
It's impossible to find a man
I don't stand in line for food stamps
And we're not on welfare
So whatever else he does
Honey, I don't really care

If you can use this poor man
Go ahead and help yourself
You can have him on Monday
You can have him on Tuesday
You can have him on Wednesday
You can have him on Thursday
But on Friday he better bring that check on  home to me
He ain't got a dime to give you, girl
Early Saturday morning if you want that broke man
Go on and help yourself
If you can use him
Help yourself
If you want that nothin', girlfriend, go on, go on and help yourself...
If you want to love him for free, let me tell you, that's alright with me!
You won't be the first - you sure won't be the last!!!
Southern Soul Paradise